This is a reboot of my first fiction story on this site. Only story on this site... but in this one I contemplated about what to do about the kids and the setting. Most of the old characters will appear in some fashion. Here we are. It's time to recharge.

In a dark room, a red crystal hovered above a red pedestal, glowing intensely as though commanding the darkness to back away. Across the room, a door opened by retracting into the ceiling, revealing two silhouettes. The duo immediately approached the crystal. Once they were close, its light revealed their most defining feature: long ears similar to elves.

One was a man with an older appearance, wrinkles on his face, and short, fading black hair with traces of gray strands. He wore a tan robe with black trimmings and dark yellow sleeves.

The other man was taller with long red flowing hair down his back and green eyes that held resolve. His clothes consist of a red vest over a black short-sleeve shirt, matching black pants, and red boots with yellow straps.

They each carried an emblem with a picture of a shield over their heart.

"Fire." spoke the younger man. "Where is he?"

"Straight to the point." The old man said with humor. "They're on Earth. Just like the last three."

"Counting this one, it will be seven active and five dormant. Why not tell the ones on Earth?"

"They have matters that have them confined to their objective. You will meet Luka on Earth, who will give you a dossier on their activities and act as the medic between them."

"And the three remaining here?"

"You know what they are up to. They can't stray from the mission. I know you have other obligations, but…"

"I'll do it."

"Good, along with Luka, you will also be assisted by these two." The older man handed him two documents. "You already worked with them before."

The redhead glanced at the document. After reading the information, he gave a slight nod. "Good, work will get done."

The old man nodded. "Time is of the essence."

-Monday. June 16. Earth, Parkerville. 10 am. House in the suburbs-

A biracial Japanese boy stood wide awake in his bedroom, glaring at the ceiling as if it would stare back at him. He blinked twice before sitting up. The boy scratched his messy, short, spiky black hair while his auburn eyes looked over at his cell phone sitting on his bedside table.

Grabbing the device, he started scanning through the messages. He smiled while reading through them. A frown manifested on his face when he read some of them. He replied before setting his phone down. He yawned before getting out of bed.

"Guess things change when you move away." The boy sighed. "What do I do before school starts?"

He contemplated as he put on a red t-shirt and cargo shorts, then slipped on a pair of sneakers. He walked downstairs while deciding on what to do for the rest of the summer. When he entered the living room, he saw his sister, a girl with long black hair, lying on the couch while reading a magazine. She sported a blue striped shirt and blue jeans.

He looked around the room. "Tina, where is mom?"

The girl took her eyes off the magazine to stare into her brother with the same auburn eyes. "She is at work, Jake. Did you forget? She's in charge of some technology division." said the girl.

"We just moved here two days ago." He rubbed the back of his head, feeling unhappy. "I thought she would want to rest?"

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "People work."

He nodded and looked at the picture on the piano. A picture of four of them. A white man, an Asian woman, and the two of them. The picture appeared to have been taken a few years ago.

The teen boy sighed. "Dad always did say, 'Going to a new city is like new beginnings.'"

Tina sat up and gazed at him. "Yep, I remember that. Last time he said that was two years ago before he…"

"Yeah." His mood soured for a bit before he took a deep breath. "We had two years to mourn." He smiled at her. "We were busy yesterday with moving. Come on."

The young lass nodded and stood up. "You seem awfully motivated."

"Don't you want to know if there is more to this city?"

She raised her eyebrow. "Are you in deep thought again? Don't do that." She smirked.

He rolled his eyes at her. "Can't help that."

"Just last week before we left, you wondered. 'Is this going to lead to something interesting?' Your mind is going way into fantasy."

The boy rubbed the back of his head. "Well… "

Tina chuckled before heading to the front door. "Don't keep your head in the clouds, bro. You might miss out on cool people."

He shrugged as he followed her. The boy had to admit he tended to daydream a lot. Sometimes, he wondered if this life was all there was. Hopefully, exploring their new home would take his mind off things.

-Parkerville, Downtown-

A woman stood on top of the tallest building in the city. She wore a bright pink dress, matching colored flats, and a pink umbrella that concealed her face. A smile formed on her lip as she took in the view of Parkerville.

"Much has changed in the past 300 years. People have evolved, but… people haven't changed… there is still corruption." She giggled. "Oh, this is going to be fun."

With a sinister smile, she vanished in the air. Leaving nothing, but an ominous whisper.

