So had to reread certain chapters in other stories to remember how certain thing particurally how certain lines of dialogue went when the Mizzer Humanimals were first woken up when the Earthlings first landed on Mizzer.

As Gray's mind once again returned to genetic memories of the very beginning of the Mizzer Humanimals, Gray once again found himself in the body of his great-great great times

five thousand great grandfather...He felt the body he was in swinging its legs to step off the conveyor belt and stand upright on his hind legs for the first time.

It was then Gray realized he was a completely passive passenger in the body of his ancestor and thus realizing this wasn't his body but was instead the body of his ancestor...He had no control over what this body did.

He felt the fuzzy shag carpeting under his feet, the head turned down to look at his own feet and wriggled his toes delighting in the feeling of the shag getting in between them.

But just as he was getting into his new Humanoid body...the lights in this massive red room began to dim and a human voice came from a PA system saying "Settle down and find your seats, the movie is about to begin!"

And then Gray heard the excited chatter of various Humanimals saying "Did you hear that? The movie about to begin!" With the response with "Well, what's movie?"

Since on Mizzer Humanimals had been breeding naturally for five found years, with Humanoid Animals giving birth to children that are also Humanoid, but also like human babies start off with, with only the most basic instincts in their heads and half to learn human language like any human infant, no animal had been transformed into a Humanimals for all those five thousand years because the Neo-Hippies didn't take the crystal meteorite that transforms animals into Humanimals with them...So with all that in mind it was a little shocking for Gray to learn that the first Humanimals having been just transformed from ordinary animals before they were loaded still in their tanks into the great spaceship already were preprogrammed to know a few simple basic words and phrases.

Gray felt his ancestor taking a seat, sitting flat on his rear, with his legs in front of his like a small child, he found himself taking a seat between a female wolf and a Dog-Man of the Basset Hound breed, he felt his ancestor smiling at the female wolf who giggled shyly and hid her mouth behind her hands.

The room became completely dark and the massive movie screen began the countdown.

On the screen was a stage and on the stage walked a young human man, clean shaven with blond hair and blue eyes, he was dressed all in white, and Gray got the uneasy feeling this man looked like the stereotype he saw on TV of those humans who used to go to door to door and try to convert other humans to strange relgions

"Greetings Humanimals!" Said the Young Man with too broad a grin "Welcome to the world! I am a Human, we Humans created you Huamnimals from ordinary animals, this filmstrip will teach you the history of humans and the million year journey that brought us to making you!"

Now Gray immediately felt irriatation as that man was talking like he was talking to a bunch of pre-schoolers but the First Humanimals having about the same amount of knowladge as a pre-schooler didn't feel insulted at all.

And what followed was an animated cartoon depicting humans evolving from primitive apes to civilized beings, the moment of climax being when the ape-men discovered how to make fire triumphant music played as a tribe of ape men danced around their campfire in a barren desert landscape... It was at that point that the Wranglers found Gray and Finn hiding behind the boulders with their Bio-Detection scanners.

Finn croached down as low as she could hoping the Wranglers would pass them by, not realizing how fututile their attempts were...The Wranglers strode right over and grabbed the two Humanimals with the violent jolt back to reality for a moment Gray thought the fire on screen had reached out and grabbed him with a flaming hand so he barked "Fire! Fire! Fire!" Initally startling the Wranglers with this bizarre non-sequiter but they quickly regained their bearings placing metal collars on the Wolf-Boy and Cat-Woman and leading them wiuth leashes back down the hill to load them onto floating carts.

So the climactic discovery of fire was inspired by a discarded idea for the The Rite of Spring segment of Fantasia originally the segment was going to include human evolution and end on humans discovering fire but was ultimatly not pursued due to not wanting to offend the Creationists