Newcomer: those who just became Springers may choose the following options:

Springer: Those who live a life of freedom, exploration and discovery. They're basically civilians who wield those gifted powers for their own gains. They can teleport anywhere within the multiverse, or teleport people if they want. They can create anything from nothing by manipulating molecules. Use Xenoglossy to instantly understand alien languages, mental projection to look into past or present events from a distance.

Scientist: Those who wish to explore the unexplored, or at least places they haven't been to before, while those who came before already did.

Soldier: A special class that predates The GateKeepers. Assigned to battle hostiles who threaten their fellow scientists.

DreamBreaker: Rogue Springers who use their powers for malevolent intentions. They use a power called DreamHacking, stealing, copying or erasing people's minds, memories and dreams and selling them to the highest bidder.

GateKeeper: Successors to Soldiers. They're assigned as Police, Rescuers and Firefighters in one. Trained to help the helpless, battle DreamBreakers and other hostiles

and performing operations that regular emergency services can't. They can absorb energy and use that energy to fire back or create armour. They can use molecule manipulation to create sticks as non-lethal weapons and beam guns set to stun, or disintegrate when up against more powerful, dangerous hostiles. Using Jincillan technology, reversed engineered as Morphnauts, they can range from small scouts to hulking tanks to further prove their might and save lives, remotely controlled by any Springer of any age, exclusively for those ages 6,7 to at least 18. Those 18+ are still allowed to use Morphnauts as an option when not wishing to risk their lives.

KeyMaster: The Greatest of them all! Though rare, they are the most powerful of any kind, ascended from Springers and GateKeepers and utilizing a special tool called a Gyro Key. Capable of instant teleportation, levitate themselves and others, unlock everything, create energy beams only through their finger tips and use that instant teleportation to traverse across the even greater Megaverse. How this is all based on is not The Volodnikov Effect, but something...different. Both Hyacinth Iverson and Isaac Jones had already become KeyMasters, and more to come.