Chapter one

My reflection swam in the wall of solid water, my face glowing a light blue as a result of the magic holding it together. Who held this monstrosity of water, I didn't know, but whoever they were, I was smart to be afraid of them.

Without thinking properly, I stretched out my hand.

Cold by touch, but warm on the other side. My hand was immediately drenched by the water as it disappeared into the wall. I wiggled my fingers and felt heavy droplets fall from my fingertips on the other side.

Quickly, I snatched my hand away, holding it to my chest as I felt something brush against my fingers. I couldn't see anything on the other side, so my imagination painted horrifying things of what it could have been.

My reflection mocked me; my face was uncharacteristically pale and fear struck, my white freckles almost disappearing into my skin.

They were one of my favourite features – my white freckles – in courtesy of my Ocean father. But my absolute favourite feature was the stag horns sticking out of my chestnut hair that I inherited from my mother. My brothers and I were surely the most unique in the land; littered in white freckles and stag horns, a beautiful mix of the Ocean and the Earth.

Leaves crunched under small footsteps.

I filtered the fear from my voice and wiped my wet arm off on my leg. "Am I late?"

Nanna appeared from the bushes. "I don't know if I want to kill you or myself every time I have to come and fetch you here."

I could beryl see Nanna's small form in the water. She was overshadowed by the great trees and bushes of the forest. Without the slight glow of the wall, she would've disappeared between the leaves.

While our mother was off ruling the Earth Lands, Nanna was teaching my brothers and me not to eat sand. Nineteen years later, she still has to remind us sometimes to not eat the sand – usually my youngest brother.

I stared at her reflection in the water.

The lines near her eyes showed her age, white lines in her fading brown hair, with no uncertainty, were caused by us three. She too had stag horns that she took great care of and always made sure they were presentable.

Nanna would never, but I still asked, "Come closer and admire it with me."

As I thought, she didn't budge and kept a safe distance from the Ocean Wall. "One day you and I both will be caught, my girl"

I turned to face her, and knew the glow of the Wall made my bright blue eyes smoulder, I smirked at the idea of how powerful it must make me look. "Who's going to find us Nanna?"

Nanna shook her head and added, "Training starts at dawn and the sun isn't far behind."

Nana swore never to tell anyone about my trips to the Wall, one of the many secrets we share. She properly feels sorry for me, since this is the only merriment I allowed myself and I know her pity is the only thing holding her back from telling my mother and father.

For her sake, I should stop coming to the Wall altogether, but I couldn't help it. The Wall taunts me and I can't let it go. The Ocean Wall and the lands beyond is like a pebble in my shoe.

Besides, I can't allow something to hold more secrets than I do.