-Parkerville, Plaza-

Jake and Tina came across a plaza near their neighborhood. After they arrived, they stumbled upon a restaurant with outdoor scenery called the Hotspot. The place looked lively, with teens hanging around since school was out for the summer. Jake looked around, feeling nostalgic for his old city.

"Kind of like the one back home."

"Except that was by a miniature golf course." The girl said.

Jake noticed a game shop across the street, a clothing store on the right of the hotspot, and a bookstore. At least he knew there were a few places of interest. He immediately walked toward the Hotspot's entrance with his sister picking up the pace.

Just as he was about to open the door, someone else pushed the door open and pushed him aside. This action made him fall to the ground. He grunted from the fall, then looked up at the person who pushed him. A taller, muscular boy with short tan hair and brown eyes. He had on a brown T-shirt, sweatpants, and tennis shoes.

The tan-haired teen glared at the spiky-haired teen. "Don't get in my way, kid."

"It was you who got in his way. Aren't you going to apologize?" questioned the young girl as she continued glaring.

A girl looked over at the duo. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes, a yellow sundress, and yellow wedge sandals. She gave him a raised eyebrow and chuckled. "Did he hurt your friend?"

"Hey!" She glared at the boy. "Are you going to say sorry?"

"No, why don't you take that mouth of yours and leave." The brown-haired boy snorted.

"Robert, that's a little girl." The long blond-haired girl giggled. "Aren't you adorable? What's your name?"

"I heard it's good manners to share your first name before mine."

The older girl glared for a bit, then smiled. "Marissa."


"Who cares," Robert grumbled and glared down at Jake. "And you?"

"Jake Ishida," He said bitterly and with no enthusiasm. "We just moved here."

"Hn, you better know who's in charge around here."

"In charge of what?" Jake scoffed as he stood up.

"Ishida…" The brown-haired boy gave a mischievous smile. "A lost sheep like you needs to learn a few rules." He stuck his thumb to his chest. "If you stick with me, you will be the 'who is'. If not, then you consider yourself a nobody."

"Being a nobody sounds like a better deal, less attention." The spiky's replied

Robert narrowed his eyes. "Listen, you are probably going to the same school as me. I'm Robert Randall." He sneered. "I am co-captain of the football team and about to be the starting quarterback in my junior year at East Lion Hill High."

Jake raised an eyebrow. "You play soccer like me? Oh, you mean you football and not futbol." A chuckle escaped his lips.

The football player sneered while moving in front of the boy, but the spiky raven was not intimidated, only annoyed. "Are you trying to be funny?

The spiky raven took a deep breath, feeling more annoyed by the other teen. "Only when someone acts like they are from a bad sitcom."

"Quit being a prick, kid."

"Compared to you, I probably am. I am one year below you."

The jock scowled briefly. He shifted his gaze from the spiky raven to the younger girl. "And you? What grade?"

"Eighth grade." Tina crossed her arms. "Jerk."

Jake gave a dark glare, "Leave her out of this!"

Robert chuckled, thinking he found something on the raven-haired boy. "Chill, bro. No need to have a sister-complex."

"Still a jerk, eh Robert?"

All eyes turned to the source of the voice belonging to one of the two teenage girls standing before them. One had pale skin and shoulder-length black hair with bangs covering her forehead. She wore a turquoise sleeveless t-shirt, black Capri, and gray hi-tops. Her violet eyes sent a piercing glare at Robert while folding her arms against her chest. It told everyone she was not taking any nonsense from them.

The second girl had a light olive complexion and long chestnut-colored hair tied in a bun while leaving a long strand of hair on either side of her face. She had a lavender blouse, a tan skirt, and tanned knee-high boots. She seemed concerned as her teal-colored eyes looked over at Jake and Tina.

Robert sent them a sneer. "Oh… you two. Didn't expect to see you, Zeal, Amy." He scoffed at the chestnut-haired girl, who looked away with a scowl.

The violet-eyed girl scoffed. "Not in the same timeframe, Randall."

Marissa looked annoyed as she leered at the girls. She then turned around. "I don't want to deal with this."

Robert rolled his eyes. "Fine,"

Robert and his group left the area, leaving Jake and Tina with the two girls in front of them. Jake turned to them with a smile.


The brown-haired girl frowned as she looked concerned over him. "Are you okay?"

He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, feeling embarrassed under her gaze. "Just a little hurt to my ego, but I'm okay."

