Twas 1994, and a boy named Theodore (often nicknamed Teddy) was playing with his friends in the Pacific Northwest. It was around that time when the world been through worse. He and his friends were playing football (soccer) together, until being called upon by their families about what's happening worldwide, and what is going to happen at their doorstep. There's a pandemic coming and people must be placed in cryogenic stasis until the pandemic ends, and the select people are children at random, not based on skills. Theodore has been chosen at random, but not his friends as well. And he and the other chosen children must be in stasis now, not later today, tomorrow, not even within the month. After no longer an hour has passed, people came out of the buses wearing special uniforms to go into the houses and take the children away. Teddy tried to run away, but not for long. Theodore begs to be released, but they wont. Teddy sheds tears, desperately trying to set free, but even if he did, he's still caught and taken away. As he and the other children are aboard the bus and drive away to an underground facility, Teddy feels weak and given up, never being able to see his friends one last time. He and the children are placed in their respective pods where they'll be frozen for at least thirty years, in case another pandemic would break out.

2024: Thirty years have passed since then, yet the pods are still being maintained today. There are still those who work here, but also with newcomers to keep the pods working for as long as they could, even against many odds. This facility isn't just run by a single government, but an international collaboration co-funded by the World Health Organization, whilst they were developing vaccines to cure against not just one disease, but recently two, both ended in 2003 and 2022 respectively.

Once the time is up, the pods are reopened, letting the children out and welcomed by the people running the facility. Of course there's a potential for side effects when under cryogenic stasis, that being brain damage. So they're taken to sickbay to see if they have any, as well as identifying the children and their lives. After being checked for potential brain damage, the kids are being sent to Clown Fish Academy, where they'll spend the rest of their lives there for education. Since the two pandemics, Academies have become more prominent than elementary, traditional and secondary schools.

At the Academy, When Teddy checks his records in regarding his friends, he requests a phone book with their parents' names on it. But while phonebooks no longer exist, they do have websites that he can visit to look them up, hoping they're still alive today. He looks them up, and, initially, he couldn't find his friends' parents' phone numbers on them. However, when looking for his friends' phone numbers, they do, but he can only call one person at a time. So he calls one of his friends, Kim, and she answers the call. Her voice no longer sounds like the girl from thirty years ago, and instead the voice of a woman in her late 30s. Upon hearing her voice, Teddy is speechless for a moment, feeling overwhelmed of what just happened. After a few seconds of silence, Teddy, finally speaks. Much to Kim's shock, awaken and still nine years old. His confidence reignites and asks her about his family. Her response is bleak: they were infected. Despite their efforts, their situation was dim. Stadiums became makeshift hospitals, and it took nine years for the pandemic to finally end, while the second lasted for three years, due to better understanding of the second disease than the first back then.

He asked her how did she and the others manage to thrive from the pandemic. They obviously isolated, but through practising, washing, particularly their hands when not taking a shower, wearing protective gear, going outside either alone or in small groups, long distance communications and coordination, living in towns instead of cities, and eventual vaccination, they made it through okay. The same goes for the second pandemic. Currently, she's living with Kevin, another one of Teddy's friends. Teddy doesn't know what to do. Sure he has to get some education at Clown Fish Academy, but what about his place of living

He's an orphan now, and his friends are the only ones left he knows and loves.

Kim suggests adoption. She and Kevin will adopt Teddy, thereby making him his step-parents, Teddy accepts and ends the call as Kim must continue work.

When summer comes and the school announces the students to take a break for the next three months, This gives Teddy the opportunity to call either Kim or Kevin to pick him up and begin adoption, to the married couple's excitement. As soon as either arrives to pick him up, Teddy couldn't believe his eyes, just as either couldn't believe their eyes. For Teddy, they've changed a lot! They've grown taller, looked older, and sometimes have the same accessories they once had, just changed slightly. And for either couple, they too couldn't believe their eyes. It's the same Teddy they know thirty years ago after being under cryogenic hibernation.

Teddy ran up to them and hugged them, just as either hugged back. Teddy's tears are uncontrollably shedding, just as either Kim or Kevin's eyes shed tears of joy, always thinking that both would never see him again, nor would they live today if they haven't of taken precautions during the two pandemics. None of it matters now, because they're reunited and living a life of separation and survival.

Afterwards, adoption is underway for Teddy with both Kim and Kevin, they even have a newborn child of their own, which means Teddy would have to help looking after them as their sibling once he gets adopted. But during this time, they spent a good time throughout the season. Crossing the border for places to visit, watching movies at home, going to water parks and beaches to splash at each other, visiting familiar places, some unfamiliar to Teddy but familiar to the couple and reuniting with Teddy's other friends, some living better than others.

Like Gilbert, who has become a shell of his former self. Once filled with energy, now depressed and washed up,

Melissa, who has become an upcycling artist,

Justin, a programmer for video games,

Kitt, a comic book artist...who died during the second pandemic,

Eddie, also died during the second pandemic,

Fiona, died during the first pandemic,

And Terri, an artist..who was cryogenically frozen and is still alive and at Clown Fish Academy.

How did he not notice her? Probably due to huge crowds of children when entering and exiting the facility. Still, he has to see her and show her their friends to reunite with when they go back the academy.

For now, they must visit a memorial where Teddy's family and his friends' names are engraved. A memorial dedicated to those lost during both pandemics for the past thirty years, A solemn reminder of what happened during his hibernation. There's still so much to look forward to, but they still can't forget what happened. When Teddy asks the couple how many times they visited the memorial, their answer is once a year. So every time when they're free from school and work, the couple visit the memorial as long as they wish.

With that done, they depart to spend the rest of summer together before Teddy's return to Clown Fish Academy.

When he does, she's very shy and doesn't want anyone to see what she's up to. So when Teddy tries to talk to her, she leaves, not even giving him a smile. Teddy is determined to find out why Terri has been acting shy, before and after her hibernation. So next time, when he sees her, he holds her hand wanting her to have a moment with him. But she hits him, letting her go and running off. Each time he tries to make her stay for a moment, she evades him, never wanting him or anyone else to be with her, never wanting to share her 'pain.'

Despite this, Teddy won't give up, and needs help to 'let go of her pain,' and show her that there's no need to feel shy anymore. As such, he calls both Kim and Kevin to help him open Terri up. While the couple won't help, due to their awareness of her shyness, they will, however, provide advice for Teddy to find ways to open her up without force. So the next time he sees her again, he carefully and calmly tries to open herself up. It won't be easy, but with time, support, and love, She eventually realizes that there's nothing to be scared or shy of anything anymore. The two embrace and thanking Teddy, but really, he thanks his reunited friends for their help, since they played a part as well. Terri warms up to her new found friends, friends who have now grown up.

While the future remains unknown for Teddy and his friends and step-family, there's some glimpse of hope shining before them.