So a few years ago while waiting in a...Waiting room, feeling antsy I turned to some paper I had brought with me for just this purpose and began writing, making it up as I went long, I began making up a story, on a barren moon like planet, there was a hollowed out mountain where lived a king with his one hundred sons and one hundred daughters (I'm pretty sure they didn't all have the same mother) with all the servants being Anthro Animal or for the first time in my stories Anthro Plant Slaves, the story began when one teenage prince was kidnapped by a male dragon and female sunflower, I thought about that story for a while but then gave up on it when I realized it was too similar to my Humanimal Saga, a little while later I tried again this time removing the plants and turning the sunflower into a female cat, but this just made them more a clone of Ichabod and Marzipan, but then I realized something, I had been doing the animal as the good but oppressed and the humans as oppressors for a while, why not just reverse the roles? And with that I realized how much it changed the dynamic and the plot. Thus this plot is very similar to Planet of the Apes and Kamandi: The Last Boy but in this story with the addition of dinosaurs there is some influence from the 90s Cartoon The Terrible Thunderlizards

Dateline: Earth five thousand years in the future, it seems some time ago, during yet another world wide war, some scientists were trying to discover a means to immortality, they tested to experimental formula of some fossilized dinosaur bones, not only were the dinosaurs brought back to life but the formula had also granted them human like intelligence! However the humans were not prepared to contain the enormous beasts and in their rampage the dinosaurs destroyed the lab causing the formula to erupt from the building like a volcano and infect animals everywhere, however while it did bring the dinosaurs back to life, it didn't grant them immortality, for a while the different tribes of animals had their skirmishes but finally the animals agreed to not be like man and instead peacefully co-exist...As long as each tribe stuck to their own territory, the continents have once again formed Pangaea for some unknown reason and Earth has once again became like it was in the Triassic Period, almost, while most of the land is dessert with a few Tropical Forest Oasis, there remains some snow at the peaks of mountains and some winter happens at the extreme North and South for some unknown reason, the Dinosaurs have the largest kingdom in the very center of Pangaea, a broiling desert landscape that is too hot for most warm blooded creatures, most kingdoms, in the Forests, along the Coasts, or for the creatures with gills, under the water, with the edict that that to keep the peace no animal shall kill any other animal, the carnivores farm bivalves since not having brains or faces they weren't effected by the formula, humans are also not considered animals but are mostly only eaten for special occasions as in this ravaged world, furless humans, better able to tolerate the heat are so valuable as slaves, most animals don't want to kill them until they really need to, it is rumored however that the mighty Dinosaurs, led by King Tyranno the Sixth don't follow their own edict and Herbivores are ritually sacrificed to feed the carnivores, but this may only be propaganda meant to fuel anti-dinosaur sentiment as their have been rumors of many kingdoms wishing to steal the throne away from the Dinosaur Overlords and become the new rulers of all Animal Kind...Many believe the kingdom of the Cats Bastet has the best for alone among the Modern Animals the Cats have the combination of strength and wit and above all pure killer instinct to take on the behemoths returned from prehistoric times, located to the Southeastern Forests on Pangaea, Bastet would be almost the ideal kingdom if not for the ever looming danger of three nearby volcanoes, this may be the reason the Cats are so eager to take the throne away from the dinosaurs, they know they sitting under the Sword of Damocles, unbeknownst to them, they are about to become the target of the different conspiracy...

Snow, was as per usual, primping in front of her mirror, she had to decide what to wear for the royal ball!

Snow was a white Turkish Angora, or course she wasn't a Princess! Little Cats can't become royalty, however, her Father was a member of the Royal Court having proven his worth as a royal advisor, so among Little Cats, indeed among Domestics (Those descended from Domesticated Animals often suffered serious stigma, as they had been altered by humans, you don't want to know the stuff Domestic Dogs have been through!) they had a pretty plum position, and they didn't want to risk it for anything!

Snow had been named obviously because of her white fur, because they lived so far South they could see the snow on the peeks of the mountains during the winter, Winter was the best time in this new world, when the weather was the most tolerable to furry and feathered creatures.

Snow was really thinking this red dress she was currently wearing was the one she should wear to the ball, being white she could wear anything, her Mother said she liked the way she looked in blue, but Snow protested that blue the color of water was an herbivore color...While nobody hunted the herbivores anymore, they were seen as weak because they still had their timidity, the Herbivore Kingdoms were often smaller, more poor than the Carnivore Kingdoms and because they often needed help from other kingdoms, they were also often in debt to the carnivores, no red the color of fire was a proper carnivore color!

If she had her ruby earrings then it would be perfect! Snow began to search her jewelry boxes for her teardrop shaped ruby earrings, she had no way of knowing that someone was watching her, someone she would never have suspected, because she regarded them more as things than as living creatures.

Johan (He was only called that by the other humans of his tribe, to the Animals of this castle he had been given a Number he was #32) Was a Human Teenager from a Tribe of 'Wild Humans' Free Humans were nearly extinct, the kind of humans kept as slaves by the animals had been transformed by a combination of drugs and selective breeding into dumb and mostly mute creatures more like neanderthals, the Wild Humans knew they couldn't go on like this they had to do something to save themselves, so the Elders of this tribe came up with a very risky plan, they had to kidnap a very important animal on hold them for ransom, however choosing which animal wasn't as easy as just kidnapping the first animal they could find, no it had to be a creature from a powerful kingdom, the Dinosaurs were clearly out of the question, the Humans couldn't even get near their scorching kingdom, so the Cats seemed to be rising as the 2nd most powerful Kingdom, and also while most wild humans were pretty good at fighting each other, they knew most large animals they were no match for even the small children of some of the largest animals could seriously hurt and adult human, so a little domestic cat, seemed to be the best a human could manage but Johan knew he'd have to watch those claws! And this Cat being the child of the best royal advisor of the Cat Kingdom was the perfect target!

Johan knew he'd have only one shot at this...

With her Snow's back turned, Johan sprung out of her closet and grabbed the Ct Girl around the waist!

Snow screamed with shock! She turned her head and saw that new human kitchen boy was the one grabbing her!

"Let go Slave!" Snow yowled, extending her claws "Don't you know who your Superior is?!"

"Oh you'll know..." Johan grunted as he dragged her towards the window "You'll know very soon..."

Snow gasped and her ears folded back "You can TALK?!" She knew what that meant this Human had to be a 'Mutant' as she had heard older Animals call them,

Johan opened the window and jumped with his quarry below, landing in a palm tree and sliding down where one of the Elders was waiting for them with a surprise.

"What is THAT?!" Snow asked, now knowing what the strange metal thing with wheels, the older human was sitting in.

"It's called a Car Sweetheart," Johan grunted as the Older Man got out of the car to help bind Snow's wrists and ankles "We rediscovered them..."

So yeah, a lot of Planet of the Apes influence where technology has regressed to a medieval state and the fact most of this new world is desert means there is a constant risk of famine