The short-haired girl shook her head. "He's an obnoxious piece of crap… steer clear of him, okay?"

"Right… I'm Jake, and this is Tina

"My name is Amy." spoke the chestnut-haired girl with a smile.

"Christina." spoke to the black-haired girl. "We were just having a good day until that moron showed up."

"Chrissy." Amy pouted. "Don't be such a grouch, especially in front of Jake. He might get the wrong impression of you." She smiled at Jake. "Christina is always in a mood, even on a good day."

"Don't tell him lies!"

"Mhm… no need to be mean." Amy whined as she pouted again, but it sounded playful.

Tina observed the behavior of the two and smiled, then frowned at the nostalgia of a few friends she left behind.

Amy turned to him. "It's good talking to you. Maybe we will see you around." She gazed at them. "Where do you go to school?"

"I'll be starting East Lion Hill High in the fall."

"Same as us." Christina raised a brow. "Are you switching schools?"

"Switching cities."

"Amazing!" Amy sounded excited and suddenly was a few inches in front of him. To Jake, the way she moved was instantaneous. "You're fresh! We get to snag you before anyone else does. Let's be friends."

Christina chuckled as she moved the girl away. "You're scaring him. You better run, Jake; she bites." She checked her watch. "But seriously, we got to go. It's good seeing you, Jake, Tina. Check by the Richard Wright Community Center; we volunteer there. We might give you our SnapBook accounts."

Tina smiled. "We will."

Amy cheerfully waved at the duo. "Yeah, let's meet again."

The duo watched the girls leave. Tina looked at her older brother with a mischievous look.

"So… which one?"

Jake's eyes widened in shock before looking annoyed at her. "What?"

"Come on… which one. The eccentric girl or the grouch."

"Stop it."


"… Well… Amy, but Christina's cute too…"

"I'm kidding." Tina dragged her to the Hotspot. "Let's eat something."


"I can't believe I got passed up for a promotion." A man walked down the street with a suitcase. "Then they fired me for no reason! I worked there for 15 years, and they gave it to the moron who was only there for five years. That's not fair, plus he stole my idea!" He walked into the alley and threw his suitcase away. "I'm so mad, I could do something!"

"What is the depth of your fury."

The man in the suit stopped when he noticed the empty alley was occupied by a strange woman he failed to notice. It was as if she appeared in thin air. The darkness of the alley shrouded the woman, but he could make out she was wearing a... pink dress and had an… umbrella? He glared at the strange woman in his presence. "My fury? You don't want to find out."

The woman chuckled. "Oh, I do darling… I do." She started glowing. "Show me!"

The man started to scream, but darkness ensared him before any sound could escape. A red aura manifested around the man, then detached from him, quickly enlarging and becoming a solid form.

The woman smirked. "Yes."

Meanwhile, after eating, Jake and Tina took a bus to a place called Petalburg Park, where they took in the scenery around them. They decided to embark on a hike deep in the woods.

Tina tapped a stick on the ground. "Okay, this place is not bad, but it's no Birchwood."

"Yep, it's not Birchwood, that was home."

"Yes, but Birchwood was our place. Let's take trips there more often

"5 hours coming and going? No."

"Okay, maybe not."

"Yeah, I can see it now. Leaving at 2 am and coming back at 10. Go to sleep and wake up."

"I said maybe not. Don't go into too much detail."

He sighed. "I know you miss your friends… at least try to befriend people here."

"I'll try." She grunted. "I won't like it. Hope they aren't like Robert or Marissa. If they are like the two girls, that would be great."

Jake's thoughts went back to the girls. Amy and Christina. They seemed nice. His mind went to something else, someone he wanted to forget. No, don't compare them. They weren't like her.

"Which one?"

His thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sound of his sister's voice. He looked at her and groaned at her teasing expression: a half-smile showing teeth and a raised left eyebrow.


"Oh, come on. Both of them may be willing to go out with you."

"Not likely."

"Christina has a pretty face, but do you like a tough girl? She radiates butt-kicking. Amy is very pretty, but too playful, in my opinion. Her appearance screams she likes to look good."

"Can we drop this?"

"Okay." She picked up a pinecone and tossed it. "But you need to get over 'her' sooner or later, so why not now?

"And once again, I want you to drop it."

"Consider it dropped."

The two walked in silence on the trail, enjoying the scenery around them. Before deciding to head back home, a strange light shot through the air and headed straight for them.

"What's that?" Tina cried out in fear.

