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Gentle Love

Kemosiri and Judas have been together for little over a year, ever since Anne brought him home. The boy is a magical creature, that much was obvious, but Kemosiri didn't know the depths of his capabilities. He knows Judas is hiding something from him and Anne, but Kemosiri would never push the smaller boy to reveal his hand.

Kemosiri loves Judas far too much to ever want to back him into a corner.

Anne is out working, so the house belongs to Kemosiri and Judas. Judas is resting against Kemosiri, little purrs floating off his lips as he sleeps, and that's another thing which tips Kemosiri off that Judas is hiding something from them. His purrs are catlike - something that tells Kemosiri that perhaps Judas is some kind of cat.

Every magical creature is ostracized and hunted, but cats may be the most sought after magical being out of all of them. Rich people use them as pets, both in the emotional and physical sense, and those who can shift to cat forms are even more prized.

No one wants their peers to know they possess a magical creature. They'd be laughed at and mocked. So, if they can hide the fact they possess a magical being by forcing them to look mundane, that's the best option. And, if the magical one can't hide themselves, they're locked in a basement, chained in an often dark, dank room with no natural light.

If Judas is one of those cat folk, then Kemosiri swears he'll protect him with his life. He'll never, ever let Judas know pain and suffering, even though Kemosiri isn't stupid. He knows Judas has gone through turmoil and anguish.

If the demon can help it, Judas will only know love. Kemosiri's done his best to show Judas nothing but affection and adoration, to try and ease the pain in the magical being's heart. It seems to work, as when Judas first came to Kemosiri and Anne's home, he was skittish, shy, and didn't look at anyone.

The attraction Kemosiri and Judas felt towards each other, however, was electrifying. It was more intense than when Kemosiri first realized he fell for his little firecracker. That night, Kemosiri took Judas' arm in a gentle, soft way and led him to the couch, where Judas curled against him and cried.

Kemosiri didn't say a word. Nothing needed to be said. He understood Judas was feeling pain, and tried his best to ease it with loving hands and a soft voice. The two of them remained curled against the couch for the remainder of the night, and when Anne came out the next morning, the mortal gave Kemosiri a grin and wink.

She knew the two magical creatures needed each other. She opened their home to Judas, and while she wasn't in love with him, she doted and cared for him, using her own ways to make Judas feel safe and welcome.

Kemosiri and Judas didn't even talk about a relationship. From the moment they met, it was obvious they needed each other, and romance came as natural as breathing. Their first kiss was without those three words spoken between them, but words were petty when it came to these two.

They show their love with action, and, at times, hushed whispers of those three sacred words. But, even without those words being spoken, Kemosiri and Judas know they love each other. Their love burns so bright that Anne jokes she's blinded by their radiance.

Judas always, always blushes deep, bright red when Anne says so, and Kemosiri just grins and draws Judas close to his chest.

Because of how close Kemosiri and Judas are, people may think the demon's love for Anne flickered since the two magical beings met. But that's the furthest thing from the truth. Anne is stable, happy, and doesn't need grand gestures of love or affection to know Kemosiri loves her.

Judas is much more fragile, gentle, and needs those grand gestures for the time being. Kemosiri knows both of these things, hence the reason he pays close attention and dotes on his kitten. He and Anne steal moments when they can, but Judas needs Kemosiri more, and Anne knows it.

Kemosiri and Anne's love still burns as bright as the day they confessed to each other, but both of them understand Judas needs Kemosiri at this moment in time. Anne and Kemosiri exchange winks, smiles, and kisses when they can, but the love they have for each other hasn't dwindled just because a new person is in their lives.

They're content in their love that they don't need extravagant shows of it. They're happy with the way things are.

There are instances where Anne remembers the time she was tortured by the government, and Judas understands that Kemosiri needs to be there for her when it happens. The rare instances it does occur, the three of them often curl together on the couch, Anne and Judas drawn up against Kemosiri's chest.

Anne tends to keep her head buried in Kemosiri's front, while Judas curls against his side and clasps onto his free hand. Judas' eyes look at Anne with sympathy and pain whenever her trauma is brought to the surface, and once Anne is okay to face the world again, the three of them go to Anne and Kemosiri's room.

Anne remains buried against Kemosiri as she sleeps, while he and Judas whisper in soft voices as Anne dozes. Judas, eventually, drops off, while Kemosiri keeps his arms wrapped around the people he loves most, vowing to protect them forevermore.


Kemosiri looks down at Judas with a smile, tucking a tendril of dark hair behind Judas' ear. "What is it, angel baby?"

"There's something I want to show you."

"Of course. Want to go to our room?"

A month ago, Anne decided her and Kemosiri's room is Judas' as well, despite Judas protesting he didn't want to intrude on their safe space. Anne grinned, poked Judas' cheek, and told him, "I want to sleep with both of you - not that way, Kemo," she muttered when Kemosiri smirked. "This room will be our safe place."

Judas nods, and Kemosiri lifts him in his arms, carrying the smaller man bridal style to their safe haven. Judas' cheeks go dark, bright pink as Kemosiri carries him like the precious gem he is to the demon, and once they're in the room, Kemosiri sets Judas on the bed, bestowing a soft kiss to his lips.

