Here we introduce the conflict that Johan is bethrothed

With this discovery, Johan had an idea.

"We could have 229 take a message to your parents!" Johan said "She could tell your folks that you're OK, hopefully they'll recognize your handwriting."

"And they'll recognize my scent." Said Snow "I'll get to work on writing the note."

Johan got Snow a piece of paper and a pen, in a few minutes Snow had the note written and they handed it to the Little Ant, who tucked it next the the note she already had.

Johan took # 229 back the hole where she had first entered the Warren, the Little Ant saluted and went on her way to the Castle of Bastet.

Feeling pleased with himself, Johan went back to Snow's cell.

There they began another session of 'Cuddle Circle' sitting on the floor, Snow wrapped her arms around Johan and even licked his bangs.

As this happened, Johan had visions of the cosmos as he was being cuddled, he felt parts of his brain opening up he never knew he had, He felt himself begin to feel the Earth's magnetic field, he saw in his mind the Earth from Space and as then his vision came through the clouds seeing the golden land of the desert down below, His mind's eye saw two cloaked men, with a Girl in a white cloak walking between them.

And that's when he had his realazation, he turned and saw Snow clinging to him.

"Snow..." Johan said as he slowly began to push the Cat-Girl away "...We can't do this anymore."

"What do you mean?" Snow asked

"I mean..." Johan said "...I just remembered...I'm bethrothed...To the Princess of the Kingdom of Humanity...I've never met her but I just remembered several months ago I was bethrothed to her as I was my tribe's Greatest Hunter..."

Meanwhile # 229 made her way through the Tribe's garen and finally crossed over into the Kingdom of Bastet, after thinking for a moment #229 realized she should probably give the message to Snow's parents first.

She walked up the Castle's Wall following the scent that was similar to Snow to find Snow's parents

So here our the set-up for the conflict between our Hero and Heroine and the soon to be arriving Princess of Humanity who is on her way as seen in Johan's vision