Infernus had gotten a massive killstreak of 212 with a tank. The other team was annoyed, they shouted in the chat, "Ill fuck your mom" something only made worse by Infernus's greatest squad member went by the name MomFucker02, a reference to him being born in 2002.

"No you wont, shes dead, idiot" The chat went silent, in fact everything went silent. Why so? Infernus went and slept in the tank, as no one was on the field of battle anyway. After a short while MomFucker02 came and woke him up. "What? What is it?" "Its dinner idiot" Said momfucker, he continued "Me and your uncle looked for you forever bro, its ben like 30 minutes and you havent met up to dinner, whats the deal?"
Infernus lit up "OH?! So thats why no one was trying to take flags and shit? But why was theere no annoucement, i was lookin g for people to kill for like 15 minutes before i just went and slept" "We got to now it before the roubdn satertd you fucking moron! Dinner was at 18:00, no later, no earlier. Its 18:30 now btw, oh no wait its 18:37. Get your ass to dinner" Infernus came to dinner, everyone roasted him for not realizing that it began at 18, he was sad , later when the game continued he was able to rack up 382 kills, and was number 1 on the scorebeoard, with 67k Score. Infernus was much better at the game than everyone else.

MomFucker02 had chucked a nuclear grenade towards flag 2C, the worst fuckign flag on this map. Him and Infernus had been placed on a hill behind a fence for about eight minutes because of the other teams assault on 2C.
When Infernus was about to give up and simply kill himself to respawn a man jumped over the fence, landing right next to them.

Infernus looked up at the man, so did MomFucker02. "YO! HOLY SHIT!? ITS TOM SCOTT?!"
"Yeah thats me, but im filming a video right now so can we please….." MomFucker02 near shouted "Dude! I WANT A SELFIE. Infernus do you have your phone?" Tom Scott sighed.
Infernus got his phone up from the pocket. When he opened up the camera the phone, being an old piece of shit instalty died. Going from 100% - 0% within the course of seconds. "FUCKING" MomFucker02 sighed "Pfft…. Let me do it." Tom stood there waiting, the camera man had already paused the filming for a few moments. MomFucker02 got up his phone, tew duo took a selfie with Tom Scott. What a farce thought tom to himself, he continued filming. Tom looked back at the duo with a annoyed and vindictive look, as if he was planning something.

The nuclear grenade (NG41) had a quite high esplosive yield for something you put in your pocket. It had completely aihiliated the barn that was situated at 2C and a lot of radiation was radiating thorughout the objective.
MomFucker02 and Infernus had invited their third squad member Kvasolya to their party as of 19:02, Kvasolya was quite the heavy drinker of a Ukrainian man, with and ukrainian wife. He had worked at Chernobyl his entire life. A establishemtn which in this timeline had never had its "incident".

"So? Is he joining, we really need a medic rn" "Doubt it, hes probably quote unquote on the bottle as of now" "Woudlnt surprise me"

Kvasolya has joined your party

"THE MOTHERFUCKER" "HI GAMERS!" A thick russian/ ukrainian accent ringed throughout the immediate area, it was Kvasolya. Infernus looked at him happily "So you havent drank tday have you? I mean. Your wife"

"Oh dont be tricked. I have already consumed a bottle of 97%, im out of this planet, i just thought id game some today"

The partys stronger presence, having grown by a player made the flag of 2C be captured much faster. That plus another squad, ho went by the name XzAss, who was the most rival squad to the trio who called themselves "The Gamers"

"HEY HEY YOU CUCKS" It was XzAssRacism, the squad leader of XzAss, Infernus's most present rival and archenemy. They were however on the same team, something they did not like nor enjoy. If only they were on opposite teams, so that they could noscope and teabeag eacother. But no. They simply had to compete for the number one squad on Team Blue.

Together with XzAss they were able to capture flag 2C, rather than being happy they were annoyed. As they had to split the score with XzAss. XzAss was now the #1 squad on Team Blue. The so called "Gamers" who were now at #2, they aimed to change that.

What other things had infernus been up to in his quite long life of 19? Well it was not just Battlekill 2069 that he had played with his trio of best friends, there was another game they had done. Who wwere hosted by the same devs.
This was caled Compound 46 and it was Infernus's second most favourite game to BG69, what was this game about? Let us find out.