My Heart Is

A question
My words
(Wasn't it cats and cockroaches?)

Not cockroaches, but cobwebs
In the rain, and I'm always in the wrong
(It's driving me insane)

Stop it I can't think yet
I think too much
With all these voices in my head
("Sorry, I'm not home right now")

You think you're special/think
You're something else?
(*insert canned laughter*)

It's late and I've been overanxious and
I've probably been watching too much Friends
But living twenty-five years ago is such a comfort
(Has life always been this way?)

They had cable and answering machines
And probably not as much empty space
To fill with doubts
(My insides are blue)

Maybe all rine and no heart
Will be the answer for now
Vacating the premises
("Leave a msg and I'll call you back")