"Get back!" Jake pushed her out of the way.

However, the strange red light stopped in front of them, revealing itself to be a red crystal. The two looked at it with caution.

"What is that?" whimpered Tina.

"I don't know."

"That is the Elemental Crystal of Fire."

The duo quickly turned to the source of the voice, a strange red-haired man with long ears.

Jake was not too sure about this person nor liked his sudden appearance, but he had to stand firm even if he was in danger. "Who are you?"

"Trust me, if I wanted to kill you." To the average eye, the man seemed to have vanished before them. "I would have done so." They jumped back when they found him behind them.

"Th-that's not a good case to make." Jake stood in front of his sister again.

"True, but trust may be a factor here, and we don't have time. I have researched about you, Jake Ishida. This was the best time and place to find you alone, even with your kin being here."

"What do you want with me?"

The man gestured to the crystal. "My name is Pilot. I am a member of the Guardian Corp. My duty is to ensure a new Radiant is born."


"A warrior who wields the elements. You are picked because of your potential to wield the power of fire."

Jake raised a brow. "So… so... I'm picked? But... you're not human."

"I'm a canokian from Galvania, and you're not the first human to be picked."

"Ah..." He gazed at the jewel cautiously. "There were others before... this?"

"Correct, we were always aware of your world and the dangers it holds. Our world had such things that would make you have nightmares."

"So… what are you saying? Is something about to happen?"

"Chaotic forces have emerged, and you are picked to combat them."

"Fight... evil?"

"Yes, to defend against chaotic forces that will harm you and everyone around you."

Jake's eyes widened in shock. He turned to face his sister, who only looked up at him with concern. He sighed, knowing he might make a stupid choice.

"I take it I can't turn away."

"You can. It will either choose its second host or continue to seek you out."

"The crystal?" He stared at the red glowing object in front of him. He felt… warmth from it. Almost as if it belonged to him. "So you say… someone else might have it?"


Jake instantly thought about two other people… maybe another, who may use it for… personal reasons. He rubbed the back of his head in a thoughtful way. "Why me?"

"Who knows... maybe you are the noblest of them, or it is random… or you have potential. The last option, to me, is the most accurate reason."


"You doubt yourself. Listen closely. No matter what people say about you, they are usually wrong and will put you down if you don't conform to their standards. With your world, people do it every day."

"Yeah…" He stared at it. "I'd be in danger, but I guess I wo-."

"Hold on." The young girl regained her resolve. "Are you crazy? Listening to this guy? What kind of power is that?"

"Your attributes will increase, wield abilities unique to you, and gain the power of fire."

"… I don't like this." Said the girl

"Yeah…" Jake sounded unsure. "But this may sound stupid. If I don't… who will? What if it goes to… Randall or HER."

"I doubt it would go to those two."

"I know…" He reached out for the crystal. "But if the next guy messes up, I will feel bad, knowing I would have done a better job or something."

"That sounds crazy!"

He grabbed the jewel. Once he did, it glowed brightly before being absorbed into his chest. After a moment, he felt warmth coming from within before it faded.

"Good… now it should be clear as day how to command the transformation."

"I see…" Jake clenched his fist. "Raging Fire: Ignite!"

Fire erupted from his chest as it spread throughout his body. It dispersed, leaving him in a red short-sleeved gi uniform shirt along with matching red colored pants. A black belt wrapped around his waist. Red wristbands materialized on him, along with matching red boots. Materialized on the right side of his chest was a gold emblem with the fire symbol embedded in it. On both sides of his face were two curved markings. A matching-colored headband wrapped around his forehead. Finally, his hair turned red, finishing the transformation. He opened his eyes, still retaining his normal auburn color, then thrust his fist forward in a pose.

Pilot observed the gesture and raised his eyebrow in confusion. "What are you doing?"

"He's posing." The sister replied


Realizing he was being criticized, he dropped down in sadness. "It's cool."

"I disagree."

The fire warrior sighed as he stood up. He looked at his hands and punched the air a few times. "Wow… I feel… strong… mighty."

"Power corrupts… don't let it get to your head."

"Yeah… um, can I come up with a code name?"

"You can operate freely without anyone knowing you? No one in this world will distinguish between your current and regular appearances. Non-mana users won't recognize you, even when you are close to them."


"Now…" A ring sounded, prompting Pilot to pull out a small silver disk from his pocket. After activating the device by pressing a button, a holographic map of the city materialized before them. On the map, a blinking light was visible.

