So let me explain what this is.

In Sweden there's this children's TV show series called Ylvania, which ran for two seasons, and the creator wrote a few books. I loved it so much that in 6th grade (five, almost six, years ago now) I decided to write my own Ylvania story. Now I've decided to translate it to English and share it with youse.

All you need to know is that Vida the Key Bearer was the main character of the first season, Nikki, Oliya and Silverbenny were the main characters (also known as the Dragons) of season two. The Guardians were the main characters in the first book, which was the only published one at the time of me writing this. You'll also want to know that Nimfrid, Pradnastav and Shingrei are villages and cities in Ylvania, which is the land it all happens in.

Of course all credit for the world of Ylvania, and all the characters but the main five in this story goes to the original creator, Ylva Hällen. If only youse were Swedish, then you'd understand the amazingness of what she's created.

Now let's get into this, to see how much my writing has evolved since then.

It was one thousand twenty years ago. One thousand twenty years ago Vida locked Evil's Mountain. And twenty years ago the Dragons defeated Master by the crack. And ten years ago the Guardians defeated Master in the Dead Valley. But now it's happened again, and the five Protectors have to save the land.

Spring had just come to Ylvania. The buds on the many trees of Nimfrid had started to bloom, and Leila was outside playing with her best friend Julian and a few others, utan unknowing of the turn her life was about to take.

"Julian has been found!" Leila shouted, putting her hand on one of Nimfrid's many big oak trees.

"Darn it," said Julian, coming out from his hiding spot behind a house. Leila laughed and kept going around to find the other five. She had already found Emely and Lias. Only Elizabeth, Rosella, Zelda, Dennis and Jayme left to find. She walked past the big cherry tree and towards the red rose bushes. She leaned over and saw Zelda sitting there.

"Hiii Zelda," Leila said, and ran back to the tree. Zelda stood up and ran after Leila.

"Zelda has been found!" Leila said with her hand on the tree. Then suddenly Dennis came running up to the tree.

"I have not been found!" he loudly shouted before lying down on the grass.

"Leila!" there was suddenly someone shouting. Everyone turned around and looked at one of the houses.

"We're gonna eat lunch now," said Nikki, who stood in the doorway.

"Okay mom," Leila said, turning back to her friends.

"Elizabeth, Rosella, Jayme, you can come out! I'm gonna eat!" she shouted. The three came out from their hiding spots and started walking to the others.

"I'll come back out after eating," Leila said, running towards her small house. Nikki closed the door behind her and they walked to the kitchen. On the table stood two plates with hamburgers on them.

"Hamburgers for lunch!" Leila shouted, sitting down quickly and happily. She bit into her burger and looked up at her mom. She noticed something weird in her expression. Nikki looked sad and looked down at the table. She gloomily took a bite out of her burger and put it on her plate.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Leila asked quietly, looking at her mom. Nikki stayed quiet. Then she shed a tear that landed on the burger.

"It's time," she quietly said. "The time has come."

Leila looked at her with a puzzled face.

"Time for what?" she said and took another bike. Nikki looked at Leila.

"I've gotten a letter," Nikki said. "A letter from Vida the Key Bearer".

Leila's jaw dropped, and so did her burger.

"Vida the Key Bearer?!" she said so loudly that her friends outside almost must have heard.

"Quiet, quiet," Nikki told her. "It's important that no one hears this".

She lifted a pile of papers on the floor and took out a yellowish crumply piece of paper.

"Read this," she said quietly, giving Leila the paper. Leila took the paper and looked at it. Then she looked at her mom. Nikki's eyes were full of tears.

"Read now," she said. Then she quickly went into the living room with her hand on her forehead and tears all over her face. Leila looked down at the knobbly paper. Then she read the cursive text.

Dear Leila. It's now been 1020 years since I locked Evil's Mountain. 20 years since your mom and her siblings defeated Master. 10 years since the Guardians defeated Master for the second time. Now the next time has come. The time of the Protectors. There are five Protectors, you are one, and two others are your cousins. Your first task is to find and retrieve them. 1020 years ago when I locked Evil's Mountain, all the evil was stored far far down in the ground in what we now call the Wasteland. We've found out that under the ground, a monster has been developing. This monster has created tons of Darklings and sent them out into Ylvania. He's under the ground in the Wasteland. We don't know when he will come out from under the ground. He's rising as we speak. If he gets out, Ylvania will be lost forever. Your time has come, and you are Leila the Windshooter. Your mother has a thing that belongs to you, dear Leila. Good luck!

Vida the Key Bearer

So, Jonna (and possibly others if you're here too)... what did you think of that?