So I feel I should mention that most of the Wild Humanimals I mentioned in the previous chapter's notes are not in the Capital City which is located so far north it's just under the planet's North Pole, Shamans like Quicksilver were very 'through' in removing all Wild Humanimals before the Wrangler Invasion of Mizzer, the remaining Native Wild Humanimals are in Viola Strierra's Tropical Areas near the equator where the climate is more suited to most of them, and since those tropical Paradises are where many Citizens go on vacation the appearance of those 'Exotic' slaves are treated as a necessary part of the vacation experience, like colorful tropical drinks and hot stone massages.

A few weeks later Mimi had her fateful Dream encounter with Maurice 'Bumble' Bounder the Labrador Retriever Puppy being trained by the Dream Fairy to be a Dream Weaver, it was only because Bumble genuinely 'Bumbled' with her dream because of his own unresolved issues with his parents whom he had issues with them being racist toward every species of Humanimal that weren't Domestic Dogs got mixed into the Dream he was weaving for Mimi so she ended up dreaming of her own parents being chased up a tree by two barking Labrador Humanimals, Bumble had to intervene to chase the Phantom Dogs out of the Dream and because Humanimals have the innate Dream Sharing ability they know when there is actually another mind in the dream space not just figments of the imagination, in their brief conversation Bumble revealed he was a Dream Weaver and what his purpose was but then his mentor the Dream Fairy called him back by inserting blaring sirens into the dream and Bumble exiting the dream telling Mimi he didn't know if he would ever see her again.

But that strange experience alone was enough to give Mimi hope, that there was…Something greater looking after the Humanimals…And over the course of the next few days she proceeded to tell every Humanimal she knew about the Dream Weaver Bumble, and those Humanimals told other Humanimals and well…That's to be revealed in later chapters of Bumble's own story, the point is Mimi was filled with renewed hope and she was really starting to dislike Quicksilver's messages of passively waiting for salvation, Mimi felt ready to organize a Humanimal Slave Revolution!

(Little did she know quite a few of those had already happened, quite a few of them of Viola Strierra in fact! And unfortunately the technologically superior humans always had such revolts quickly quashed often with giant police robots but often in such revolts complete liberation wasn't the point they often happened when the humans' cruelty like when three thousand years ago somebody had the bright idea not to waste any food or water on the Humanimals they'd just make new ones out of ordinary Humanimals whenever one died and anyone with sense could see they'd quick run out of normal animals doing that or in the actually fairy recent rebellion on Viola Strierra a generation ago the point was specifically to kill the Queen the parent the then Princess Gloria loved to influence her and well…Let's not get into it here things dealing with the Previous Wicked Old King are…Very yucky and not suitable for Cub Audiences let's just say killing the Queen was the only means of getting rid of the King who had made himself immortal through Wicked Magic)

But once again it was Saturday Night and Quicksilver had come again to play somber music on his flute and tell weepy stories of Humanimals who died battling the wicked humans.

This particular night he was telling the Tale of Corinth, the Red Dragon Shaman who sacrificed himself to stop the would be Galactic Conqueror Kuat

"…And thus…" Quicksilver said telling the tale in the style that the Native Humanimals seemed to like but the Mizzer Humanimals found stodgy like someone trying to aspire to the Royal Shakespeare Company but failing because they take themselves way too seriously so their delivery is as stiff and wooden as the planks that make Mizzer floorboards "…Corinth did what he knew would be the only solution to Kuat's Evil he would utilize 'The Flames of the Phoenix' while on Kuat's Ship, destroying the ship while also incinerating his body in the process…"

"I'm tired of these stories where the hero always dies at the end!" Mimi interjected, everyone gasped and turned to the Cat-Girl even knowing she had not been raised in the same way, they never imagined anyone would ever interrupt a Shaman in the middle of a story!

"Tell us a story where the hero lives instead!" Mimi said

Clearly irritated about being interrupted but trying to keep his cool, Quicksilver said "Young Lady…I am telling stories that are based on true events…"

"Well maybe you can make up a story with a happy ending…" Mimi said "…Or don't you have the imagination to think up a different ending?"

Everyone gasped an even deeper gasped, while most Mizzer Humanimals don't think about it, Slave Humanimals are painfully aware that there race has lackluster imaginations Humanimals that have good imaginations are either natural mutations (Hence why Mizzer had plenty of Humanimals with decent imaginations) or by crossbreeding with humans or other 'Natural' races.

But yeah Mimi had just poked a nasty sore spot.

"Oh you Cats!" Quicksilver spat "Always demanding things be done YOUR way! The spoiled brats of the animal kingdom! More than once Cats have gotten under the Scales of the Noble Shamans of History! You will learn Young Cat-Lady that we Shamans know a Great Truth that will soon be revealed to the entire Universe but not until it is the proper time!"

