Consul Brutus shook his head as the consulate continued to argue. Like every consul he had supreme authority for one year. Like every consul before him a proposal for the homculus was brought up. Known as the Rageleaf Edict it was to make sure these "soldiers" of the republic. Would fight and die so the "Citizens" of the republic could live.

However, throughout the republic's history. The cult of Jupiter who handled the creation of the daughters of Jupiter. Had asked them for more and more Denarius year after year. They had many names to be honest. Amazons by the Hellenes, Furies by the outlaws, Sirens by enemy admirals, and a whole list of other titles. Another issue they had was this edict was enacted after their first battle known as Silva Arsia.

Indeed if it wasn't for them he would not be consul today. Though the homculus also had a trait that only the cult and consulate knew. They would be loyal to the consul and not their "fathers". Indeed the pratorian commander Hadriana whispered in Brutus' ear. "Ordines Tuos Consul". Brutus also noticed other guards ready their pilums and gladius. Brutus shook his head as they saluted and went back to their stoic poses. Hadriana nodded then also went towards her post.

He did notice some tried not to look the same. While they all had the same voice and face. They had their own personalities; most of the praetorians had short hair. While more officers who commanded away from the fighting. Had long hair with the rank and file choosing both. Others had tattoos of their legions or creatures they heard of from stories. One thing they all seemed to like was that damned leavened bread.

Indeed bakers often gave homculus special discounts and first service. It wasn't uncommon for them to even rent the entire building to a centuria. As they received the best pay in denarius or salt.

Brutus felt sad despite their many victories. They had been deemed almost comparable to slaves. As non homoculs for their service could be given land that was until they took over of course.

They even had to use the baths in the Suburra. Now an entire legion had been sent and unlike their nature. They had not returned, not even a cursor. Reports of the dead seemed to spread in other parts of the republic and even their enemies' lands. He hoped these amazons as he liked to call them were okay.

As Vesta and her sisters reached the market square. It looked like Pandora's Box legionnaires her own kind tried to regroup those with bite marks and scratches. Knelt down honorable and without fear. Before being decapitated like Venus said. Legate Agrippina was arguing with other centurians and commanders.

Well they knew a bite was infectious to even them. How to fight this enemy was a problem. They knew head wounds seemed to kill them for good. Yet they lacked the number of archers and even balistas to "cleanse" an entire city.

Domitia, the lead engineer, seemed hard at work. Barking order for tables, chairs, and other things be formed in a makeshift barrier. As unlike most enemies this army fought with their teeth. Equites said they could ride fast and deal with Pluto's forces. Without even the need for "foot" sisters.

Vesta rolled her eyes. Equities also wanted all the glory. Venus said her conterberniums name. Nodding the Cornicularii Minerva wrote something near her team's name. With curiosity like most lupaheads looked at the book. Sadly many names had been scratched out entirely.

Minerva closed the book glaring at Vesta. "Pluto's Centuria Pluto's Centuria" was what a cursor shouted. She got off her horse and they checked her for bites or scratches. Scratches however seemed to just give a fever the surgeons told Agrippina. Cursors rode all throughout the city using their own structure to determine the undead rabble sizes.

Vesta readied her pilum and her team also readied their weapons. The other force simply just arrived marching slowly towards the market square command camp. Walking slowly though not as lethargic as they smelled flesh and blood. Snarling and making unsettling noises. Archers notched their arrows and waited for the command. "Loose" shouted the archer commander Artmeis barked. Arrows hissed most, hitting not the desired target. Maybe twelve at most fell still with wounds to the head; the rest just continued their march.

Artemis cursed and ordered another volley. This time saying pizza would be on her if they scored almost every headshot this time. Motivated this time of the thirty archers twenty scored headshots. "Good enough pizzas on me" Artemis simply stated. Though her eyes showed appreciation and some pride. Soon the youngest soldiers Vesta included. Readied their pilums like Vesta they seemed nervous but soldiers of the republic never yeild. Even if the god of the underworld declared war on them "we will not yeild" Vesta said.

Three volleys of pilums surged towards the hoard. Unlike the archers Vesta and maybe two of her sisters sent the pilum violently through the creature's skull. A decanus marched towards Vesta with a club ready to discipline her. As an example for the other lupaheads. Venus grabbed the club and said if she even hit her. Her and her team would decimate her themselves.

Glaring the decanus just went back towards the line. With both ranged forces doing their part the legionairies readied themselves. Forming rows they braced themselves for the undead force. A tessarius waited for the front to hold the defense. She then blew a whistle and the next sister behind her joined the front. While they retreated to the back. Vesta watched in awe of her older sisters.

Sending their gladius and pilum through the enemy's skulls. One sister got bit and she simply grimaced and just went away from the battle line. Kneeling down as the camp quartermaster took her gladius and shield. The camp Jupiter Priestess said a quick prayer. Mercifully the soldier was then beheaded.

Vesta said a quick prayer herself. She had heard what some say the gods really thought about homculus of the republic. She watched as the front was struggling to be pushed into the second and third ranks. If her father Jupiter would not protect her Vesta and her sisters would protect her, the republic, and themselves.