"You want to tell me what you really are, don't you."

Judas bites his lip, but nonetheless gives a hesitant nod. "I'm tired of hiding from the people I love. I know you'll never cast me away, so-"

"Never would I do such a thing," Kemosiri reassures, placing a warm, tender hand on Judas' cheek. "You mean the world to me, my little sweetheart. I would die for you."

"Please… please don't say such things," Judas whispers, tears springing to his eyes. A couple drip down his cheeks, and Kemosiri wipes them away with a soft, gentle touch. "I can't imagine my life without you. You or Anne. You both saved my life and gave me a reason to live. Please don't die, either of you."

"We won't," Kemosiri promises, bringing Judas' hand to his lips, and placing a heartfelt kiss against tanned flesh. "I won't let anything happen to Anne, nor you. You're both far too precious to me."

"I know," Judas starts to say, but pauses, looking hesitant.

"You know?" Kemosiri coaxes.

"I know you'll never forgive yourself for what happened to Anne two years ago," Judas says, and Kemosiri sighs, sorrow in his eyes. "But I know she doesn't blame you. She loves you and this world. She would have died to protect you and the magical universe. I know that for a fact."

"I know she would have, and that's what pains me," Kemosiri admits, resting his forehead on Judas' shoulder. Judas weaves his arms around his protector, holding on without words. "I don't know what I would have done if they killed her."

"You don't have to think about that, even though I know you do," Judas murmurs, nuzzling his cheek against Kemosiri's hair. "Anne is alive. So am I. You'll never lose us, because you'll protect us."

"I will. Nothing will happen to you," Kemosiri agrees, lifting his head up to place his lips against Judas' in an affable kiss, which Judas returns with fervor. It lasts for a few moments before Judas pulls away, placing a hand on Kemosiri's cheek with a gentle smile.

"I want to show you."

Kemosiri watches as Judas' glamor falls apart before his eyes. Horns, cat ears, purple-blue eyes, and vitiligo appear before him. Kemosiri lets out a breath. "You're even more beautiful."

"W-What?" Judas chews his lips, face smeared red. "No… this form is-"

"Gorgeous," Kemosiri cuts him off, running his hands over white marks. "Nothing could make me love you less, Judas."


"That's your true name?" Kemosiri isn't angry or alarmed, just gentle curiosity.

"It is. I'm-I'm sorry I lied to you for so long," Drystan whispers, leaning forward to rest his head against Kemosiri's chest. Kemosiri lets out a low exhale, drawing Judas close and holding on. "I was just…"

"Afraid. I know, angel baby," Kemosiri whispers as well. "I know. You don't have to apologize to me. You don't have to show Anne this form or tell her your true name right now, either. She knows our connection and that I know things about you she doesn't."

"I want to tell her one day," Drystan admits, tucking his head under Kemosiri's chin. "But I just… not now."

"One day, kitten. Take it one day at a time," Kemosiri murmurs, placing a tender kiss on Drystan's forehead. "Thank you for trusting me. It means more than you'll ever know."

"Of course. I love you, my big oaf," Drystan sighs, lifting his head up for a kiss.

Kemosiri answers Drystan's unspoken request, descending upon the halfling's lips. It's sensual and soft, and the air crackles with sexual energy as the two continue to make love to each other's mouths.

A thin line of saliva connects them when Kemosiri pulls away, reaching for Drystan's clothes. Drystan looks nervous, but nonetheless nods, letting Kemosiri disrobe the hoodie he adorns. Seeing the scars Drystan bears as he's half naked before Kemosiri, it makes the demon place a kiss upon each one he sees.

"Kemo," Drystan whispers, tilting his head back as a soft moan slips from him.

"I love you, Drystan," Kemosiri murmurs, hands stripping Drystan of his pants and underwear as well. Seeing his kitten's true form before him, Kemosiri is glad they waited until now to make love for the first time. It's a blatant show of trust on Drystan's part - he's trusting Kemosiri to protect and guard his body and secrets.

Understanding how much Drystan is putting in his hands, Kemosiri doesn't want to rush any part of this. He wants Drystan to understand he knows Drystan is counting on him, relying on him, and Kemosiri will make sure Drystan doesn't regret showing this side to him.

"Please…" Drystan murmurs, hands on Kemosiri's bare chest. He tugs at the fabric on his arms and looks at the skirt and pants covering his lower half, and Kemosiri smiles.

"Anything for you, sweet one."

Taking off his ornate jewelry is a task, and one Kemosiri doesn't go on often, but he wants to show his vulnerable side to Drystan as well. Taking off his neckpiece, Drystan gasps when he sees the deep, pink scar it was covering. He reaches forward, soft hands resting on the scar, and Kemosiri shivers.

"Anne is the only other person who's seen this," Kemosiri says, and Drystan nods, eyes blown wide.

"Thank you," the halfling whispers, stroking the scar with tenderness.

Giving off a smile, Kemosiri disrobes the rest of his outfit, leaving him naked before Drystan. Drystan takes his hands off the scar, weaving his arms around Kemosiri's neck, and gives his own quirk of his lips.