And with that it was time for the Slaves to get to sleep to be ready for work the next day, Mimi only pretended to fall asleep, she realized Quicksilver knew something deeper than he was actually telling and with typical feline curiosity Mimi had to know what it was…

So once he felt certain everyone was asleep, Quicksilver left the cabin for the air shaft, to get to and from the Cabin, the Humanimals took these 'Air Elevators' that could take you up or down purely with air, Mimi noticed Quicksilver was heading down which none of the cabin Humanimals had ever done they always went up to their workplaces, so what was below the Cabins?
So she secretly followed him into the 'Downdeep-Downdeep' so deep that in some places you can see the magma of the planet's mantle. She shadowed him down a stony staircase past what seemed to be several doors carved into the cave wall.

Quicksilver pushed aside a large boulder revealing a hole in the wall, fortunately he was so distressed that he didn't cover the entrance all the way leaving just enough space for the slender silky furred Mimi to squeeze through.

Mimi had to cover a gasp inside was a cavern made of crystals! Beautiful crystal stalactites and stalagmites every color of the rainbow! Quicksilver seemed to be heading to the very end of the tunnel where some kind of alter had been built.

Mimi hid behind a large purple crystal stalagmite and watched and listened as Quicksilver built a fire on the altar and sprinkled some kind of powder into the fire chanting something in a language Mimi didn't understand.

The fire let out a plume of sweet smelling smoke but Mimi had the sense something evil was coming from that fire. Two evil glowing eyes seemed to be in that fire!

"O' Saurian Father!" Quicksilver said as he knelt before the evil fire "Your Humble Servant Quicksilver…"

"Silence!" Came a hissy reptilian voice "I can see in my mind's eye that all the hard work we've done on Planet Viola Strierra has been undone what the name of all that is Good and Scaly is going on?!"

"The Humans discovered a New Planet…" Quicksilver said "…Rather it was an Old Planet but the Humans remembered it was there…"

"Just cut to the chase!" The Fire Spirit hissed

"A planet where Humans chose to live as equals to their Humanimals…" Quicksilver said "…I don't know how it never came to our knowledge, but when the Humans realized they were running low on Humanimal Slaves particularly the exotic wild animals that we had been working so hard over the years to exterminate, carefully arranging 'accidents' to happen to them even psychically inflicted insane malice into the humans so they felt an overwhelming need to attack any Humanimal they saw…"

'So!' Mimi thought 'That's why the Wrangler Humans were randomly attacking Humanimals it wasn't that they were so insane they'd just kill the slaves they worked so hard to get!'

"Now there are thousands of these new Humanimals on Viola Strierra…" Quicksilver sighed "…And because they have not only lived free but have lived the decadent lives of 20th century humans they are very…Obstinate, they do not want to take our ways."

The fire spirit let out a reptilian hiss "I HATE mammals!" He said "I hate anything that is small and fluffy! Even the reptiles that survived the great extinction that destroyed the Great Dinosaurs will not be spared my wrath! As far as I'm concerned these small reptiles kinds that become pets to Humans are traitors for cozying up to the mammal usurpers and not keeping the true Saurian Spirit alive! Yes…All Modern Animals shall feel my Wrath when I bring forth a new Age of Dinosaurs! I wish we could utterly destroy the Humans but unfortunately we need their skilled opposable thumbs and even more skilled minds to maintain the space travel technology we need to take over the Alien Planets and create a Dinosaur Empire! Till then we'll have to go back where we started and begin whittling down the Humanimal Population the only Modern Day Humanimals I can tolerate are certain Vermin Insects like Flies and Fleas who are easily trained and disliked by humans and Domestic Dogs…Dogs are stupid and in constant need of a 'Master' to follow and we have learned that Master need not be a human…"

Mimi bristled hearing that after having her experience with Bumble…

"I'm currently having enough troubles on Earth." Said the Spirit with both the Dragon Shamans and the 'Impure' Dinosaur Shamans who actually LIKE the Small and Fluffy Modern Day Humanimals! Do not trouble me again!"

And with that the fire went out…Quicksilver turned around and quickly noticed Mimi hiding

"You?!" He gasped "How long have you been there?!"

Mimi quickly fled out the entrance…

Knowing time was of the essence Quicksilver went to a room next door containing something for just such emergencies…Two very loyal Velociraptor Guards

"Quickly!" He shouted "The Cat must die! She knows too much!"

The reference to 'Impure' Dinosaurs is the explanation to any Dinosaur Humanimals who are nice they haven't been carefully bred and brainwashed and are thus 'not in on the plan'