Back on Nyx, Jesse, Amelia and Dustin are being sent to the man behind the evil supporters of The Interstellar Confederacy, Nerv Megacorporation (not based on from evangelion) and the one in charge of Skyopolis as well, Toby Sheppard.

Toby: My father says that you'd be one he's looking for. And he wanted you dead. But first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Toby Sheppard, director of Nerv Megacorps!

Amelia: Toby? Aren't you suppose to…nah, you gave up on your brother and sister, and doing your own business, huh?

Toby: so, a smartass, huh?

Amelia: no, I'm telekinetic and proud of it!

Toby: Hmm, I see. Can you predict this?

Out of nowhere, a cloaked assassin knocks her out from behind and kills Dustin.

No actual black people were harmed during the writing of this story.

Jesse shocked in terror that Dustin's killed and tries going up to both him and Amelia.


Confederate soldiers draw their rifles at him before he could reach out to them. Jesse then upset because of not only seeing someone he wanted to meet more of die, but also upset for the fact that Toby might be racist and why he shot Dustin first.

Toby: if you want her alive as well as your friend,

*shows him that Shinji's in his cell. Who has a very punkish hair not as short and shaved as Dorothy's, but has brown and black mixed hair colour, Emerald green eyes and only speaks Japanese*

You will do as I tell you to.

Jesse looks at him angrily but fears for Shinji's life before he started nodding.

Toby: Good boy. Take him to his cell. I want him executed by morning. after his death, kill his friends also.

Confederate Soldier: Yes, sir!

They take him away to his cell and throw him in there a little away from both Amelia and Shinji's cells. Jesse cries in both rage and sadness that all of this going on as we cut back in time to his childhood. He started off when his father Geffrey, takes him to a research facility on Gaia about the creation of the VANGUN Serum (Von-gun. A special type of serum that contains biomechanical genes of the Wolf-god of Salvation and Recreation from the Planet Saraphia) and once planned to use it to create an army of God-like soldiers against all hostility. Unfortunately however, the confederacy attacks the scientists, steals the serum from his father's hands and even kills him after his heroic attempts to fight the leader of the confederacy himself.

He grabs Jesse and points his gun at his head, threatening to kill him before two Imperial Stormtroopers (based on Square Enix's redesigns of the classic Stormtroopers) comes to his aid and attacks the confederate soldiers and their leader.

They retreated but the Stormtroopers managed to save Jesse's life. One of them takes off their helmet revealing that it's the Empress of The Lionheart Empire herself, Wendy Robinson, who has reddish orange short hair and blue violet eyes. She lifts Jesse up and cradles him around gently to calm him down from the massacre he witnessed.

Wendy: You poor little thing. What happened?

*Jesse tries calming down and points where Geffrey's corpse used to be*

Kel, can you check on him?

Wendy's German sister, Kelturence 'Kel' Robinson: Jawohl!

*Kel who has longer hair than her sister's, dyed dark green and wears a visor due to the inability to fix her eyes when she was shot through her eye sights by confederate shock troopers, checks on him and realized that he was Jesse's Father*

Sorry, Sister, but that was the boy's father, and he was a Zorcai scientist. What should we do with him?

Wendy: *looks at Jesse's sad face and cuddles him more*

…does he have any relatives?

Kel: As far as I checked, yeah, I hope. His mom died when he was just born but he still

has his Tarvox aunt and Zorcai uncle in Kuriu.

Wendy: It'll have to do.

They drop him off at Kuriu where his Aunt and Uncle live in and they live near the shores of Gabriel as the two welcome him with open arms. Wendy then gives his uncle Clint a floppy disc about something that only Jesse must watch by the time he grows up into his young adult years. Clint keeps her promise and Wendy and Kel return to Gaia, leaving both Clint and his wife Charlotte full responsibility for their only nephew.

Cut back to present day, where Jesse wakes up in his cell but at the same time, the guard arrives to take him to a firing squad. Jesse looks at Amelia and Shinji one last time while being escorted outside where crowds of rebellious guerrillas riot against this act of murder. Toby walks out of his office and puts on his dark red coloured robe with the Confederacy insignia on the back and walks outside and stands next to Jesse to make his speech.

Toby: fellow people of Skyopolis, I Toby Wade Sheppard, Give you this monster that will destroy us all, The VANGUN!