They remain this way for a few moments, simply enjoying the nakedness and vulnerability of one another, until Drystan wiggles underneath Kemosiri. "Lube?" he murmurs, face going red.

Kemosiri gives a warm laugh, reaching into the bedside table to grab the bottle. Drystan looks surprised at seeing he has some, until the demon explains, "Anne and I use toys, so that's why we have this."

"T-Toys?" Drystan goes redder, if that's even possible, and Kemosiri grins. "Can… can we use them one day?"

"One day, angel baby," Kemosiri promises. "Right now, I want to love you in the most natural way possible."

Popping the cap of the lube, a fruity smell envelops the room, making Drystan's nose scrunch up. "You guys like the flavored stuff?" he questions, looking surprised and amused at the same time.

"Makes things more fun," Kemosiri responds with a smirk. "You didn't expect me to be boring in the bedroom, did you?"

"No!" Drystan exclaims, looking embarrassed. "I meant-"

"Relax, my love, I'm kidding."

"Jerk," Drystan mutters, clipping Kemosiri around the ear.

"Ouch. Was that necessary?"

Drystan looks nervous, but seeing the grin Kemosiri wears makes it dissipate. "It was," the halfling says cheekily.

"Cheeky brat," Kemosiri murmurs with an affectionate tinge, squirting a considerable amount of lube onto his fingers and slicking his girth. "I wonder if you'll be cheeky after this."

"Only one way to find out, big guy." Drystan grins, a smear of red coloring his cheeks.

Kemosiri chuckles, squirting more lube on his fingers and tracing them around Drystan's hole. The boy mewls, biting his lip as his cheeks go deeper red, and Kemosiri slides one home without much resistance. A second, then third, joins the first, and the demon lets them rest there before stretching Drystan, preparing him for his larger than average erection.

"Mm, ahh, mmgh~" Drystan wails, grinding down on Kemosiri's fingers.

A few moments pass before Kemosiri decides Drystan is ready. He removes his fingers, wiping them on the bedsheets, before lining his cock against Drystan's dripping hole. "Ready, angel baby?"

"Please, Kemo, please!"

No other words need to be said. Kemosiri slides home with one gentle thrust, and Drystan throws his head back, mewls and groans slipping from his lips. Kemosiri pants, letting Drystan adjust to his length, and once Drystan looks at him with lust filled eyes, Kemosiri knows he's ready for more.

The demon begins a sensual, slow, languid pace, wanting to ensure Drystan feels every bit of love and devotion he has for him. Drystan wails and moans the whole time, wrapping his legs around Kemosiri's waist to gain leverage and drive him deeper within his walls.

"So good, sweet one, so good," Kemosiri praises, and Drystan mewls at the praise. "You're doing so well, my little kitten."

"K-Kemo!" Drystan cries out, the only warning Kemosiri gets before streams of white burst free, covering their stomachs and chests. "Ahh~"

It doesn't take too long for Kemosiri to come undone as well, despite the slow pace. A final, deep thrust home is all it takes before he paints Drystan's insides with white, and twin pants escape from both men as they come off their high.

Kemosiri moves his spent cock out of Drystan's hole, cum dripping out of it, and lies beside his little kitten, sweat gleaming on their frames. Drystan, despite the sticky mess, curls up against Kemosiri, and the man in return wraps an arm around Drystan's shoulders, pulling him close.

"We need to shower," Kemosiri murmurs. "We're covered in cum."

"Fine, fine…" Drystan complains, moving off the bed and pulling Kemosiri with him. "Maybe we could go again in the shower?"

Kemosiri rolls his eyes, smacking Drystan's rear as he walks past. "You sure you could handle me again?"

Drystan grins, pulling Kemosiri in the bathroom.

The first thing Anne smells when she walks in the door is spunk. "Either Kemosiri jacked off in our room, or he and Judas finally did it," the mortal mutters with a smirk. "My bet is on they finally did the nasty. About time too."

"Ew, what's that smell?" the girl next to her complains, and Anne's smirk widens as she pets Neko's ears.

"My boyfriend and his man finally had sex," Anne replies with no shame.

"Oh jeez," Neko's nose scrunches up. "They better do the laundry then!"

Anne laughs. Neko will be another new addition to their home, and she knows the catgirl will fit in perfectly. "You can boss them around if you want. I'm sure Kemosiri will be flabbergasted, and Jude, well, he might be embarrassed as hell."

"Jude? As in Judas?" Neko asks, ears flicking.

"Yeah, you know him?"

"If he's the one I'm thinking of, then yeah." Neko looks far away, but Anne pulls the tiny girl against her side, ruffling her hair. "Ah, there they are! Boys! Do the laundry! It stinks in here!"

As Anne thought, Kemosiri looks abashed that a tiny girl is ordering him around, while Judas looks embarrassed to no end. Yes, Neko will fit in rather well. She can boss the boys around. And, Anne hopes, she and the petite catgirl can love one another.

It'll take time. But Anne is determined to make Neko hers, especially after seeing her yell at Kemosiri and Judas like she owns the place.

One day.