Hello All Sorry For Deleting My Other Story I Just Wasn't Feeling It :( Anyway This One's About An Undead Invasion Also To Make It Easier If Though They Are Homoculus They'll Be Referred By Their "Last Names'' Enjoy

All of a sudden Segesta, one of the major cities in the Rageleaf Republic, went quiet. No Caravans, traders, even Tornacense or what some Rageleafs would call barbarians. Now the XIII Italia was sent to find out what had happened for Vesta, a homculus straight out of the earth. Her older sisters would say this was nerve racking being sent with many of her older sisters on an assignment.

Legatus Agrippina was talking with one of the centurions. Just silence and blood covered the streets. The XIIIth would be split into teams of ten or what they called a conterbernium with a decanus leading each team. Vesta was to be assigned to Decanus Venus, a seasoned but friendly, some would say mischievous, soldier. As the youngest member or velitie she would scout ahead of the group.

Lupaheads was a nickname for them as well. As each one wore wolf pelts over their heads and carried a pillum and shield. Vesta went around the streets all dead silent and suddenly she smelled the taste of leavened bread or what Rageleafs called Pizza. Vesta headed inside the shop and true to her senses walked inside and saw several leavened bread with olive oil and cheese.

Cheese was expensive but after trade with the gauls lowered the price. To where near anyone could make, sell, and of course eat it. It was even said praetorian sisters could afford what was called an imperator which had spices and all kinds of toppings. To become praetorian was every homculus's dream Vesta included. Normally she would resist the thought of getting lost from her team as crucifixion and even her and her sisters in Venus's team would face the dreaded decimation. Decimation was hardly used as the daughters of Jupiter had proven to be more than a warrior like the barbarians.

Fought as soldiers, each Rageleaf fighting one as a unit which seemed to bring the whole world. To its knees as they say "When in Roma eat pizza" Vesta said to herself laughing. She saw one of the pizzas with cheese and sausages most likely coming from those that raised pigs in Germania Secunda. Kneeling down and burying her spear into the floor Vesta said a quick prayer to Jupiter. Suddenly Vesta saw someone standing in the corner with his back towards the wall. "Salve Quis Es" Vesta asked both commanding and somewhat friendly. Something felt off and after no response Vesta put down the pizza and readied her pilum. Even more unwavering, the man seemed to be eating something. The man then turned around and blood covered his face, eyes all white.

The thing the man was eating was a severed arm. It was almost as if he came from Pluto itself. According to stories, the god of wealth had fortunes beyone measures in Pluto or what most called simply the underworld. It was also guarded by what this man looked like the dead. Throwing one of her pilums it hit the creature square in the chest. It simply opened its mouth and headed slowly towards Vesta again she threw another pilum again scoring another chest hit. It simply shrugged it off and continued towards her fear was something a Rageleaf was not known for. Vesta found herself backing away not noticing one of the wooden stools. It was then she fell and this time the creature moved with speed and snarled like it was waiting for her to make a mistake. All she could do was ready for her last pillum keeping the man at bay. As it attacked like a feral dog trying to go for her throat. Suddenly her sisters came to her aid, the eight sisters stabbing at it with their gladius to no effect; it seemed to just try to tear out Vestas' throat.

Suddenly blood and matter spread across the velities face as Venus sent her gladius through its head. "You saved me decanus than.." but before she could give thanks Venus grabbed her arm inspecting it. She then checked the other arm even going as far as to lift her red toga exposing her stomach. Vesta, offended, asked why she was doing this. "What in Plutos name? Cassia the surgeon of the conterbernium asked. Venus said she only saw it once in the province of Persia. According to her it was when at the time the republic was allied with the Sassanids.

They had to put down men and women who rose from the grave and marched aimlessly. Devouring and infecting those they bit, making their ranks swell even higher. Zombies are what the sassinds and even other kingdoms and empires called them. During a battle that involved near two legions and thousands of sassanid levies and even their elite immortals. Fought a force of nearly thirty thousand. At first many soldiers of the republic seemed confused as they shrugged off wounds that would kill a person. Only fortunate headshots from arrows or bolts from the Ballista seemed to take them down.

The legions learned quickly however as they watched the immortal and levies aim for the head. This strange army knew no fear or pain simply trying to press forwards with the intent to consume. Venus was a velite just like vesta and her arms ached from throwing pilum after pilum. She similed however as compared to other velities she was getting a decent number of headshots.

Chariots armed with scythes cut many of them in half. While the immortals and legionarries would finish the wretched things off. After what seemed like an eternity the dead's numbers began to trickle down and finally none remained.

After the battle those with bite wounds were mercifully killed with simple decaptiations. The bodies were then burned; it was said smoke could be seen all throughout the Sassanid Empire. Pluto's Wrath was what the republic called it and Venus hoped after this battle his pride would humbled. Then he would never attempt such an invasion again.

Albina, the more worldly of the group, slowly clapped saying that was such a great story. Venus said it was true adding why else would the now deceased man shrug off two direct pilums to the chest and dozens of stab wounds from their gladius. A curus found the group her face pale and horse's eyes wide with terror. The curus said by order of the legatus all forces were to unite towards the command center in the market square. According to her, Pluto himself was commanding this battle. Indeed the air felt sick like somekind of plague was affecting it. Reading their weapons they moved to almost a jog. Vesta knew like Venus was at her age this would be a fight she would either win or send her to the fields of Elysium.