*points at him*

My father told me that he had to go away just to face off against the beast, posing as a child back on Exia, Slaughtering his worshippers before he could have the chance to be reborn in a child's body. Now, watch as I, your true saviour, destroy this beast in front of you, along with his disciples who supported him on his quest!

*His soldiers then dragged both Amelia and Shinji just to see Jesse terrified about this. Toby grabs his rifle from the confederate soldier and plans to shoot Jesse first with it*

Now, my people, Watch and celebrate as I destroy this demon who will destroy us, while my men will deal with that bunny eared whore and that dishonoured samurai, after! GLORY TO THE CONFEDERACY!

The Guerrillas tried to fight more, but the soldiers keep fighting back with brute force. And in a blink of an eye, Toby headshot Jesse just before The Mermaid's Sword arrives above Skyopolis. Dorothy saw the death of her beloved boyfriend.

Dorothy: Well I'm sad, but I'm MOSTLY ANGRY!

She launches in her custom made Fightercraft: "The Wicked Witch" (Its real name is the SRV 814 Savora-Type Medium Starinterceptor by Promethean Dynamics. It allows her to use her Cyber Witchcraft to teleport in various positions while in combat) and attacks the confederacy with assault shuttles backing her up. The shuttles managed to rescue Shinji, Amelia and even the rebels that Dorothy helped out come aboard with them, while Dorothy picks up Jesse's corpse and takes him to her Fightercraft. Confederate Soldiers tried to stop her, but for Dorothy it's a minor problem when she uses her Cyber Witchcraft on them. And by that, she teleports in various positions and draws her guns based on quantum physics. She takes off and gets away on her Fightercraft to fly with the assault shuttles to return to The Mermaid's Sword.

Toby: *barely survived during the battle with his face burned out, his right arm ripped off and lost his left eye dropped as he covers it before confederate soldiers help him to stand up*

All ships, Destroy The Mermaid's Sword! DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY!

The soldiers take him to his Fightersuit (a transformable Fightercraft which mech design is a mix of the Valkyries from Macross and the Evas from Evangelion), and he takes off to his own ship to charts unknown. Confederate Warships starts making their way to The Mermaid's Sword, just after everyone gets on board said ship and starts charging its Hyperjump Core.

Master Gunner, Spirk Logan: Captain, Confederate warships are heading towards us!

Dorothy: Charge the Superlaser! If we destroy Skyopolis, we destroy NERV and cripple the Confederacy for good. Got it?

Spirk: yes, Captain!

Shinji: What about us?

Dorothy: …Get to the Gunner's seat at the bridge! Amelia, pilot the ship! Manuel, Neuro, I don't care just fly!

Amelia & Shinji: Yes, Dorothy!

Dorothy: and just call me Gypsy StarRunner, for now.

The two nodded and run to the bridge to pilot and gun the ship, while Dorothy takes Jesse to the laboratory, where her mother Terri, prepares the last VANGUN Serum (stolen back from the Confederacy) for him.

Dorothy: Mom, is the Serum ready?

Terri: Sure as hell it is! *Evil laughs*

Dorothy: But! You might want to share of that for me, too. This is the last one we have and the rest were destroyed by exposition that I cannot say but I said it anyway.

Terri: I can make more.

Dorothy: then make one more. One for me and the other for Jesse, okay?

Terri:…sounds legit. But remember, even if the serum brings you back to life and giving you two biomechanical powers, you'll have to eat some flesh because-

Dorothy: Mom, I'll figure it out when I become half of VANGUN. And if you can buy some meat, it'll either be raw or cooked as I and Jesse might want.

Terri: Okay! But let's do this, already!

Terri Straps both Dorothy and Jesse to their chairs as she starts injecting one serum into Jesse and injecting Dorothy with the other. Thus the two became both dead, but also alive as Jesse's head heals itself in an instant. During all of that The Mermaid's Sword has to deal with incoming hostile ships as Shinji's Gunner skills comes in handy as he blast them out of the stars, while Amelia maneuvers incoming torpedoes and missile fire before they could hit the ship, using the ship's NCS. But after a little while, both The Mermaid's Sword's Hyperjump core and the Superlaser Cannon are fully recharged.

Amelia: Mr. Logan-!


