Prince Telvar Treamond left quickly to his quarters, away from his siblings, away from his father the king.

"Tel, wait."

It was Velmar.

"Have you come to scold me, Vel? Go ahead, don't think there's any lower I can sink, anyway…" He was just so tired.

"No, Tel." She actually sounded sympathetic. "You're going to be king one day. Look, don't worry about what they said to you. I'm here for you. I saw you, close to tears. You know, you can talk to me about anything."

"Can I? Is this not a front to gain trust so you can spill the beans to father?"

"You've been bullied enough today, Tel. I don't really know what you're going through, but it would be cruel to continue kicking you while you're down. I'm to be the Grand-Researcher, Tel. I understand the burden you're going through-

A voice suddenly burst into their conversation. It was Karre and Garren, the muscle of the Treamonds.

"Hey! Vel! Forget about this loser! Let's go grab some food!" said Garren, body honed and tall.

"Are you seriously wasting time with this failure of a Treamond? He doesn't deserve the family name. Come on, Vel."

Telvar was expecting her to defect, as usual. Who would want to hang out with him?

"I'll be there in a moment, guys. Show some respect to your future king, will you?"

This was something Telvar could always forgive Velmar for. She was his one emotional anchor in this raging storm of family and politics - one who genuinely showed passion and care for his well being. Without her by his side, he didn't know what he would do. He would be lost, alone.

"Vel...I need you to keep a secret. In case anything happens to me."

"Of course, Tel. What is it?"

"Nine months ago, I got a girl pregnant. We have a child. His name is Jereas. I need you to look after him while I'm gone."

Velmar looked dumbstruck - her usual collective calm usurped by chaos and energy.