So a bit of background for this new story, ever since last year YouTuber Brutalmoose started his 'Mystery Tapes' series where he takes sold-as-blank VHS tapes to find treasures of retro TV (Mostly retro commercials) I've been using it as inspiration since Mizzer is the 90s Nostalgia Planet in my fictional universe and most of what Brutalmoose finds is stuff recorded in the 90s (Occasionally stuff from the early 2000s and in one episode stuff from the late 80s) since Mizzer has been airing 20th century reruns to the Humanimals for five thousand years I try to imagine what kind of Mizzer Humanimal would have that Mystery Tape, on Thanksgiving Day Brutalmoose finally released a new Mystery Tapes after the last one being on January 2nd of this year an entire box of tapes that seem to all have the same owner, This story was originally fanfiction but I have changed it to be a Fictionpress story after deciding the story didn't fit with canon

Once upon a time on a Planet called Mizzer, a Planet where Bio-Engineered Animals called Humanimals can speak, wear clothes, live in houses and basically do everything that human beings can do, a planet where they have been living like it's still the 1990s for five thousand years…

Among the many Humanimals living there, there was a was a Cat-Woman of the Russian Blue breed named Mitzi Blue, she had married a construction worker because he was the same breed as her and he was exceedingly handsome…When she was a Kitten Mitzi had dreamed of being a Princess…And possibly part of her deep down still wished she was a Princess instead of lower middle class (On Mizzer there is no actual poverty, some Humanimals who actually have pretend office jobs where the Humans actually pay the Humanimals to pretend to work in an office because the Humanimals demands for office jobs outstrips supply but this is slowly waning as the younger generations are realizing how stupid this is and that they're taking advantage of their Human Creators' generosity doing this)

Still Mitzi was a Cat who wanted everything to be just so…When she was having expecting her daughter…Mitzi chose the what she felt would be the most perfectly feminine name for what she believed would be her perfect little Princess…Mimi.

But Mimi wouldn't be a perfect little girly-girl princess, Mimi would grow into a rough and tumble tomboy who's favorite things were riding her dirt bike and watching monster movies.

This led to disagreements between Mitzi and Mimi as Mimi grew older, finally when Mimi was thirteen, the two of them had such a ferocious argument one summer night with such ferocious insults being hurled eventually Mimi grabbed her bike and said "Forget you guys! I'm out of here!"

And with that she peddled off to the biking trials in the forest, a very dangerous thing to do this late at night because some of Mizzer's native wildlife most notably the Wandering Howlers are emboldened by the darkness and have since found the colonizing Earth Animals preferable to the Planet's native wildlife (Probably because the Humanimals are fatter because of all the junk food they eat)

But tonight there were dangers far worse than wild alien animals.

Mimi was knocked down when the BOOM happened, she barely had any time to process her fall when she heard the blare of the emergency sirens blared, those sirens hadn't sounded since the Biollante Wars five thousand years ago, when they had to wipe out the Planet's Native Giant Kaiju sized Carnivorous Plants named after the Japanese Kaiju that was a human/rose hybrid.

Mimi knew that siren meant she had to get to the nearest emergency shelter ASAP, she began peddling back the way she came when she ran into a terrifying figure that in the darkness she initially took for a Ghost! A towering figure with a skull for a head, actually the skull was just a metallic helmet.

"I thought I detected a Mammal Bio-Signal here…" The figure said in a muffled voice.

Mimi screamed as the figured reached out and grabbed her with his two titanium amour covered arms.

"My…" The Voice said "…Aren't you the pretty little kitty, I'm sure someone would love to have you as an ornamental slave!"

"Slave!" Mimi gasped

"You are all now the property of either Planet Viola Strierra or Planet Alderbaren." The Wrangler said tucking her one arm "As should have been done long ago, instead of these degenerate humans treating you animals like equals!"

Mimi strained and struggled against the Wrangler's grasp but it was to no avail as he was too strong and the her claws and fangs could not penetrate the armor all she could do was squirm helplessly and shout "Let me go you creep!"

One of the most pressing concerns with designing Mimi who is a tomboy cat similar to Marzipan the heroine of the main series of Humanimal tales is I didn't want Mimi to just be a clone of Marzipan, but I realized Marzipan is pretty firmly a 'Nerd Tomboy' obsessed with cartoons and sci-fi/fantasy but not very athletic while Mimi is much more a more typical 'Jock Tomboy' with her obsession with extreme sports