Author's note: A little over a month ago, I posted my journal entries about my experience while graduating from high school. While looking through my journal, I also found an entry about my experience graduating from elementary school (Grade 8), so here it is. Enjoy!

On June 24, 2009, I went to school like usual, but this day wasn't usual. It was our graduation ceremony!

As I entered Ms. Lucas' room at 9:00, I noticed that the TV wasn't there. (We were watching Holes the day before.) I thought, What are we doing, then?!

Then one of my friends told me that we were rehearsing for the grad ceremony instead.

Great! I thought sarcastically. Why do we need to do a bunch of crazy practicing instead of watching one of my favorite movies?

Sighing slightly, I headed down to the gym for a boring rehearsal. Or so I thought.

We walked down to the stage in a two-per-row fashion. All the people in the left column went to the left side of the stage, and everyone in the right column went to the right side of the stage. I was assigned to an end seat. Daniel was in front, Sarah was to my right, no one was to my left (it was an end seat), and Coryn sat behind me.

From there, it was just a relatively boring ritual where the teachers droned on and on. I was listening, but my mind was worrying about Glenlawn Collegiate and "black/shadow groups", and who would be going to Glenlawn with me.

After the rehearsal, we walked to Mac's and bought Slurpees. (Thank goodness I brought my wallet to school!) I mixed my Slurpee, meaning that I took a bunch of different Slurpees and combined them all into one cup, and we walked back to school as we enjoyed our drinks.

Then, finally, the TV was wheeled back into the classroom and we were able to finish watching Holes.

After the movie, I went home for lunch, and my parents got me all snazzed up.

Two hours later, we rode back to school, and I told Mom, "Don't forget my disposable camera!" I had no idea that Mom was going to give me a present later.

First, I went into the music room, where I ran into my best friend, Mathew (with one "t"). He immediately began talking to me...about the girls and their dresses! (It sounded a tad [just a tad] weird to me that he'd talk about girls' dresses.)

Then I ran into some more of my friends such as Tresor, Bryan, Brayden, Daniel, Jaydon, Sabrina, Haylie, Sarah, Coryn, Kristen, and Tanjit, to name just a few!

Soon, we were ushered into the gym. We walked through the doors in the same arrangement as before, under a huge archway made from balloons, and went to the same seats as before.

Each student was called up in alphabetical order by his/her last name. When it was my turn, I walked up to a platform, and my parents were snapping a lot of pictures of me.

One of the teachers then recited a blurb about me. Most of it was about my love of roller coasters. After, everyone applauded of course, and I shook hands with Ms. Lucas, Ms. Morin, and Ms. Garrioch.

After everyone else went up, we went back into our rows while "Pomp and Circumstance" was playing, then back into the music room. I talked with my friends some more, and then we drove to Sushi King.

I ordered a beach roll. As I was waiting for my sushi, my mom gave me a present. I ripped open the brown paper, and I saw the corner of a yellow-and-white box. There was one word on the corner: Kodak.

I got film, I thought. But I looked at the front of the box, and it said, Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera.

FINALLY! I got my own digital camera!

I began snapping pictures almost instantly, but I read the manual first.

After eating my sushi, we drove back home so that I could get ready for the celebration. Soon, we were off to school again, and I chatted with my friends some more. I showed Mathew my digital camera and took a couple of pics while we waited for the bus.

The bus took us to the Travelodge hotel on St. Anne's Road (home of Alpine Bowling Lanes). Our dinner was at the big meeting room where my mom sometimes has Weight Watchers meetings. Tables covered in white cloth dominated the left side of the room, and on the right side was a large, open area (the dance floor), the big sound system, and a soda machine.

For dinner, I had a pepperoni pizza, fries, and chicken fingers. I didn't like my pizza because it wasn't saucy enough.

An hour later, the whole room turned almost pitch black, the speakers turned on, lights flashed wildly around, and loud music began blasting from the speakers. The dance had officially begun!

I took a lot of pictures and even a couple of videos during the dance. I slow-danced with Sabrina once, took pictures of my friends, and I danced A LOT (in comparison to all of the other dances I had, where I danced once or twice and leaned against the wall the rest of the time).

After the last song, which was "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, the lights came back on. We all clapped and cheered as the lights came back on because the dance was so awesome. Then my parents drove me home, and then I showed them all the pictures I took before going to bed.