Part 1.

Starting Anew



"Nice drawing."

Gammy takes my picture without asking. "What is it, sweetie?"

"It's me and Spidy."

Gammy bends the paper a little. I think it was an accident. "Is that a monster?"

I stand and whoosh like fire with my wavy arms. "The Blue Dragon tries to blow fire on Spidy and I used my powers and the giant dragon went poof!"

"Indoor voice." Gammy puts her finger on her mouth. "I know you're excited, but we mustn't be so loud."

Her eyes are dark brown like dirt. "Nice picture, Charlie. Why is the spider bigger than you?"

"Spidy is big so I can ride him." My voice is on inside mode. "If he was tiny then he'd be squished."

"Alright, it's time for breakfast,'' Gammy pats my back, "Please put down the crayons and come to the table."

She puts the drawing down on top of the angel picture, and I feel something inside me. It goes grrrawwwrrr…

"What was that?" I know it's my tummy, but I like to pretend that the rawr is coming from The Blue Dragon. Maybe it's hiding under the table, or in the closet!

"Come now, please." She goes tap tap with her feet.

"Okay." I follow her and waddle waddle with my feet like a duck.

I sit at the small square table. My eyes look around the room and they see dishes and decorations that are light green with white.

Gammy told me those are her favorite colors. There is a pretend pig that's not pink; it's green with white polka dots. How silly!

On my green plate I have bacon, sausage, and a pancake.

"Mmmmmm!" I smile big when I take a big boy bite of sausage. "Yummy! It tastes like meaty meat!"

Gammy laughs. "Sausage is meat." She smiles at me, and I see all of her teeth. None are straight and some are bigger and smaller. Her face is covered in wrinkles like paper that got folded too many times. Mommy told me when I get old, I'll get wrinkles too.

But I won't.

Gammy's got curly hair like me but not as puffy. It's whitish and short. Today she's wearing a blue shirt with pink and white flowers that look like paintings. When I put my head under the table, I can see her black stretchy pants.

"Hey, get your head up here. That's not appropriate to do at the table."

I sit up and look over. Gammy is putting scrambled eggs in her mouth.

"What, you don't like scrambled eggs?"

"You're eating barf!" I point to the gross yellow goo.

She puts down her fork. "What did you say?"

I stick out my tongue and spit. "It looks like barf."

Gammy shakes her head. "Please… don't talk like that." I can't look at her; she's eating the barf.

I grab the syrup and open the lid, watching it get all over the pancake. It moves slow on the pancake then on the bacon and sausages.

The best part is the ketchup! I make two small dots as eyes and a really long mouth that's smiling, but it moves down with the syrup. It looks weird like the pancake is trying to be happy but it's frowning. I try to fix it, but it gets messier. When I stop, the whole top of the pancake is covered in ketchup.

Gammy stares and takes small bites of her sausage. "That's a bit much-"

My face goes splat on the pancake. I shake and rip off a huge piece with my hand and mouth. I am a hungry lion!

"Charlie Albert! Eat like a human!"

"I love ketchup!"

She wipes my face with napkins and tells me to use my fork and knife. I can't, so Gammy has to cut it up for me.

Only two sausages left.

I pick one up. Nah.

"All done." I drop the sausage and let out a long burp. Gammy gives me a mean stare.

I say, "Excuse me."

"You have much to learn, young man." Gammy takes my sausages and I take the plate, fork and knife to the sink. I can't see what the drain looks like because I'm still growing. I stand on my tippy toes and stretch my arms.

Creak...creak...Gammy walks on the hard floor like a giant.

"You know Charlie, ketchup and syrup have a ton of sugar. Be careful how much you put on your pancake next time."

Gammy helps me wash off the dishes and tells me all about the special townhouse, things Mommy already said. It's like an apartment because we get part of a building, a house split in half. One part of the house is ours and the other part belongs to the neighbors that I don't know yet.

"Who's on the other side?" I put my ear to the wall, but I don't hear anything.

"The Winters."

I scratch my head. "What?"

"That's their last name. I'll have to introduce you sometime. In the meantime, you should probably get dressed before I take you to the park."

"I am dressed! See?" I point to Spiderman hanging on his webs.

Gammy shakes her head. "Those are your pajamas, sweetie."


My old room at the ugly apartment was for all of us. Me, Mommy, Daddy, Hank, and Hannah. We all shared, and the apartment was for baby bear only; too small. I stretch out my arms and turn into an airplane. Now I have my own room!

"Charlie, put these on." Gammy puts some clothes on my bed. In the apartment, there were two big fluffy bed things on the ground. A few brown bits were on it too. Mommy, me and Daddy sleeped on one. I was stuck in the middle, and Daddy talks too much and oinks like an old pig. Little black bugs crawled all over us and bit our arms and legs.

But now this bed is for big boys like me, and it's not on the floor. Gammy said it's all mine but I'll share it with Mommy. Stinky Daddy can sleep on the floor.

A red blanket is on my new bed, and under it are clean sheets. The pillow is puffy and soft and Spidy is sleeping on it. He's not tiny and not giant, just in the middle. He can cover my whole face if he sits on it.

The wood all around my bed is a dark brown with bits of black, like it got burned. But Gammy told me that's how it's supposed to look. Something like an oval that got cut on the bottom is on the front and back. It keeps the bed from breaking down and makes it look nice. Right above my bed is a long window that lets me see the grass and more red houses. I jump on my bed and outside the sky is blue with only a few clouds.

Gammy says my name again. I run across the room. Zoom! I bump right into her tummy. She smiles and pats my head. "Come on out when you're ready." She leaves the room and closes the door.

I see the new green shirt. There's a chocolate chip cookie on the front that someone took a bite of. I see yellow letters that are on top of the cookie. I don't know them yet, but Mommy said I'll learn how to read soon.

The Spiderman pajamas is always hard to get off. I pull the zipper down and I have to stand on one foot but I fall too many times because I'm stuck. Then I sit down and try again-tada! My leg slips out!

Pop! My head gets through the hole on my new shirt and my arms come out of the two smaller holes. Then I pull on my new shorts. They are light brown and have lots of pockets with zippers and buttons.

"Hey, Charlie." Spidy is awake! He yawns when I pick him up. "Are we going on an adventure?"

"Yup!" I hug him and kiss his head.

Author's Note: I've written much more than this, but I've cut it off as this is the end of the sneak peek. If this at all peaks your interest, I am looking for editors (I would pay; read my profile for more details.) You can also read the summary as it is an overview of the story.

Also I realize this may not be obvious, though I will say the cover art is a pancake with ketchup on it. Charlie likes it, for whatever reason haha :)

Spiderman (c) Sony and Disney

Story and Cover Image (c) ChildAtHeart94