The Restroom Zombies

By Shadowgate


A/N: The following story is based on a dream my friend Gojirules had so I am doing this story on my behalf.

Lance Decker Rock got on his IPHONE and called his cousin David Taft O'Connor. When David answered he of course said "hello" and Lance replied, "David it's me Lance."

David told him "Of course I know it's you we have caller ID."

"Right" Lance said back and then he said, "David I just had this horrible dream."

David told Lance "I'm sorry I can't be there in Pittsburg for you because I'm stuck in Houston but please understand that nightmares are a part of growing up."

Lance exhaled and said "yes well, this nightmare was very whacky. Oh, I have still got chills going up my backbone."

David asked, "wh. happened in this nightmare?"

Lance answered "my mom and I pulled into a gas station. Beside us was another car and a lady got out with her daughter who was my age. Anyhow she said, 'mommy I have to pee."

David chuckled and said "okay."

Lance held back a laugh and said, "well anyhow my mom sent me into pay for gas and when I got came out of the little store the girl flew right by me growling and she spun around and had a blue face."

David remarked "a blue face?"

"She was a zombie" Lance shouted.

David shouted back "oh my God."

Lance then became excited and shouted, "if that wasn't bad enough, she had a toilet plunger in one hand and a toilet scrubber in the other."

David just said "um" and Lance said, "I know it's very weird."

David replied, "that is very fucking weird."

Lance went on "it did not end with the girl either. Several other blue faced zombies started charging out of that filthy gas station restroom."

David just replied, "oh my God."

Lance caught his breath and told David "They all started dancing around me and then the dream ended."

David told Lance "I'm sure you were glad when that dream ended."

Lance yelled "you're Goddamn right I was."

Tina Lizzy Rock yelled "Lance Decker Rock language!"

Lance told David "Got go" then hung up.