I walked across the fancy hotel venue, heels clicking against the marble tiles - the best sound in the world. My black cocktail dress was clinging to my waist and thighs just enough, a long slit allowing me smooth and easy movement. My own design. I wondered when the novelty of the thought of that would fade. With my high heels and my signature burgundy lipstick - I felt on top of the world. It would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy the looks I was receiving. I was holding a champagne glass in one hand and clutching something else in the other, scanning the crowd with my eyes.

My eyes came across Jessica, who I haven't spoken to for a while, but decided against walking up to her to initiate a conversation. There was absolutely no bad blood between us now, but truthfully, I was plainly over this whole event. I wanted out. I needed a different kind of entertainment. I raised my glass slightly, smiling at her and she returned the gesture. I continued my search.

When I spotted the most attractive man in an expensive black suit, I strutted straight to him, not bothering myself with small talk with anyone I was passing. I'd wasted enough time here.

Reaching him, I didn't meet his eyes, as he was preoccupied chatting with one of the businessmen at the event. Without saying a word, I walked by him, slightly brushing against his back and passing him the object I'd been holding, discreetly pressing the fabric into his hand.

As I slowly walked out of the hall, heading towards the elevator which would lead me to my hotel room, I felt the excitement start bubbling in my chest, tingling in my hands, warming up my blood. It almost felt like the old me, picking up the hottest strangers at a party, before that bizarre one-night stand that changed me years ago now. Or did it, really?

I was opening the door to the room when he caught up with me, wrapping his arms around me from behind, pulling me flush against him and whispering into my ear, "I see you're missing a clothing item, Cinderella,"

I smirked, as he held up in front of me the tiny lacy black thong I'd given him. He got the message, there was no doubt about that.

Entering the room, I threw my clutch to the side and turned around just as he wrapped his arms around me and his lips crashed onto mine, his tongue hungrily exploring the territory, before moving on to my neck.

I barely had time to slam the door shut before he picked me up and placed me onto the desk near the door. He pushed the chair that had been standing next to it to the side and before I could do anything, dropped to his knees.

His hands traveled up my thighs, pushing the hem of my dress up, while his mouth grazed over my inner thigh, before reaching the sensitive area my thong was missing from.

His tongue attacked with full force and I had to grab the edge of the table to support myself. It was a faster progression than I was used to now, but I couldn't complain. As in, I was physically unable to.

Just as his tongue dipped into my heat, hands holding my hips firmly to steady my ass from squirming around, my phone started ringing from my purse, which was lying on the floor by the door.

Glancing at my watch, I cursed and tried to push him away, but he didn't budge. My hands were weak and trembling from the arousal and torturous pleasure as it was, I couldn't possibly move a man his size.

"Stop, I need to get this," He ignored me at first. "Stop!"

"You can answer from the watch," He mumbled, before continuing the addictive touch.

"No, stop, I need to breathe,"

"Let them hear you pant, it's hot,"

"No, I can't, it's Jenna!" I wiggled and pushed against him when he finally released me.


"The babysitter!" I jumped off the table and rushed to the still ringing phone. "Seriously, Dylan,"

He chuckled as I answered the call, hoping to god she couldn't hear my breathlessness. While I tried to make out the words she was saying to me, he came over to me and started kissing my neck and shoulder.

"So everything's okay?" I concluded. "Kids are asleep? Great," I swallowed hard as I felt the zipper of my dress slowly being pulled down. "Give them our love, we'll talk to them in the morning. Yeah, we're still at the event, so we didn't want to make them wait. Awesome. Thanks for updating me," The dress was off. "Bye Jenna,"

I made sure the call was disconnected, before throwing the phone onto the purse on the floor.

I was pressed against the door, feeling his entire body against mine, although clearly much more dressed than mine.

"Are you done?" Dylan murmured near my ear, as his hands worked on releasing my breasts from the strapless bra and then on caressing them until my nipples throbbed with that need deep inside me.

"Not even close," I panted back, pushing my ass against his erection. The next thing I knew, he'd released it from his underwear and I felt it between my folds, rubbing deliciously against the sensitive wetness. "Ah, Dylan, you've been doing so good, you don't have to torture me,"

"But what's the fun in that?" I heard beside my ear at the same time as I felt his fingers over my clit.

I grunted and reached back for his thighs, digging my nails at the sides. He hissed, but not entirely from pain, as I felt his hips jerk instinctively.

"For once in your life, Dylan-" I was cut off by a sharp movement, which resulted in his penetration into me. I let out a gasp, unprepared for such a turn of events, and reflexively placed my hands onto the door in front of me to keep myself from falling. Not that I could actually fall, as he had his arms around me, holding me tight to him.

"Damn it, Beth, you're too much to handle," I would've chuckled at his traditional words to me, but I wasn't able to catch my breath enough for that, his rough voice full of desire not doing anything to help that.

"You've been… doing just… fine," I panted between thrusts. His hands knew my body so well by now I knew he deliberately prolonged the experience, by changing his movements from time to time, pushing me up to the edge and then withdrawing and continuing in different patterns and pace, just to have me squirming in frustration, as I pushed against the door and moved back to meet his plunges.

He pushed me slightly down, bending me over his arm, and dropped wet and hot kisses all over my back. Then he thrusted deeper, even more powerfully, his other hand never stopping the magical circles and we both cried out an animalistic cry of release.

I leaned back against his chest, still fully dressed in the button-down and suit jacket I hadn't had time to remove. It was a shame, I did love feeling his skin against mine, especially as I was trying to catch my breath and seeking the comfort of his familiar embrace.

"You're overdressed," I muttered and he chuckled in response, turning me in his arms.

"We should fix that," He kissed my forehead as I placed my chin onto his chest to look up at him.

"You are the best decision I ever made," I said out of nowhere. He smiled at me softly, dimples and warm eyes, just as I loved.

"That good, huh?" He joked. "Maybe I really shouldn't take my time,"

"Did you hear me ever complain?"

"Yes, you were whining just a moment ago,"

"Oh shut up and get this stupid shirt off!" He laughed and kissed me, deep, slow and smooth. Then he obliged and there wasn't much I could do to keep my hands off of him.

"You're trying to kill me," He breathed out as I pushed him onto the bed and started kissing down his body.

"No, just take advantage of every minute of our getaway,"

"Be careful what you wish for because any minute now your colleagues might hear your screams from downstairs,"

"Is that a threat, or a promise?" I smiled devilishly at him, hoping that I wouldn't regret this when he gets back to his torturous ways. I silenced him effectively before he could answer that.


The end

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