I'm obsessed
I'm berserk
I'm the whore
A coin in the slut
And you can ride all night
But begone by ten
I have a life
Food to scarf down
Number two, three or four
To climb on
If the balls are empty
So is your life.

I'm unnerved
I'm under
I'm the man
Under piles of debt
Brand new and shiny crap.
Next day deliver
Makes me hard
I need it
I want it
Rationalization is a cunt
A thousand is never enough
If the bag is not empty
Keep drugging on

I'm in awe
I'm in a trance
Of the road less travelled
When I stayed on the platform
They're all out there
I'm here in limbo
Doing the hokey pokey
And seeing them off to better shores
Woe is me
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Engulfed in darkness
I'm terminally unique
And unique is all alone