~ Young and A Serial Killer ~


Oh, to be young and a serial killer. That's how the saying goes, right? Jeong Lee is fresh out of college, ready to take on (or out) the world. And what lies in store for her can only be described as utter chaos and bloodshed…

So, she just killed someone. Again. For the fifth time, to be precise. No biggie, no sweat. It was fine.

His dead body lay on the floor, lifeless and cold. As to be expected with a dead body that's been there for three hours. She's been staring at it for that exact amount of time, pondering the best place to hide it.

Perhaps she should dig a shallow grave? No, no. She did that for the first and fourth bodies already. Dumping it in the ocean had already been claimed by the third body and hiding it in a dumpster by the second, so she couldn't do that either.

She wanted to do something original- avant-garde, dare she say. She needed to look around the room for ideas.

The flickering light of the worn apartment only served to agitate her, hindering her creative process. A small bedside table rested near where his head was, an alarm clock counting the hours on top of it.

It was 10:37 p.m. Felt like it too.

…She was getting distracted. She slapped her face with her right hand, hastily.

Pull it together, Jeong.

She glanced down to the floor to see if it would magically give her a plan… (it didn't).

She sighed as she stared down where her feet stood. The carpet she was on leaked a pool of blood. She wouldn't bother to clean it up, however. Too much of a hassle.

...She needed to think of something quickly.

The floorboards, perhaps, could be used to hide the body. She knocked on them to see if anything lay beneath them. No hollowness to be found. Unfortunate…


Minutes were passing by the second and Jeong still hadn't thought of a new idea. She was about to leave and just let the body rot where it lay when suddenly an idea popped into her mind.

…Why not just leave the corpse laying on the bed like it was sleeping?

Was it original?


But, it was an idea and that's what mattered.

And who was going to tell her it was a bad idea. Her friends? Pfft, she'd like to see them hide a body…


Now. Who was this poor, unfortunate soul that she killed just three hours prior?

No one particularly special, really. Just a friend of two years she hadn't kept up with until a few months ago. No one felt special to Jeong Lee, to be quite frank. Minus a select few…

And that's what made her life fun. It was full of mystery, of spontaneity. She never knew what to expect.

Oh, to be young and a serial killer. That's how the saying goes, right?