The Holy Kalandrik Empire: In both it's early days and it's final years, it is a theocratic dictatorship ruled by a God Emperor. The first was James Zavier and his clones. He vowed that after "killing" Marduk, he shall lead his people to conquer the Multiverse for all mankind and seeing whoever's humanoid or non-human as Marduk's "Children." Threatening their very existence as Marduk told them to kill the humans (or so he thought). He was then replaced by Adrian Cortez during the final days of the FarWar only for him to die with a month via a heart attack.

When it collapsed, it was rebuilt under Joshua Armstrong's rule, restructuring it into more a democracy. Though Armstrong retains the title of God Emperor, political power now belongs to the Imperial Senate, granting permission from both Armstrong and subsequently Gregory Gordon to perform actions for the Empire. When Gordon succeeded from Armstrong after his death, The Empire started to reconcile and make peace with both humanoid and non-human species, as well as their fellow humans who became independent from the Empire.

Only for that promise broken when Marcus Carpenter overthrew Gordon and intended to return to the "Glory Days of the Empire." By that, means going back to the tradition of fear, hatred and warmongering against the remaining humanoid and non-human species as traditional of the old empire, but this time to occupy both colonies of Kalandrik descent (Both Earth and Zorvoxa for example) and even occupy Vela once that's done.

Carpenter went as far as turning any separatist into Goblin Sharks (cyborgs who are programmed to be loyal only to Carpenter) and lobotomized anyone who came against him. And anyone else who are loyal to him who are neither lobotomized or turning into Goblin Sharks are those who believed in his ambitions such as the Garfield Family. The Empire ultimately collapsed with both his death and Kalandra hit by a nearby Gamma-Ray Burst. Those who remain loyal to him forged the terrorist organization: Kalandra Reborn.

The Coalition of Species: A Peace-keeping organization formed after The FarWar and sought to recognize and legitimize any current sentient species who survived from the war. The Coalition was co-founded by Joshua Armstrong after he both resurrected and restructured his Holy Kalandrik Empire. It also established The Springers Guild as a division before itself became independent following it's disestablishment when Carpenter took over the Empire.

The Springers Guild: A secret society of scientists and explorers of all ages. It was once a division of The Coalition of Species, but when Carpenter took over the Empire, he wiped out the Coalition. Since the Guild was established on Rhye, they shield the Guild from the Kalandriks by scrambling the coordinates for them, making sure that both they and the Guild are safe. It has since then became an independent organization of its own.

After the Empire's second collapse (the first was after the death of Adrian Cortez), some of the Springers who are members of the Guild, plot out a roadmap that can integrate the society from secret to public. Some were against this, but others including Rhye themself allows it, knowing what they're up to with their careful guidance, understanding and debunking the misconceptions about the Guild.

As soon as the Guild slowly started integrating into the public, Rhye is destroyed, but their legacy lives on, especially even without the Volodnikov Effect now with the development and soon creation of the FarPods. The Guild adapts the usage of those pods as the best and only form of teleportation across the Multiverse. And since it's foundation, The Guild intends to prevent anymore wars from occurring since The Coalition of Species, who's sole intention WAS to prevent wars from happening, or at least prevent the reignition of The FarWar.

The United Conglomerate of Earth: Forged when the Eartheans developed enough technology to become self-sustainable and united with other fellow Dolphins and Whales, The United Conglomerate of Earth was formed for their interest, hiring and inviting anyone in the multiverse for each other's benefits. During The Battle of the Cylinder, the Eartheans and Zorvox formed an alliance when the Kalandriks wanted the Cylinder as a staging ground for their conquest of the Multiverse. It was the Zorvox who thought that the Cylinder can be shared with everyone. At which point, the Eartheans accept the offer and worked together against the Kalandriks to ensure the Cylinder's shares. This inspired the Eartheans to invite or hire other species into the Cylinder as a safe haven or other personal purposes so as long as they have something to exchange for the Eartheans.

The Gu'Gauv Confederation: A short-lived nation forged by the Gu'Gauv not long before The FarWar. Their sole goal is to explore the Multiverse, and hope to find any peaceful sentient species to co-exist with. Unfortunately for them, they've encountered the Kalandriks, which the last wipes them out, forcing them to retreat, which turns into a route for the human invaders. Once the Kalandriks' found their homeworld of Gauarcus, the invaders crushed the Confederation, claiming the world in the name of their Empire.

