This is the complete guide of how to fall in love in 24 hours, with clear steps, explanations and personal examples.

Warning: following the guide and applying the given advice is at your own risk.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, it is meant with humor, for entertainment and is not intended to be a real guide or to tell you what to do. I am not a professional in any of the relevant fields to do that.

However, if you can relate to some of the advice - why not?

This will be a short story, but it is a part of a trilogy and the others might get longer. It can be read as a standalone, but you'll have to let me know you wish to stop at the end of this. I'm actually very curious.

This story is rated M for a reason. If you don't enjoy graphic erotic scenes - what are you doing looking for M rated stories? Of course, you can skip the parts when it gets steamy, but I will not warn you before it happens.

This is a spinoff from my other story The One That Got Away. You are very welcome to jump over and give it a read (it is complete), but it's not necessary to understand and enjoy this one. The plots aren't intertwined and this one is a completely independent storyline. It's actually a very different style and obviously different main characters. It can give you background regarding some characters, though.

If you're coming here after reading my previous work, welcome back! You might not recognize why it is a spinoff at first, so just keep going and you'll find out.

*Original photo for the cover by Martin Adams on Unsplash