Summary: Like steak, it made sacrifices warm and bloody.

The Tenderizer made sacrifices and steak nice and bloody. It was a double barreled, side by side shotgun. The stock was removed, though its other modifications made it front-heavy. A rotary sawblade, motor, and li-po battery resided just below the barrel, controlled by a rev switch just beneath the trigger. On its liveliest days, the barrels were loaded with buck and broken glass, while the saw ripped into anything left standing.

They say the Tenderizer is somewhere out in the backwoods and bayous, places no sane person would ever go. At the same time, the Tenderizer's been found by those whom might've otherwise been its victims. Some cultists of Tsathoggua and Yog-Sothoth found that out the hard way. So even if you're alone, take heart. The Great Old Ones like their meat tenderized, and if you're lucky, it'll be the followers that failed them.