.: I'm From Jaffa, I'm Jonah :.

Sea, eat me for dinner
Instead of coffee.
The dream will be chased away
By such dark depths, frothy:

I am from Jaffa.

See his violin and that heap of lace
On the smold'ring fireplace.
They say Mr. Holl was no worse anyhow,
Only where's his Will now?

Ah, the handsome Mr. Holl
Has done sped himself withall.
What is it like to live so bold
Under the sea in such a cold?

But it's better than the murmurs.
Mutiny embraces the mast firmer,
And through the prism of only death
To mean something past one's breath.

Where you throw yourself,
Everywhere — "Know yourself!"
Throw yourself to the waves!
Without regrets to a wat'ry grave

Sea, eat me for lunch
A full plate of drossy,
Without the crew,
Instead of coffee,

Outlaw, I'm innocent,
I'm from Jaffa,
I'm Jonah.