So originally I wasn't planning on adding to this story tonight, but today's been a very slow day and after some amount of time of boredom-eating I realized that I had to do something to alleviate my boredom or I'm gonna make myself ill! But at this chapter I feel is where we should establish how long it has been an 'Animal World' if we're going with the premise Animal World has had a 'King Tyranno' since it's inception (Give or take the few years the animals established their pecking order where the First King Tyranno had established himself as the High King) and we're currently on King Tyranno the Sixth research into Tyrannosaur biology seems to indicate the species 'lived fast and died young' so let's say the Average Tyrannosaur Anthro lifespan is 40 give or take a few years and 40 times 6 is 240 years, seems like a decent amount of time, not too long, not too short,

The car was a dingy brown Studebaker, after they had finished binding Snow's wrists and ankles Johan and the Elder Methuselah was his name, tossed the Cat Noble into the back seat of the car, while Johan quickly scurried to get into the the passenger seat.

Hearing the sound of the engine was a terrifying sound to snow, but for Johan and Methuselah they took a moment to slap palms as a means of congratulating themselves for a job well done.

And with that the Car sped away from the castle into the darkened Jungle Swamps, where no feline wished to go because it was so wet and dirty, a Cat could get stuck in the muck and unable to free themselves sink until they drowned!

The Humans also knew they would have to be careful driving their car, for while the swampy land was an aid in filling up their tracks as quickly as they drove, if they drove too close to the water they risked getting their car stuck.

"How...How does this thing move by itself?" Snow exclaimed for she knew for Royalty and other Animals deemed 'Too Important to Walk' they rode in carriages pulled by servants of species from their own Kingdom (Human Slaves were not strong enough to pull a Carriage, even a Small Carriage from the Rodent Kingdom)

Johan smiled as said "400 Horses under the hood."

"Those must be tiny little horses..." Snow said taking them literally.

And with that Johan and Methuselah burst out laughing again and Snow realized they were laughing at the fact she took them literally and despite how terrifying the situation, her Feline Pride caused her the scowl at the fact she was being laughed at, for even if she was only the daughter of an Advisor there is a reason female cats are called 'Queens' every female cat deep down feels like she's royalty.

Then the Car made a turn and suddenly they were in complete darkness even Snow's feline eyes couldn't see anything, then suddenly a light at the end showing they were in a tunnel...The Car arrived to thunderous applause as the Southwestern Swamp Tribe of Humans welcomed home their Heroes.

The three Volcanoes which were the cause of so much anxiety in the Kingdom of Bastet was seen as Great Boon to these humans though the Elders were also aware of the danger of the volcanoes, the volcanoes were the source of subterranean hot springs, the heat boiling all the germs away making the water clean and safe to drink, and also provided this tribe with a means of steam power! Though they were just beginning to figure out how to master it

Methuselah poked his head out the car window and said "Is the cage ready?"

Another Human nodded and so Johan and Methuselah pulled Snow out of the back seat, to the cheers and jeers from these wild humans all leaner and flatter faced than the Neanderthal like Slave Humans she had seen all her life at the castle.

They took her down a tunnel and into a cave that had been made into a room, while Johan slowly cut through the ropes with his knife Methuselah backed out of the room.

Quick as he could Johan ran out of the room before Snow could begin to get her bearing s back at attack him, they shut a sliding door of bars they had made specifically for this purpose, holes drilled into the the 'door frame' for the bars to fit in, Methuselah locked the door with a key and they walked away, Johan said "We'll bring you your food soon enough."

So she was a prisoner here...Snow took a moment to examine her prison, there was a surprisingly nice bed, small, just made to fit a single person, with a chamber pot underneath because of course no one had indoor plumbing anymore.

Examining the bed, the covers were bright green, where would they get the dye?Feeling the mattress, it felt like anything she had every felt before, she herself had only a straw mattress because only Royalty were afforded the luxury of feather mattresses they had only become more expensive now that the Feathers had to be donated from intelligent birds,

Snow remembered in her history classes, that originally there were three bird kingdoms, the Herbivorous Birds vs the Raptors and both vs the 'Wretched Scavengers' like the Vultures and Crows, then one hundred years ago the Birds saw it was better for them to unite against the stronger mammals and reptiles so they united into one Kingdom but with a hierarchy Raptors are the ruling class Herbivorous Birds are the Laborers and the Scavenger Birds do the filthy jobs no one else wants like cleaning the chamber pots.

Still the Bird Kingdom was frequently in debt to the stronger kingdoms and one of the ways they paid was with their own feathers, normally the feathers were naturally shed, but when time were desperate, they had to pluck and of course not all feathers were equal, a goose down feather bed was very nice but nothing was more rare and coveted than an owl feather bed!

But this bed was neither straw nor feather bed, Snow had never seen metal springs before so she had no idea what she was feeling when she pressed down on the mattress.

Turning her attention away from the bed, she saw the bookshelf nearby, she looked at the books, a lot of these were clearly children's picture books! A very rare luxury as most of the time only the aristocracy of any kingdom could read, Snow herself she only had books that taught her, her ABCs and 123s as it was seen more important that children's books be educational and not for pure entertainment, but here with at least a dozen books thin enough she could fit four of them in a single hand, she could see stories that were clearly just for pleasure, most if not all contained animals who walked on her hind legs and wore clothes, she remembered this from her history classes too, apparently when Humans ruled they loved stories about talking animals, even as they treated the non-talking animals like dirt, Snow realized she had to look somewhere else before she had a conniption.

She turned to the upper shelves, books for older readers but it was becoming increasingly clear that this cave was a child's room before they converted in to a prison cell, presumably because the child who inhabited this room had grown up and had probably taken a mate and now slept in that mate's bed.

The Titles were very confusing to her, she saw one labeled 'Harriet the Spy' Snow pulled it out, thinking it might be 'military fiction' but trying to read it there were so many words she didn't understand either because they referred to 'modern technology' or 20th Century Culture she had no idea about it seemed like reading gibberish to her!

Just then she heard footsteps coming, it was Johan again, he was pushing a bowl of something through a slot in the door.

"Here's your supper." He said

Snow took one look at the bowl of white mush and said "What is this?"

"It's porridge." Johan replied

"Porridge?!" Snow exclaimed

"It's made from grass seeds..." Johan began to exclaim

"I know what porridge is!" Snow hissed huffily "The point is I'm a Cat! A Carnivore, I don't eat herbivore slop!" And with that she kicked the porridge bowl causing steaming hot porridge to splash on Johan's bare feet...

Disney's Beauty and the Beast this isn't here I'm emphasizing 'No side is innocent' Animals have been nasty to the Humans, and Humans are nasty to the Animals. And I know you're probably asking about the modern bed and modern books, the Southeastern Swamp tribe have been importing some of their things but who they're getting them from I won't tell yet