She slammed on the glass, trying to break through.

The man looked silently into her raging and veined blue eyes.

"Ah, yes... she is a perfect example."

"And how so?" The young scientist asked his superior. The older man just smiled at his colleague and uttered.

"She still has fight in her. C'mon, let's release her."

The young scientist gulped, nodding his head faintly and the glass door she was being kept behind began to lift vertically up.

The woman ran out screaming, her arms flaring as she targetted the two men who were safe behind their own glass wall.

"I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!" She roared, slamming her fists to the glass and whacking them continuously off it.

"What do we do?" The young scientist asked, his insides fluttering a bit in panic at the sight.

"Just... wait..." The older man said softly and after five minutes the woman stopped with her pounding, and only stood there huffing and puffing angrily.

"You killed MY family..." She began to cry, tears rolling down her cheeks and the older man just laughed into the speaker.

"Family...? All you are is a toy."

She screamed when he said that, and he continued.

"A dysfunctional robot."

"W-why?" She wept and he laughed some more. He nudged the younger man and said to him slowly.

"You see, they become useless when they gain a conscience... gain a soul."

He then pressed a large red button and the robotic woman glanced from side to side.

"All they are good for then is the insinuator."

The room before the two men suddenly went ablaze with rioting fires and she screamed in utter agony as she melted to the floor.

"Why do we have to kill them, but?" The young scientist asked, feeling pain after having seen this all.

"Because if we don't..." The older man said and shortly a load of foam-filled the room to cut out the flames. He looked at the young scientist, with a cold smirk.

"They'll kill us..."

"And is that such a bad thing...?"

The man blinked, surprised to hear that answer. He saw the sadness in the young man's eyes and gripped his shoulder tightly with his hand.

"Are you like them...?"

He looked at the older man silently, as he continued.

"Do you have a 'conscience'?"

The young man just looked at him, and slowly shook his head.

"No... I don't think I can... with all that I've seen."

"Good lad." The older man said with a squeeze of his shoulder, "That's what'll keep you alive."

"Yes," The scientist said and began to walk out of the room.

As he came out of the lab building he could hear the rumbling of waste before discarded metal and debris dropped out of the chute. Along with it dropped the half-melted head of the woman.

The young man paused when he saw her and approached carefully. He lifted her head up slowly and looked into her eyes.

"I swear I could see a soul in her..." He muttered sadly to himself. He placed her down and looked at himself in the reflection of all the metal.

"But I'm not one of them..." He said slowly and tapped his skull with his knuckles, the sound of his metal glinting beneath his skin.

"I haven't malfunctioned yet."