Everyone holds on tight before Spirk fires the Superlaser Cannon at Skyopolis, destroying the city with everyone inside. This forces the confederate fleet to retreat as our heroes celebrate their first victory against the confederacy. They then jump out to Alpharquaris (Al-Far-qu-are-es) with the Hyperjump Core also fully charged as they get the hell of out there and head for the Galactic Council.

While they travel to Alpharquaris, Jesse wakes up at the laboratory. He looks around only to see that nobody's here but a ghostly image of Dorothy's younger self, wearing jeans, a blue t-shirt with a Tyrell corporation logo on it. Jesse also notices that his voice box's fixed, but still refuses to speak just to keep himself quiet. She runs through the door as Jesse starts running after her through the corridors of The Mermaid's Sword.

He continues until he arrived at the hanger bay where literally everybody awaits him. Jesse couldn't believe his eyes that Shinji and Amelia are both safe from peril as Shinji starts running towards him and hugs him.

Shinji: I thought you're dead!

Jesse: I-

*he tried to not speak, but for this one moment he might as well do so*

I thought so, too. But I guess I'm really not anymore. Are you okay?

Shinji: Who cares?

Jesse: I do!

*Jesse kisses Shinji before Shinji hugs him so tightly; he lifts him up so high and starts flying*

Dorothy: *Looks upon the reunion of both Jesse and Shinji and smiles about all of this*


*Both Jesse and Shinji suddenly look at Dorothy from above*

Dorothy: missing someone?

Shinji: *Blushes*

…oh yes, not forgetting you, Dorothy-san.

*They both come down as Dorothy starts hugging the boys and so does everyone else*

Dorothy: *looks at Jesse's shedding tears with joy and feel happy that they're all together again*

Welcome to the Neon Wolves, Jesse. Welcome aboard The Mermaid's Sword!

Jesse smiles and they cheer with laughter and joy while Amelia just stands there looking at them all being happy before she steps up to them.

Amelia: umm, may I?

Shinji: Sure.

Amelia smiles shyly but happy and joins the group hugging. Feeling almost homely now that she's the fourth major member of the team.

Meanwhile at the last Olympic world of Hades, Toby's Fightersuit enters the planet's atmosphere and landing at the Real HQ of Nerv Megacorps. He first goes to the Laboratory to get his face fixed until he goes to his chamber underneath his office. Where he talks to his father and leader of the Interstellar Confederacy himself, Donovan Sheppard (Former Zorcai Tribal who was the one who started the Xeno Civil wars and shot Kel's eye sights out this whole time).

Toby: I have terrible news, my father. I have failed to kill the VANGUN's reincarnation as promised. He's right now working for the Pirates of Neon Wolf, under the commission of the Galactic Council.

Donovan: *Audio only*


Toby: That's not all, they're all onboard a reconstructed derelict starship they call "The Mermaid's Sword". They're right now heading towards the Galactic Council at Alpharquaris and requesting permission to unite the galaxy to uncover more of their long time forbidden past. But please, if you could only give me one more chance, I'll-

Donovan: You failed me twice before, my son. And you failed me for the very last time. Richard.

Richard: *Appears behind Toby*

Yes, father?

Donovan: head for the nearest point outside Alpharquaris and set up an ambush, so that the pirates can be exterminated, quickly. You are in command now, my son!

Richard: Thank you, father. And I'll make sure that this scumbag of my brother will be taken care of.

*Donovan ends transmission*

Toby: come on, guys! Please, give me a chance! You're my bros and sis, right?

Richard: Before, yes. Now, not anymore.

*He nods at Penelope and she shoots at toby for his incompetence with her "Poison Ivy" (A special blaster that shoots botanical shells that penetrates both organic and cyborg bodies. Once shot, the plants then start entering the target's body and destroying every single organ on the inside)*

Ha! I was expecting that there'll be flowers coming out of him by now.

Penelope: Pitiful.

Tony: Lame!

Richard: now, let's head back to the Warhammer so that we can wait for the pirate scum to come out of the Council, so that we can get the drop on them. The sooner we get rid of them, the better for all of us. And just to show that they don't frak with the Black Wasp. For as our sting is like an energy bolt, piercing they're artificial flesh. And when that happens with its venom injected, that's the sign of Death, slowly coming towards them.