IN THE YEAR 12,793! After millenniums of having aged, organic bodies, humanity became transhuman, using singularity to become immortal. Traveling all across the cosmos, Transhumanity has a variety of societies they run. Some as Dictatorships, others as Democracies, others as MegaCorporations, and vice versa. But, in the Star System of Omega Oasis they call. A Star system, where every single planet is an Oasis. Not only habitable, terrestrial planets, but also Gas Giants, Dwarf planets (Where they can be carved into spherical planets and even Asteroids (carved with a cylinder). Using the most advanced, renewable energy technologies. As these transhumans co-exist with nature, Utopias where people make their own choices, live in harmony and tranquility, and just have a wonderful time! Being visited by their brothers, sisters, cousins and all, they only allow ones that want to live in peace and joy then violence and corruption.

There exists:

Electromagnetic Raceways with High speed Racecrafts, hovering in ridiculously kickass racetracks, suspended in the air.

The Anti-gravity 4×4 off-road beasts that can flip and still race, as long as the seat stays stationary.

Spas, like taking a bath, massages, saunas and many more.

Swimming pools and beaches, whether bathing in sunlight, or take a big splash.

Anything and everything they can do, wherever they go all over these majestic, peaceful & exotic alien worlds, so as long as everyone has a wonderful time in Omega Oasis.

And if anyone wants to spread Chaos and Destruction, Oasis Patrol will always be there to calm things down. Whether using non-lethal or disintegration, Oasis Patrol must make sure that the whole system must not be the hot spot for corruption, terrorism, crime, racism, misogyny and such and such. And to perfectly make sure that very little to no further damage can be caused (Whether by the hostiles or Oasis Patrol themselves).

And it doesn't matter if someone's non-Transhuman, bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, agender, autistic, mentally disabled etc, everybody's Welcome to Omega Oasis. Where compared to them, you're royalty.