The Velan Ascendancy: A humble, peaceful nation forged prior to the Battle of the Cylinder and the subsequent FarWar. Much like the Holy Kalandrik Empire, they are ruled by one of only two human species in the Multiverse. However, unlike the Kalandriks (who were based on fear and hatred upon both humanoids and non-humans), the Veyungush are more tranquil and would happily welcome anyone from beyond to visit their homeworld with good intentions.

That is until The FarWar broke out, forcing the Veyungush to isolate themselves under an authoritarian government. Even with the war over, the Ascendancy still believes the Multiverse has become a dangerous place.

That is until Marvin Nogmeister (under the guise of Captain Wonder), enters the planet after one of the rebels literally landed on his family's doorstep. He berates them for being delusional, denying the changing environments of the Multiverse and even exploited their own homeworld for their own benefits.

He takes the few with him across to see how things have changed after The FarWar and the creation of The Opal Age, much to their shame.

Once they've returned, they've dismantled the government and restored their nation to their former glory and reopened themselves into the Multiverse for the first time in over a thousand years.

The United Kingdom of Orum: An oligarchy consisting of many Orumi, helped out by the Martians. With their help, The Orumi became intelligent and made their own choices and understood about politics, economics and technology, become one of the most prominent nations in the Multiverse. After the WarpHole incident, however, the Kingdom took refuge on Nuorum, still a constitutional monarchy where the family retain their titles, but the people are now in power, ruled by the Council with permission granted from the family, similar to The Holy Kalandrik Empire when both Joshua and Greg were alive.

The Zorvox Tribes: Once divided between Tarvox and Zorcai tribes, the two subspecies united together peacefully, disregarding their beliefs and traditions. Though united, others still retain their worships bestowed upon such gods like Zevis (which became the name of their first colony world, given it's a desert planet, which makes sense because Zevis is the goddess of sand and time).

The Talrrusan Republic: Forged after the fall of the Holy Kalandrik Empire and Kalandra subsequently hit by a nearby gamma-ray burst, the refugees of their doomed homeworld now laid ground and built the foundation of what is known as The Talrrusan Republic. Like before, it is ruled by a senate, but no leader bearing the title God Emperor anymore. The senate are of full power and control of the Republic with suggestions and requests submitted by the people living on this world. The Republic also joined The Springers Guild just like how Joshua Armstrong co-founded The Coalition of Species, the former parent organization of the Guild.

COMA (Cult Of Mass Annihilation): An ancient order formed by Kalandrik colonists on Gau'Arcus. When they lost contact with their empire, they take matters into their own hands. If Kalandra falls, the Multiverse will follow, never wanting any Human, Humanoid or Non-Human to live in any universe, including COMA itself any longer. When Kalandra Reborn left to Gau'Arcus, a first time in a hundred years since any Kalandrik visited or contacted the colonists, they formed a truce. Have COMA destroy The Springers Guild and, in turn, COMA allowing Kalandra Reborn to claim Talrrusa to rebuild the Empire. But even so, despite COMA's sudden and aggressive strikes on both The Guild and Talrrusa, COMA (Being the abbreviation of The Cult Of Mass Annihilation), breaks the deal and kills the terrorists including their leader, the nefarious Flora Garfield so they can wipe out all sentient life in the Multiverse.

Kaladra Reborn: A Terrorist organization consist primarily of remaining loyalists of Marcus Carpenter, including Flora Garfield, the last living member of the notorious Garfield Family. They keep demanding the Republic to give Talrrusa to them, but they refuse. Instead offering the terrorists to accept the changes or be sent to another world to live in, threatening them not to attack. They declined and with COMA, they made unexpected strikes upon Talrrusa, wanting to take the world in the name of Marcus Carpenter. But Kalandra Reborn was absorbed into COMA when Flora was killed by their leader Nathaniel "Doombringer" Cortez, Grandson of Adrian Cortez.

The DreamBreakers: Rogue Springers who use their powers for more nefarious purposes, including stealing, copying or destroying peoples' memories and knowledge and selling them to the highest bidder. They also perform assassinations, infiltration and other operations their clients request them to.

The Pods (including both Yendas and Moriarta): City states ruled by one or few Springers and the majority of citizens are Springers themselves, while the minority are the Non. Some, like Yendas are benevolent and carefully treat it's citizens with respect and dignity, ruled by the man who gave rise to the trend, Jonathan Kensington. While Moriarta is a dictatorship, based on his charm, charisma and intelligence. Moriarty himself, though charming, he's also domineering, coercing his people to get their jobs done as soon as they can. Nonetheless, he admired his people for their hard work, disregarding the Non.