Well once again time to start ANOTHER story about a Humanimal from Mizzer this time about a character who was mentioned but not seen in the last chapter of Tale of Two Humanimals Gray Wulf a...Gray Wolf here I think I'll take what I've learned from TALE OF Two Humanimals and spend a bit more time on Mizzer before showing what happened to the protagonist during the Mizzer Invasion also this story was inspired by the Podcast Story Science with DJ Finley first discovered some of her Podcasts that were put on YouTube and learning she was a fan of the 2k3 TMNT I was like OMG I love you, no matter what I love you so I went to Apple Podcasts to find more of her Podcasts

In the three decades before the Wrangler Invasion of Mizzer, a vast increase in psychic children, both human and Humanimal were born we can now see clearly in anticipation of the looming disaster. Because Mizzer had so much more land than Earth (The Western Continent is like if instead of a skinny land bridge connecting North and South America the Americas were instead shaped like a fat triangle, you know like a lumpy slice of pizza, the other Continent is even larger covers nearly the entire other side of the planet, with only a little space at the South for Ocean) thus even though the Earthlings inhabit the middle portion of Mizzer's Western Continent they are still so far apart and because even after Five Thousand Years Mizzer's inhabited regions are still developing that the Psychic Children spread all across Earthling Inhabited Mizzer were very spread apart and didn't have a means of connecting with each other so many Psychic Children felt like they were all alone, the unlucky children when they spoke of hearing voices in their heads or spoke of seeing fields of blood were often medicated which didn't stop their psychic abilities, the lucky children had any tales of their psychic powers manifesting dismissed as childish flights of fancy 'Cubs say the darndest things!' and the really lucky children had it so their psychic powers never intruded on their parents lives, so they were left to develop their psychic powers in peace. Squeeks was one of the unlucky ones, Bumble was one of the really lucky ones (Helps that his development happened mostly in his dreams) and Gray Wulf, a Timber Wolf Humanimal and protagonist of this story started out in the middle before quickly realizing he should stop talking about his psychic abilities and thus moved into the third category.

Gray Wulf lived in the town of 'Twin Rivers' which was actually mostly on an island in the middle of the mouth of a river on the Eastern Seaboard of Mizzer, with the either Human or Humanimal residential areas on either side of the river, but on the Island is where the two sides met for business and where Mizzer's mint had been relocated from the Original Fertile Valley on the West Coast for Twin Rivers was meant to be Mizzer's equivalent to Philadelphia. The Neo-Hippie Humans who were in charge of Mizzer's development hoped to soon recreate all of America except for New York City, they felt they dare not try to recreate what was the Crown Jewel of America and possibly all of Earth.

It is said of Mizzer the colder the temperature, the sweeter the Humanimals get, and the farther you get from the original Fertile Valley on the West Coast, the less the Humanimals care about keeping up the segregationist policies established by their ancestors when they first believed it was their duty to metamorphosis into humans by ceasing to do anything remotely animal like. The fairly recently developed Twin Rivers meant to be the equivalent to the 'City of Brotherly Love' was perhaps the most shining example yet, yes on Humanimal residential area on the Northern River Bank the area was still divided into the same species districts, but no one really cared if someone from a different district wandered in, on the Island where they are came and worked side by side with the humans all species mixed together (Except for the Insects as per usual) almost everyone in this relatively small town knew each other, also one reason Humanimals who live in cold areas are more friendly is because the cold blooded species, the Reptiles and Amphibians, who become comatose when the winter weather starts, retreat to shelters located in the neighboring districts, where their warm blooded neighbors can watch over them while they hibernate, two in the bird district, two in the Tropical Mammal District and two on the Woodland Mammal District. Thus the Humanimals have relearned they have nothing to fear from the other species and have begun being on friendly terms with them, once again because Mizzer is so much larger and spread apart, the culture of the East has not affected the West, also certain Humanimals of the West, mostly the Cats and Dogs of wealth and privilege have so much investment in playing 'The Game' mostly the social prestige and the ability to boss everyone in their district around, that they have put up quite the resistance to abandoning the old ways.

Initially it was just the ten years before the Mizzer Invasion but then remembering the Psychic Human Woman in The Felecia Flea Mysteries realized their had to more time and more psychics