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Let's see what happens next.

"Ossian!" Andromeda shouted and backed away from their little circle.

"Andromeda?!" Ossian shouted as an answer and backed away as well. The mirrors faded away, and where they had stood, Ossian faded in again. The glitter around their necks and the crystals disappeared too. Ossian looked like he'd just won an award or best human ever.

"I think I understand," he suddenly said. "Ever since I got this necklace, my mom's called me 'my little mirror'."

He looked at his arms again, impressed. They turned to mirrors again. But this time only the arms.

"My little mirror," he repeated with a smile on his lips. "I'm the Mirrorboy!"

His shout of happiness must have been heard through the entire building. Andromeda shrugged, smiled and also shouted.

"I'm the Hypnotic Warrior!" She jumped high when she shouted and looked happy. Leila joined and put her hands in the air.

"I'm the Windshooter!" she shouted. They laughed for a long time after that. All the way until Andromeda remembered that they actually had a quest to go on.

"Guys, am I the only one who thinks it's time to find the other two?"

Ossian and Leila agreed.

"Let's go to Shingrei. It's Ylvania's biggest city," saif Ossian. "Someone has to live there".

Andromeda nodded.

"We'll take the path through the Dark Forest," she said. And so they began their journey to Shingrei.

Ossian, Leila and Andromeda sat on logs around a fire they'd made in the Dark Forest. They had put up camp in a clearing when dusk rolled around. Or at least they thought it did. They had kind of just gotten tired. In the Dark Forest it was dark as night the whole day.

"This is the second time we're in the Dark Forest, Ossian," Andromeda said, smiling at Ossian. Ossian looked back at her and laughed. Andromeda also started laughing. Leila sat on her log and heard their happy laughter. She didn't understand what they meant with the second time. And what was so funny about it.

"The second time?" she wondered, looking from Andromeda Ossian.

"Oh yeah, one time when me and Andromeda were small, maybe eight, we snuck out into the forest and almost got lost," Ossian said and both him and Andromeda burst into new laughter. "That was fun," he laughed.

"Fun, you say!?" Andromeda said loudly. "You were so scared you fainted!"

Ossian immediately stopped laughing and went red.

"Andromeda!" he said, sounding embarrassed. "You weren't gonna tell anyone! Not even Leila!" But then not even he could hold the laughter.

"Okay then. She's my cousin after all. You've gotta know a bit about each other!" he said in the middle of the laugh. Leila neither smiled nor laughed. She had her own memories from this forest. From earlier that day. When she had out of control shot three darklings. The other two noticed that Leila wasn't happy. When they did they stopped laughing.

"Leila, is everything okay?" Andromeda asked, sitting down beside Leila. Quickly after Ossian sat down on the other side.

"Earlier today," Leila started, swallowing a bunch of saliva that had gathered in her mouth. She always did that when she was nervous.

"I was here earlier today," she continued. "Three darklings came. And suddenly I just pulled out my bow, arrows and weakening poison. Then suddenly they were dead on the moss. I... I barely knew what I was doing," she finished. "I just noticed that I could steer the arrow with my eyes".

She looked down at the grass and started crying.

"Leila," Andromeda said, taking Leila's shoulders and turning her towards herself. "You're freaking fantastic! You defeated three darklings on your own!"

Leila looked into Andromeda's silvery blue eyes. Her whole face smiled at her. Andromeda put her arms around Leila and gave her a big hug. It was completely quiet for a while. Before the sounds came. Whispers were heard in the clearing.

"What was that?" Andromeda said when the whispers disappeared.

"It sounded like darklings," said Ossian. "That gurgling language."

He shuddered. Leila shook her head.

"No, it's definitely a girl's voice," she said.

"But there are no girl darklings," Andromeda reminded them. Both the others shook their heads.

"No, there aren't," Ossian said, thoughtfully placing his hand under his chin. Then the whispers started again. One or two, or maybe three, gurgling girl's voices were heard in the clearing. Leila looked around. No one was in the clearing. Just dark bushes and trees.

"Maybe we should go into the tent. It's starting to get dark anyway. We're probably just tired," she said and stood up. Andromeda nodded and also stood up. She and Leila went to the tent. Leila went in. Andromeda looked back at Ossian.

"Are you coming?" she asked. Ossian nodded slowly and didn't get up any faster.

"I still think I hear darkling voices," he said when he walked past Andromeda. Then he went into the tent. Andromeda sighed and went inside too.

In the middle of the night Andromeda woke up because she had to pee. She sat up in the sleeping bag and looked to her side. Ossian was in the middle and Leila furthest to the left.

"Hey, are you awake?" asked Andromeda. She wanted at least one of them to be awake. She waited for like a minute. But then only thing that happened during that minute was that Leila turned around and Andromeda's need to pee gerew stronger.

"Well, don't bother then," she quietly said to herself. She wriggled out of her sleeping bag and stoof up. She went into the forest and towards some bushes.

"This is probably okay," she whispered and was just going to sit down when she heard footsteps. She turned around hastily and there stood two girls. Both of them had very torn brown hair and ripped clothes.

"Hi," one of them said, waving a bit. "My name is Arianna, and this is my sister Hanna," the girl continued and pointed at the other girl when she said Hanna. "We've gotten lost." Andromeda stayed quiet looking at the girls.

"Can you help us?" said the girl that hadn't talked yet. Andromeda hesitated.

"I don't know," she said, running to the tent and leaving the girls standing outside.

"Ossian, Leila," se whispered, tugging at her friends. Leila woke up first and looked at Andromeda.

"What's wrong, Andromeda?" she said, rubbing her eyes. Ossian woke up quickly after Leila and looked at her, and then quickly around the tent, as if he'd forgotten where they were.

"There are two girls outside. They say they're lost. I think they were the ones whispering," Andromeda quickly said.

"Why didn't you say that as soon as you'd woken us up?" Ossian said getting up immediately. Leila did the same and they went out. They slowly went to the girls who were talking by the bush Andromeda had left them by.

"Hello?" Leila said and the girls turned towards them. "Was it you who whispered when we were by the fire?"

Both girls nodded.

"We didn't really dare go up to you when all three of you were there," said the one who had presented herself as Arianna. The other girl who was presented as Hanna nodded.

"What a relief!" Andromeda nodded, leaning back a bit with her hand on her forehead. "My name's Andromeda," she said and shook Arianna's hand first, and then Hanna's.

"This is Leila and Ossian," she then said pointing behind her. Arianna smiled at them and Hanna waved. Leila also went up and shook their hands.

"It's really nice to know who whispered," she said. She looked back at Ossian. "I told you they were girl's voices," she said, turning back to the girls. "Ossian thought you were darkings."

"Leila!" Ossian said, taking a few steps back. "Why do you always have to say so much?"

He didn't trust Hanna and Arianna. He studied them from head to toe. But first when a ray of sunshine found its way through the leaves (apparently it wasn't night), and shone down on the girls, was he 100% sure that these girls weren't lost in the woods. neither Hanna or Arianna had a shadow.

What a plot twist, right. Especially with the chapter title, no one could have seen it coming.