Long ago, when Earth was young, life thrives from the oceans. Some of those creatures manages to reach the surface and lay their eggs on land, giving life to the surface from the big blue. Thus, through evolution, came lizards, dinosaurs, mammals and finally us: Humans.

Present time: an Inuit woman: Sesi, learns rumours about a USO (in reality it's a stolen Chinese submarine, possibly the world's most advanced non-nuclear submarine ever built). So she goes out to find it, only for it found her. She gets on board only for the crew welcoming her warmly, including their Captain. She demands to know what are their intentions, but they're only here for a visit, though not the first time visiting Churchill, Manitoba, her hometown. The ship anchors offshore and happily greets with the people in town. They stay for the day before departing, with Sesi stowing away aboard. Unknown to her, the Captain and his crew have a more ambitious and destructive mission to accomplish.

When the ship left, the Captain quickly discovers the stowaway, and has no choice but to let her stay aboard, it's too late to bring her back now that they're open sea again. For the next few days, the ship and crew visit many places in the Atlantic, then travel all the way to the pacific, right to the otherside of the world. But as they travel around the world under the sea, they occasionally launch supersonic cruise missiles to any target to destroy. None of these were first time he ordered, though. He is on a mission that Sesi must never find out about, or at least they told their mission, it's just Sesi never heard of it.

Sesi eventually goes to the captain's quarters to demand answers on what his mission is. He reveals (as he told before) That he'll wipe out most of the human population, sparing at least a billion people or possibly less. He believes in the bubble philosophy of human overpopulation: Namely if the population continues to grow at a rapidly out of control pace, the bubble will soon burst, doubtfully it'll grow again. But if he bursts the bubble now, it'll eventually grow again. It's a bad choice to make, but what are the better options? Outraged by this, She demands to be off this ship, but he points out the unlikelihood of a person caring enough to take her back, let alone understand her language. He's the only one in the world beyond Canada who understands Inuktitut, but he also speaks in his native Chinese language, English, Spanish and Arabic. To guarantee her safety, she must stay onboard his ship for one year. So after arriving on the otherside of the continent, they'll turn around back to where she stowed away from, back to Churchill and never speak of this ever again.

However, even his promise cannot be guaranteed, as China, The United States, Russia, The UK and Europe are plotting to sink the ship. For the Chinese, it's their property stolen by the rogue captain of his country: Hong Kong, his country since influenced by China. For everyone else, He was sent by China to infiltrate their countries and do harm and potentially start World War 3. Something the Captain had no intention of. But fearing for the possibility of WW3, he'll have no choice but to have this ship sink, as soon as they return home; if he can accomplish his ambition, that is.

And so the race to reach the otherside of the world continues, but to also evade and counter the threatening forces of both Chinese, Russians and NATO, and ultimately wipe out most of humanity, so that a billion or less will survive. It seems complicated, because it is. But, with benefits.

Once they reached the otherside, they hide for a while keep things inconspicuously, change their identities and blend in with the people in the Cascadian Bioregion, including California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, disregarding the border.

During their travel together, both Sesi and the Captain form a friendship with each other, more like a brother and sister to each other but still not going as deep into becoming a couple, given Sesi's upset reaction of his plan, still never forgetting that. Though at the very least he gives her hospitality, shelter and wonders to behold, both on land and under the sea. He took her underwater, showing her underwater farms, kelp forests, incredible creatures like Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, schools of fish, deep sea creatures, underwater volcanos and artifacts of ancient worlds flooded long ago. He showed her the world she never thought on a grand scale, and she thanked him for what he gave her. However, why they're all here in Cascadia is because the Captain wanted to see what it looks like. Sure there are other places, including Alaska, Peru, Argentina and more after visiting the pacific island including Hawaii (Though an American Island State), he felt Cascadia is one of the already special places worth visiting. And once they spent their time here, he proceed to the aforementioned places.

And once they've accomplished visiting those places, they blew up cities of both Argentina and Peru, sparing only Alaska, given it's already not as hugely populated as other American States. But of course, they're still not going home yet, China and America caught up with the Jingsha (Whale Shark) and another battle ensues. Tensions were high, but the Captain remains fearless and cautious. Evading incoming torpedoes and counterattacked, though not perfect.

Just as they're returning to Churchill, the American Submarine: USS Mush, made a sneak attack on the weaken Jingsha. Fulfilling his ambition and journey across the world for what maybe his final time, he orders all his crewmates, including Sesi, to abandon ship, entering the lifeboats up to the surface as his ship is not too deep from. He has no intention of fighting back against the USS Mush, if he does, this'll be the line-cross into WW3. So of course "A Good Captain Always Goes Down With His Ship." Or in this case a Submarine, a prototype product of the People's Republic of China he stole from. With that, the ship finally sinks into the deep, not after the last lifeboat jettisons up to the surface, where it and others will be picked up for rescue. Their fate, including Sesi's, is uncertain. Occupational therapy, execution, imprisonment or just adapting to life out on land is possible, given their roles and involvement.

And all Sesi can do, is pray to her goddess to keep herself safe.