She wanted me to break it. She begged me to break her heart. Between her chocolate brown eyes, and pleading looks. It was like she was screaming it to me. If I looked into her eyes deep enough or hugged her close enough, I could hear her thoughts. I knew so much about her, yet still so little. I had no idea what she had been doing for the past year. Was she with some new guy who was luckier and smarter than me? Had she stayed single, focusing on herself and her hobbies? Even after a year though, her eyes still managed to burn into my soul with even the slightest glance.

"Magnus, what are you doing back here? Why aren't you in Oregon?" Melody looked at me with a mix of confusion and happiness on her face.

"I missed you. Last year has been weighing on my conscience since the moment I chose to hide the truth from you. You have to know Melody, I never wanted to hurt you like that."

Melody scoffed at my explanation, "Sure Magnus. You expect me to believe that? You did more than hurt me. You crushed me. You and your soulless family. Did you know that after all that, I had to go around pretending I didn't know what happened to you? I had to act like you left, with no warning or explanation. Everyone took pity on me, coddled me like I was some poor naive child. They acted like I was too fragile to understand what was going on." She stood in front of me, with heart-wrenching sobs coming out of her mouth.

Before I knew what was happening, I jumped onto the stage and held her tiny shaking form to me. "God, Mel. I am so sorry. I never wanted that to happen. If I knew what was going to happen, I never would have listened to my family."

"But you did." Melody shoved me away with more strength than I knew she possessed. "You did go along with their plan. You let them string me along; you strung me along. You all knew I'd feel like a lunatic! Who was it that left the photos and the letters in my room? Was it your dad? One of your brothers? No," she scoffed, "I bet it was Cissy. Perfect, delicate, innocent Cissy. You made me believe that you loved me for me, not who I look like."

I looked at her dumbly and nodded my head in response. "Yeah, I did. Before I knew you, before I fell in love with you. Once I got to know you though, I couldn't do it. I wasn't going to do it. I was going to explain everything, I swear Melody. But then, that wasn't good enough for the family." I sighed and hung my head, "At least, not for her. She wanted me to force you to choose between your life with me, and your life with your friends and family. I did it for you. Hearing you say how hard it was for you to imagine leaving your family…" I let my sentence trail off. "Melody, you have to believe that I only wanted you to be happy. If I thought there was another way, I would never have left in the way I did."

She sighed and held her head in her hands. "I don't know what you want from me, Magnus. What do you want me to say?"

"I want you to say you forgive me. Look, I know I broke your heart and you have no reason to forgive me, but please? I am so, so, sorry. I have spent countless nights awake wishing I could take back everything I did."

"I'm sorry, Magnus. I don't think I'm ready to forgive you." She shoved away from me and ran from the library. Melody spared one last look at me before walking out the door, leaving me alone in the stacks of history.

I wish I could have given her some half-hearted platitude or some thinly veiled lie about why I came back. I wanted to tell her that I came back to make everything right. I wanted to tell her that I left my family, and I was back here until I figured out what I was doing next. But instead, she looked at me with those soulful eyes. The eyes still haunted my dreams and forced me to tell the truth any time I looked into them. I had hoped I could apologize. That I would take Melody out dancing and make my family jealous in the process. I had hoped that Melody would forgive me. That she would realize our love transcended time, space, and reason. We would make up, and then go on with our lives. But now, I had broken the heart of the sweetest person I had ever known, and I didn't know how I would fix it.