Perry and Tara tread through the rough terrain of the wooded area along the outskirts of the back of their house. The house was made in a certain way where it can be visible on the front, but the woods are covering the back of the house so it can't be seen. After their rough argument, Perry felt bad. So she decided to try and bond with Tara a little more by actually going out with her for a short while. Perry was still overprotective, so she set a boundary to where they could stay and where they couldn't go just yet. Their boundary was the very back of the woods, and the side entrance that leads into the nearby small town. Everything else was okay for them to walk across. Tara had been fascinated by birds for the longest time, so Perry thought ahead and wanted to treat her with seeing them up close.

When she was born, Nolan gave Tara a blanket with birds on it. It was like a blanket made off of a painting of different kinds of birds flying around in the sky. Tara loved the blanket to death, and years later, she still keeps it and sleeps with it. It's grown to become a legitimate piece of family history, which confused Perry when she first heard that from her mother, but she didn't mind it at all, as long as it kept Tara happy. That was all that mattered. That blanket spiraled into Tara's bird obsession, which she still has today. She knows anything and everything about birds. She impressed her family with her knowledge, her school, her friends, and even a college board, which is still Tara's greatest achievement, despite not knowing what college even is. She was so obsessed with birds that she owns multiple bird shirts, pants, socks, and costumes, which she wears on most major events. She loved them so much, and Perry knew that.

The two walk through the coastal woods until they come across a group of piping plovers, the birds famously seen for running down coastlines to search for food in the sand. When the water runs up the sand, they run back up the coastline and stop for a moment. The water goes back down, the birds run back down, and the cycle continues. Tara gasps at the sight of them. "Oh my gosh, they are so cute!" Tara exclaims. "Piping Plovers are so great!" "I've seen them, and they are pretty cute birds." Perry said. Then, she gets an idea. "Hey, Tara. Wanna see something cool?" Perry asked with a smirk. "What is it?" Tara questioned.

Perry whistles in a certain way where the plovers notice and step up to her. Perry extends her arm, and the plovers fly up on her arm, with one of them landing on her head and sitting down on it. "Woah.. you're Snow White!" Tara said. "And these are my Seven Dwarves, haha," Perry laughed. "How are you able to get them to stay with you like that?" Tara asked. "I guess it's just a skill I learned. I got a small little kinship with birds deep in my soul too. Probably hereditary," Perry said. "Hey, teach me that. I need it for personal use!" Tara said jokingly. "Hehe, when the time comes, little sis," Perry said, smiling at Tara. "No fair, I can't whistle!" Tara exclaimed. "Hey, I said when the time comes I'll teach you. Just give me time." Perry was just stalling at this point to build up suspense. She thought it was a smart move in her case. Perry then slowly moves her hand down and the plovers fly down, running back to the beach. Perry then feels something and remembers that the one plover is still on her head. She picks it up in her hands. "Thanks for bonding me with my sister, little buddy," Perry compliments. She then gently sets the plover down and it runs to join the group by the coastline.

"They're my favorite," Tara said. "Me too," Perry said back. Suddenly, at that very moment, a bird claws from behind them. Perry notices that it wasn't a normal sounding case. It sounded like a crow, but its voice was noticeably different. Case and point, the distortion. The sound it made was like a crow making sounds in a glitched horror game. The sound this bird made actually made Perry feel a little uneasy and nauseous, but she tried to keep her composure. The bird that the sisters saw was a purple bird with a purple haze coming off of it, sharp toenails, pointy beak, long tail feathers, and the creepiest detail being that it had no eyes. In its place was nothing. On its chest was a square Crest, which was a dark grey. The bird internally terrified Perry, but Tara was just in awe. She deeply gasps again.

"WOAH! THAT ONE'S SO PRETTY!" Tara exclaims in pure joy. "Uhh, Tara..? That bird doesn't look normal.." Perry said nervously. "Maybe it's a new breed or something, but I don't know. It's making me feel a little uneasy," Perry said. "Take a picture! Take a picture!" Tara cheered. Perry takes out her phone and attempts to take a picture at the last second, but the bird speeds off at light speed, making a purple and blur behind it, which is the only thing that the camera catches. Additionally, the force of the impact of the bird speeding away cracked Perry's phone screen a bit on the side. "Dammit! What the hell was that?!" Perry exclaimed. Perry takes a deep breath to keep her cool. "I only got the blur of it." Perry shows Tara the image of the bird, which is a blurry photo of the purple and grey trail it left behind. "What even was that thing?" Perry asked to herself. "I don't know but it was pretty," Tara said. "That's the least of my concerns to me. What if that wasn't even from this world?" Perry asked, a little angered that Tara isn't taking their situation seriously. "I know that Mom would've like it," Tara said. "CAN WE PLEASE..." Perry calms herself down. "Can we please not talk about them right now?" Perry asked. Tara nodded in agreement, feeling a little bad for bringing up the topic again. "C'mon. Let's just go back."

The sisters walk out from the coastal woods and end up in front of their house. "Home at last," Perry said. Perry looks over and sees that Tara looks rather sad. Perry immediately recognizes why she's feeling that way. She kneels down in front of her. "Tara.. I'm really sorry about me. Just me. I know I've been a horrible sister recently, and I was acting the way I was because I just want to keep you safe," Perry explains. "It's okay," Tara replied. "No, it's not okay! Look, I wanna make it up to you somehow, so how about we head in and we'll spend some quality time together?" Perry said. Tara smiles. "Sounds nice," Tara said, happy again. "Alrighty, you can head in before me. I wanna have a moment out here by myself for a moment." "Okay!" Tara rushes through the front door and into the house.

Perry walks up to the shoreline and looks out towards the horizon. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small locket. It opens up, playing a small tune, and Perry looks at the image inside of it. It's a family photo of Perry, Tara, Melanie, and Nolan. She looks at it for a moment. Still feeling so many strong emotions over the events of that time period, she throws the locket out into the ocean. She watches as the locket floats out into the distance, and without hesitation, smiles. "I'm gonna miss you guys," Perry said. Then, another faint sound rings out from behind Perry. She turns around. Nothing. Then the sound emits again, almost like it was right in front of her. She walks around the sand, trying to find the source of the noise, when suddenly, she stops herself. She looks down in front of her feet and sees a weird-looking patch of sand. It looks.. polygonal. Small sparkles floating around the top of it, and the sides of the polygons shifting around in quick motions. "What is going on?" Perry questioned. Perry goes to reach towards the patch, and right when she touches it, she freezes up completely, unable to move her body. Then, she swiftly sinks into the ground and seemingly falls out of the world. She falls for what seems like a while, until she lands on the ground. She sits up and quickly looks around in shock. The sight is horrifying.