2021 I 13

Little tiny legs wander,

Little tiny arms reach forward.

They pray, they pray for remission,

For attention and give back submission.


Little eyes blink and blink...

Little tiny ears can't take it all in

And yet they listen and prod,

Seek out the orders before having a ball:


Drink 'till you're wasted!

Drink 'till you can't care to praise them!

In the morning they gait to the shell,

Fall asleep soundly and wake up just swell.


Tired beaten legs shamble...

Tired worn arms are lost in a gamble.

Their acts to their fathers - all screwed,

The spiders seem hypnotized and rude.


Tired blind eyes had asked for a break...

Tired, haughty ears can't take it, they say.

It's all just a game: obey and drink,

If that's all it is - revolution's no sin.