Golden smoke solidifies into the words "213 HC (Heroic Century)" in the lower right.

90° PAN LEFT-TO-RIGHT: Start at a cracked stone column in the background. Beyond it is a broken stained-glass window. Outside is raining, but streams of sunlight are starting to poke through the clouds.

Next are shown the felled forms of monsters and demons: Giant Orc, Troll, Hellhound, etc.

Camera stops to show four HEROES in slightly blurred silhouette in the foreground. Left-to-right is an ARCHER, a young PRIESTESS, a PALADIN, and a WIZARD.

Between the PRIESTESS and PALADIN in the mid-ground is the DEMON QUEEN. She has dark hair with red highlights, eyes that shine like rubies, and is dressed in a Victorian black dress with red lace.

She is on all fours, panting. One bat-like wing has the membrane ripped and one phalange broken. The other wing is trembling. Her dark aura is flickering.

(mocking smile)
"I'll trade you. I keep my life, and you keep
your Overpowers."

180° BLUR PAN back to the HEROES. Record scratch sound effect.

The PRIESTESS is a pre-teen human dressed in a white kimono-like garment tucked into crimson-red flowing pleated pants. Her holy garments are too large; her sleeves extend past her hands to droop like bunting while the pants are pulled up to her armpits to keep from dragging. She has sky-blue hair in a mid-length ponytail and violet eyes.

The ARCHER is a fit and lean middle-aged man with five o'clock shadow dressed in green like Errol Flynn's Robin Hood but carrying a compound bow. He has a quiver over his shoulder and a second one on his right hip. He wears a short sword on his left hip, and, like a modern special forces commando, has a sheathed dagger over his left breast, handle downward. He has shoulder-length lavender hair and copper-hued eyes.

The PALADIN is a tired-looking clean-shaven Adonis in his late 30s. He is clad in gold- and silver-plated heavy armor, but no helm. Constant lens flares deny any single comprehensive image of his gear, but between flashes, he is seen to wield a ridiculously large polished sword the size of a full-height personal locker door with a single hand. His other arm is covered by an impressive shield ornamented with a red field and white outline of a lion rampart filled in gold. He has wavy rose-gold hair, not blonde, with neon-green eyes.

The WIZARD is an older lady in a burgundy velvet ball gown with matching flocked cape and cowl. She has a large satchel slung cross-body and carries a knurled and knotted mahogany staff topped with a glowing ruby. Her hot pink hair extends to her waist, and she has cerulean blue eyes.

All HEROES look at the PRIESTESS.

CLOSE UP on the PRIESTESS. Her stats coalesce from golden smoke.

Name: Charlotte Tallyman
Class: Acolyte
Race: Human
Age: 13
Level: 37
HP: 130/130


BLUR PAN to a CLOSE UP on the ARCHER. His stats are displayed.

Name: Broadhead the True
Class: (Master) Archer
Race: Human
Age: 42
Level: 92
HP: 427/450

"You're up."

CUT to WIDE SHOT encompassing all HEROES.

(waves arm at PALADIN)
"Like I told you when I joined this party, I'm just
a healer. He's the demon-slayer."

ZOOM IN to PALADIN. His stats are displayed.

Name: Augustine, Blade of Chan Pei Ahn
Class: (Canonized) Paladin
Race: Human
Age: 39
Level: 95
HP: 492/575

"I only needed Major Healing twice this whole
dungeon, doll. You've been riding our bus
this whole time. Time to pull your weight."

"Not that there's much to pull."

BLUR PAN back to Charlotte. Stats are no longer displayed.

"I can only cast Heals, Buffs, and De-buffs.
How do—"

CUT to DEMON QUEEN. Her stats are displayed.

Name: (glyphs and sigils)
Class: (Queen) Ruler
Race: Demon
Age; 999+
Level: 99+
HP: 14/1250

"What's it gonna be? Tick-tock, people.

CUT to WIZARD. Her stats are displayed.

Name: The Mysterious Wanda
Class: (High Master) Wizard
Race: Human
Age: 58
HP: 301/325

"You late for a dark mass or something?"

"I need to know whether to start raising
my army again or to ready my death curse.
Either takes time, you know."

(waves hand dismissively)
"They're gonna be at this for a while. I think
you're good to go."

WANDA gathers HEROES into a huddle.

UP SHOT from center of huddle to show all four faces

"Special delivery on three."

"What's that?"

"Our signature move, kid."
(places palm on CHARLOTTE's forehead)
"Sacred Aura."

CHARLOTTE is enveloped by a golden aura.

(taps CHARLOTTE with staff multiple times)
"Body Strengthening. Shrink. Plank."

WIDE SHOT of huddle. CHARLOTTE is half her size. Her cloths are wrapped tightly around her. She is standing at attention.

(high squeaky voice because she's shrunken)
"Thanks for the buffs, guys. But… that
last one? I can't move."

BROADHEAD grabs her.

"Thank you for your service."

"What the effing eff?"

CUT to CLOSE UP of BROADHEAD in profile as he pulls back the bowstring. The projectile is below view.

(pulls back on bowstring)
"Bow of Steel. Eagle Eye. True Flight."

CUT to wide shot with DEMON QUEEN on the left and HEROES on the right.

BROADHEAD has CHARLOTTE nocked as an arrow with bow at full draw.

DEMON QUEEN'S far hand is pulsing with a strong dark aura but that is blocked from the HEROES' line of sight by her body and bat wing.

(shout in unison)


BROADHEAD releases the bowstring.

CHARLOTTE flies at DEMON QUEEN, still screaming.

DEMON QUEEN swings hand below her, back into view of the HEROES, and unleashes her spell

Spell intercepts CHARLOTTE mid-flight.

Explosion ensues.