Outside the protection of the city, in a peculiar vehicle, Chocolat's group was on yet another mission. However, the former traveler of the group seemed to have his mind elsewhere.

-Something wrong, Traveler? -Chocolat asks, noticing the traveler with a thoughtful look.

-It's just that I came by that road when I came to the city. -Traveler replied before looking at the leader of the group. -Can you remind me what we're doing here?

-An agent was absent without permission. -Chocolate started. -He enlisted, became an agent, took some meds and took off and that's illegal.

-Why would he do that?

-Because he is a cowardly chicken? -Gyros asked from the back seat.

-For the first time, I agree with you. -Onigiri also commented from the back seat.

The only reason they weren't fighting was because Charlotte was sitting between them.

-Well, yes and no. -Chocolat said and began to explain. -As you may know, not only are there medications that are exclusively for Health Agents, but you also have access to medications that would take time to acquire under normal circumstances. The one who was absent simply became an agent just to get priority when it came to getting a medicine and he was absent without meeting the five-year deadline.

-Why do you have this deadline? -Traveler asked.

-Some people only become agents to get certain types of medicine more easily. -Gyros replied.

-And to reduce the number of dropouts, they give this deadline so they can't just leave without taking action. -Onigiri spoke right after.

-And that's why it also takes a certain amount of time to get permission for the use of some medications. - Chocolat explained. -The target did not have permission but somehow managed to gain access to the deposit where there was a safe, from which he took something.

-What did he take?

-A heart. -Gyros replied.

-Excuse me?

-The target took a heart from a vault of organs that were supposed to be used for transplants. He didn't want to wait in line or meet the quota to get permission for a transplant. So he stole a heart and ran away to find someone who could do an illegal transplant for him. - Chocolate explained.

-And how do we know he's here?

-A witness at the gas station we stopped at a few minutes ago called the police and reported that something showed up there asking for information. -Onigiri replied.

-Our mission is not only to locate the target, but also his contact who must be doing illegal transplants for some time.


Briefed on the mission, they moved on to find any leads on the target. After a few minutes of driving, Charlotte noticed something. Patting Chocolat on the shoulder twice, she stops the car to give her colleague her attention.

-What it was? -She asked.

She doesn't say anything, just points to the left, a few meters behind. Traveler looks where she was pointing and notices something.

-Looks like someone walked by there. -He says.

Exchanging glances, the group got out of the car and headed towards where Traveler says someone walked. Looking closer, they noticed that Charlotte was right, and that she had signs that something had been going on there. And it didn't look like an animal.

None of them questioned how she noticed the trail when nothing around her looked different.

They followed the trail with Traveler in front, leading them through the forest as the sun was already setting and darkness began to grow in the woods. After a few minutes of walking, they found an abandoned building.

It was three stories tall, the glasses were broken in most of the windows, the driveway overgrown with grass and other plants, the front door secured with a chain and padlock. What caught the group's attention the most was a single vehicle in the parking lot, a dark blue car with tinted windows, and it didn't look like it had been there for a long time.

Everyone nodded, coming to the same conclusion. Traveler used electrical powers to open the padlock without making any noise and slowly removed the chains, making almost no noise.

With the door slowly opened, they enter an abandoned factory.