Another Time, Another Earth.

When humans and aliens secretly co-exist on Earth, during a time of a "Great War" between Atlantis and Mu. It was the 1990s, ufology was at its peak thanks to The X-Files and Independence Day. There was The Battle of Battle Mountain in Canada, the biggest battle ever fought on Earth, so far. There were other battles fought before and elsewhere, but the Battle of Battle Mountain was a big turn around in favour of the Muliveans against the Atlanteans. The Atlantis and Mu as we know are actually colonies, set up by them for their stage of colonization. The Atlanteans wanted to colonize the entire planet as their territory for their empire, while the Muliveans were just merely wanting to explore the planet with curious eyes. Then, the Muliveans were defeated, only for the Atlanteans suffer a huge loss: an explosion occurred outside their colony city: an experiment gone awry; forcing the Atlanteans to evacuate back to their homeworld in their home universe.

Afterwards, there were numerous intentions to recolonize Earth, but were constantly thwarted by the Muliveans.

Somewhere, another race emerges to Earth. A race more ancient and more benevolent than either two: The Axloni. Overseeing the constant stalemates between the two sides, the Axloni decides to come up with a plan to put an end to this eternal war through non-violent means. Instead, they chose the Eartheans themselves to fight both of them. Rather than fighting in large groups and mass armies, they shall fight in small groups, using alien environments, powerful weapons, strong, protective armour and gadgets to help them out on any occasions. And when not fighting, they express open discussions to anyone sane and patient enough to listen. Examine, breakdown and realize that this war must end soon.

Nine, randomly chosen people, teens and adults, summoned from Earth to Axlon Prime, welcoming them warmly and getting them up into speed as to what happened and what's happening. They have all the time they want to accept this. If those don't, they'll find someone else to do this. Some refused, letting someone else becoming summoned. They're gifted with both technology and powers that'll aid them against both the Atlanteans and Muliveans.

Given their teleporting powers and excellently higher jumping thanks to their Anti-Grav suits, they thus shall be referred to as FarJumpers.

Whether fighting or negotiating, the FarJumpers must do their best to end the war any way they can. Some of them were killed, only to be replaced by someone else. They're Pawns and Knights, two only pieces in this Multiversal version of Chess (and it's variants like Portal Chess, Diplomat Chess, Double-Move Chess, etc.)

As they do their best, a few discovered the culprits behind the war. An ancient secret order called COMA (Cult of Mass Annihilation) were behind it all. Wanting both races to exhaust each other out so that they'll seize Earth for themselves. Using infiltration and manipulation, COMA will seize this opportunity to rule Earth and the Multiverse.

As they tried to warn their comrades, they were discovered and were about to be experimented to become COMA's test subjects to use a special device converge the entire Multiverse into just one universe: resulting in Atlantis, Mu and Earth into one planet. As it happens, the Axloni teleports most of the Atlanteans, Muliveans and Eartheans to their homeworld, including the FarJumpers, and Axlon Prime goes out of time, watching the multiverse align into a singular point.

In the aftermath, the universe was merged and a totally different star system was created, including an Earth where only both Atlantis and Mu exist: other continents were erased from existence. Soon afterwards, COMA arrives on this Earth they created, intent to colonize it for themselves. The FarJumpers must now stop them from doing so, once again using the planet's environment against them. But some agents tries to manipulate some of the FarJumpers into their side, only deter them and wipe them all out. This Earth is now everyone's to share. While the Atlanteans and Muliveans still get to live in each of their respective continents, the Eartheans will from now on rule this world: both over and under the sea. Thus: The FarJumpers' duty are done.