Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq. holds an expertise of more than twenty years in civil and criminal litigation. She is currently working as Chief Municipal Public Defender. She supervises the administration of public legal service for the City of Newark's municipal courts. Rachel also provides the legal services to the individuals charged with criminal, traffic, housing, and DUI cases.

Working here since 2020, Rachel assigns cases and distribution of workload. Adding more to her responsibilities, Rachel reviews and adopts policies and procedures that are consistent with the Administrative Office of the Courts and State of New Jersey Public Defender's office.

She works as an Adjunct Professor Criminal Law at Union County College, Division of Social Sciences, Business & History, Cranford, NJ. She is well aware of Canvas and Cengage online services that she makes use of in order to manage student's attendance, grading, and assignments.

About Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq.

Rachel Y. Marshall, Esq. is an established attorney holding expertise in criminal and civil litigations. Throughout her career, she successful managed to make a mark in her field. Thanks to her skills and dedication, she feels immense pride in serving as an attorney since 1998 when she just started her career at Essex County Public Defender's Office. Little did she know that, she will make all her way through various firms to be the Chief Municipal Public Defender at City Newark in Municipal Public Defender's Office.