I am Storm and I am Here

By Farris Temaire

Hurry, hurry, hurry along,

Run as fast as you can,

Now skirry along and fear me,

As plentiful as you are, you hide away

I'm gaining ground,

Run, run, run along now,

Half the fun is chasing you all down

As I cover the last of this sky

A splash, A drop, the chase is done,

103 faces today are coated in me,

523 curses shouted in my name

This city is mine

I drench and I pour

I cover it all for I am a great storm

Humans dread me but I am one of a kind

Each timeI am born I am flavored a million different ways

Tonight I am feeling fine

Earth air fire water and light all have come together to make me

I am the true magic of this place

I grow mightier each year as the toxins rise

For me transference is everything

So feed me more of the sun's heat,

I stew, I brew, hear my might

I am Storm, and forever I will be born anew.