Never Let Me Go
By: bR0k3N

To our fading fear
of death and all this grim
We hold our loved ones near
And sing this happy hymn
Some of our saddest
are some of our best
Our memories will go away
But not yet, not today
When you think of me
—even if it's not that fondly—
Never Let Me Go
I have reaped what I sew

*Chapters 25 & 26 "Avada Kedavra / Expecto Patronum", Never Let Me Go, Ai Neko Yokai
**Sew is not a typo here. The phrase, originally, it's spelled 'sow', as in seeds. 'Sew' in this context had to do with the story and the patchwork that went into building and creating mismatched friendships and family.