Holding a solid experience of more than 22 years in corporate and field manufacturing, Kenneth Kremsky holds a record of excellence in leveraging the excellent strategies and finance best practices and analytical ability. Besides, he is well versed with improving the profitability and driving long-term company growth by delivering the financial analysis.

He dealt with the entire accounting faculty and kept up all the accounting and money related announcing frameworks. Besides, he grew direct work guidelines which brought about manning decreases and cost investment funds of $400k every year. Holding a broad preparing in Lean Six Sigma costing and budgetary investigation, Kenneth produced misfortune remittance reserve funds of ~$700K more than two years at Kraft Foods Group.

Overall, Kenneth Kremsky is highly aimed at helping the organizations to reduce the costs, thus realizing great productivity. After all, strengthening the workforce capabilities and cutting costs will enable the organizations to achieve the cost-effective performance improvements, thus expecting stronger return on investment.

About Kenneth Kremsky

Formerly, Kenneth Kremsky served as the finance lead where he provided financial analysis for the Kraft Austerity team with the goal of reducing raw and packaging material losses by 5%, and reducing fixed expenses by 15% which was achieved. He developed a daily management review process generating reports for reviewing the prior day's results regarding variances.