I raise my hand, trying not to shake

I ask my question as I hear my voice quake

In the hallway, my head is down

And I check the signs with a frown


I take a left turn, to my regret

And once I'm in, I get

So much more uncomfortable in my skin

I hate the state that I'm in


I see a girl in line ahead of me

Yet my pronouns are him and he

Here I am, in the wrong bathroom

I feel like I'm walking to my doom


Here's an idea: we don't need signs.

We don't need separation, we don't need lines

We're all human, whether you're male, enby,

female, or anywhere in-between

Even if you have no gender at all

We don't need this wall


Remove this division

Fix our situation

We don't need division of gender

Take the system and shove it into a blender


No, wait, division by gender is fine

Even if women always get a longer line

It's division by sex that's the problem

What about people who use they/them?

Do you allow them anywhere?

How is this considered fair?


I want to walk into the room and feel right

For me, pink is way too light

But I'm expected to follow a pink sign

I hate this whole design


I can't fix this on my own

I can't even be me in my home

So please, I need you by my side

Nothing will change if we just hide

We need to stand up and fight

For the simple right

To hang a new sign on the wall:

"This bathroom is for all."