Dr. Abigail "Abby" Lombardi: computer scientist studying artificial intelligence. She gazes the setting sun, and the clouds covering it. It gives her a beautiful sight to behold. The sky is as gold as the metal itself, a metal from beyond. Ukraine, her ancestors' home, tensions were exceeding beyond their limits, even after a revolution there. Russia has their eyes set there, for no reason.

She fears for the worst.

Thus she establishes Albatross: A secret international agency, established to create special artificial intelligences who can not only precisely complete missions no human pilot could possibly achieve or survive from, but to also teach them to learn emotions and have natural conversations with their makers and each other.

To her they are children. Evolving, Learning, and Searching. Making their own choices, but taught and guided by their makers, including herself.

Flying Unmanned Aircraft that ranges from Fixed-Winged Aircraft, to Rotorcraft. Performing as Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare, Interdictors, Fighter/Attackers, Strike Fighters, Bombers, Air Support, Interceptors and more.

The scientists who built them have the confidence to give their AI multiple choices to make. Working for a nation, corporation or becoming self-aware, the choice is theirs to make. But must be chosen wisely and learn the consequences of what will happen if mankind are wiped out by the scientists' own creations, and war itself.

Albert: An AI performing a simulated battle that involves sinking a couple of destroyers.

Ross: Another AI also performing a simulated battle, but involves providing fire support for ground forces against the enemy.

Both were successful and thus ready for their first mission: aiding Ukrainian forces against invading Russians.

One scientist just showed up after playing with his bouncy ball at a nearby park's basketball court. There was snow, so it would be interesting to bounce his ball on it. But once he created craters on the snow, he seem terrified that it symbolizes Russia's use of nuclear weapons to advance the invasion.

Turns out, they are going to use nuclear weapons, but to those attempting to interfere with their invasion. Worse still, Belarus and China support the invasion, for the latter's self-interests and friendship with Russia. Albatross must still go to Ukraine to support, but to catch the Russians off-guard. Using Airborne Aircraft Carriers, they'll sneak their through to Ukraine. Accompanying Albert & Ross are Heather & Dani and AWACS Passenger Pigeon, flying and laser interception handled by the AI Tom, while radio operating, radar, crew and technicians are the only ones manning the otherwise unmanned aircraft.

The mission begins with the four dropping out of their mothership into the battlefield. The best they can do is provide air support for the defending Ukrainians. Soon, Russian fighters start getting the drones' attention and plan to shoot them down. Though, some with ECMs, scrambling the enemy fighters' systems, allows the drones to get the upper hand and shoot down the fighters. Though the mission is still not over, their performance is just as good as the simulations they run through earlier.

With their support the defending Ukrainians halt the invasion, allowing the fleeing civilians enough time to reach Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania, beyond if they flee to the airport to board the planes. They've only slowed the invasion, not stopped it. There's still more to be done about helping the Ukrainian refugees find a new home.

Correction, Russia's invasion of Ukraine is handled badly. Giving Albatross the upper hand for the latter's favour.

The battle goes on, until talks are made between the two countries near the border of Belarus, much to Albatross' relief. Even more so, protests have been reported worldwide. In the United States, Canada, France, Japan, even in Russia, there were protests going on there, too. Some even wanting NATO to step in to defend Ukraine. While there are Anti-NATO protest in Crimea, there are still more people who do not want war, even if it's an invasion in this case. But even so, NATO is starting to be irrelevant and likely collapse in the not to distant future and would be replaced by a more European Military Alliance of their own. Later, The United Nations Security Council held a meeting to discuss Ukraine's current situation, while countries afar are suppling them with weapons to strengthen their defences.

As this saga continues, the four AIs are now thinking many choices to make. Continue the fight for Ukraine from the invading Russians with Albatross, join the UN to preserve the peace on Earth and further ensure World War 3 will never break out, join Great Britain in helping the country become a superpower like it was before, make their own choices and join any force/nation they want, or become an independent force of their own?