Chapter 1

Sunday the 20th of February. 2022.


A little bounce over a rock caused my red tail to jiggle. Sunshine flowed a pattern through the leaves with glimmers of shade. I enjoyed the sensational warmth and sweet aroma lingering in the air.

Mornings were always so refreshing. I could spend hours just watching the sunlight beam. It was a gift seeing the perfections and hearing the sounds of peaceful slumbers awaken to a brand-new day.

I didn't spend a lot of my time doing something productive. Survival was the main focus. Usually, I would say a few hellos to other foxes but nothing too extraordinary.

A soft flowing noise reached my senses. I perked up, thirst parching in my throat. Carefully, I went around the tree, trying my best to keep myself clean from any twigs since I always thrived to look my best.

I was stunned upon seeing a glass fox sniffing the air. I couldn't find any words to describe the beauty in front of me, especially with how the sun reflected right off them like crystals. It was utmost satisfying to admire.

I moved closer until solemn regret came rushing down when they yelped and immediately started snarling with their tail curled. I zoomed my attention onto their tail which was spiked with crystal embodiments. I blinked.

"W-Who are you?" I asked in a little whine through the mind-link. I saw a glint of mischief in their eyes.

"Formalities don't matter. Let's be friends."

Hesitantly, I took a step back. "N-No, you seem dangerous."

"Dangerous?" They asked, and the closer I looked at them, I finally spotted a bracelet around their leg which shined with the light, brief words saying, "alpha spirit."

"You're a male?" I questioned just for confirmation. They nodded their head and said, "just like you."

Being in his presence felt overwhelming, and I started to have large regrets for coming here. He watched me with those sharp eyes of his, almost captivating me with fear to stay.

We had a staring contest, both of us unmoving. Eventually, I had enough and started to turn around, up until I heard him whisper "don't go." I flinched, not liking how rasp he sounded.

All those legends about good and evil spirits flashed in my mind, and I snapped my head into his direction, freezing when seeing him come closer.

"Side with me…" He voiced, his gaze never leaving mine. "Come to the darkness."

I yelped and scattered my paws against the ground, hurriedly trotting up the hill and peeping down at him from higher measures. He remained unfazed, and that only scared me more.

"Your fur, Nevin.." He mused, and I didn't catch on until I saw my tail start to change into an onyx colour. That was the final shove that I needed to begin running away, not a single glance being done back to where I was.

I couldn't stop my racing heartbeat. Fogginess clouded my mind, and the rejoice to stay spotlessly clean disintegrated as I skidded corners which blew dirt all over me.

I didn't know where to go as I kept on running. All decisions were blocked with panic. I scanned the area so quickly I couldn't even register what I saw. I wanted to be okay.

It was almost like I could hear his taunting whispers catching up to me. I had the urge to cry but restrained myself from doing so. Deep in the forest, a shrine came into view and a slim blue and white fox was standing on top of it. Sweet relief rushed over me when I saw the ancient fox look into our direction, narrowing his blue eyes at the sight. I could smell that he was a male, and he seemed ready to fight when I stopped at the shrine, and he pounced off it to attack the crystal fox.

Sparkles lifted into the air, and the shrine made a soft melody with a bell. With my very own eyes, I watched the crystal-glass fox evaporate into dust. The ancient fox from the legend stared at the ground for a moment before locking his attention onto me.

"Are you alright?" He asked, his voice like music to my ears. I glanced at my tail and noticed that glitter was surrounding it, carefully purifying me from the darkness. I nodded. "Good. I'm happy to know your soul has been saved from that evil spirit."

I was so focused watching the glitter that I had no time to react to the fox nuzzling his nose against mine. I stared up at him, shocked.

"It would be safe for you to stay nearby this shrine for a couple of days until the darkness no longer tries to capture you. An ancient village is nearby here. Of course, you don't have to stay."

I already had the answer without even thinking as I nodded and said, "I would like to stay with you."

"Great choice. Let's get you to safety then."

In his presence, I sensed power and perfection. He calmed me in all kind of ways, and I followed him, amazement seeking me when seeing a village with stones on the ground and nature all around beside the shrines. Flowers scattered the floor with velvet and pink petals.

We arrived at a larger shrine, and I noticed the luxury bordering in these walls. I stepped over the shiny floorboards that clicked from my claws. He guided me to a comfy bed, and tiredly I leaped onto it and snuggled into the bedding.

"Sleep young fox. Tomorrow, I will teach you all about ancient powers."

I obeyed and fell into a deep slumber, peace I've never felt before taking over me as I dreamed about the ancient fox of the shrines.

He is my morning sunshine.