"What's that?"

"Trouble in the city."


"Come, you and I will check it out."

"What about me?" Tina frowned. "Are you going to leave me here?"

"Then I'll keep you company."

Landing in front of them with grace was a young woman with the same elf ears. Her violet hair tied in a bun and violet eyes showed confidence. She wore a long-sleeved purple shirt underneath a matching-colored vest. Underneath the shirt was a pair of fishnets. Purple shorts just inches above the knee and knee-high matching color boots. On her left leg was a leather case holding kunai, a black utility belt on her waist.

"Ah!" Jake and Tina jumped away from the surprise guest. Pilot remained unfazed and gazed at her slightly."

"This is Reinstar, one of my colleagues."

Reinstar bowed. "Greetings, it's a pleasure to meet a new warrior of the element, a titan of order, a Radiant."

"Huh?" Jake looked on in confusion.

"We don't have time." Pilot grabbed Jake's arm. "Take her back home and set up the equipment. The Radiant and I will find the problem." He brought his arm to reveal a bracelet communicator device. "Luka, the coordinates."

"Straight to the point, I like that." spoke a melodic voice. "Sending you now."

In one moment, Jake was out in the park; in the next, he ended up on the roof of a building. He looked around in amazement at being sent somewhere that felt instantaneous. Then he felt something, a dark feeling. He turned around for the source.

"You feel that? Good. You're sensing their mana and how strong they are. The stronger the mana, the more dangerous they are. You can sense mine, right?"

Jake turned to him and gaped. "Dude, you're super strong… but that feeling is below your level."

"Correct, which is why you are going to handle it."

"Me? But?"

"You need training. I wanted to prepare you before your first real fight, but the universe has different plans, Jake."

"… Can you call me Blaze in this form? Also, what am I going to fight?"

The sound of a crash prompted the duo to look at the next building. They discovered a strange brown-furred beast with large upper body strength. It was carrying someone, a man in his 60s who was bloodied and broken. Jake gazed at the body with horror. He tried to sense something from him.

"That's our target…" Pilot eyed the man solemnly "The man with it is dead."

That made the teen feel bad, could he have prevented this if he did not hesitate? Something told him it wouldn't matter, but now he had to deal with this."

"This strange monster appeared, but… there has to be a source." The monster leaped in the air, over them, and landed behind them. The beast looked back at them with its yellow eyes before leaping away.

"It doesn't see us as a threat."

"It has orders." Pilot stated. "Come on, we will follow him."

They followed the beast to an abandoned warehouse. Blaze stared at the warehouse and sighed. "Why here?"

"You sound annoyed."

"In my world, the books I read and the shows I watched, every bad guy and monster always, ALWAYS, stay in an abandoned building."

"Hm... perhaps they chose a place where no one will bother them. Perfect place to hide from the world."

"… yeah," He currently felt a little fear at the thought of fighting that beast.


The duo entered the building and walked around until they heard voices.

"Seems you got what you were looking for."

"He's dead… he's dead." The voice sounded as if he could not believe it, and his spiteful glee gradually increased with each chant.

"Don't you feel satisfied?"

"… No… I need to find the other… the other…. The other."

The duo walked through the doorway and got a look at the group of three. The monster was standing off to the side, standing 6'5". The man looked ragged and crazed. Finally, the woman in pink was standing elegantly across from the man. The man looked down at the corpse like he was expecting it to talk. The woman twirled her umbrella while giggling with delight.

Pilot walked in full view of the group.

The woman giggled. "Ooo… a Canokian from Galvania. It's been what? Nearly over 300 years since I was imprisoned."

Pilot blinked. "300 years… hmmm you're a human born with unnatural powers."

The woman giggled and then spotted Blaze. She lowered her umbrella and looked thoughtfully at him with her blue eyes. Her platinum blonde hair flowed with an unnatural wind. "Oh… another one. He wields fire, right? Not the same one, but it's still one of the three who imprisoned me years ago. You would know that period... the Salem Witch Trials."

Blaze gasped. "Y-you were there?"

"Oh yes, I razed hell. I and some followers had fun terrorizing those hypocrites, but then my fun ran out because of those three Radiant. Fire was one of them. They beat me and sealed me away. I got out eventually, and I thought long and hard about how to take my revenge. Now… I will do what I want. I'll get followers while having fun. I will find what I seek. I will use people's rage to create their inner beast." She gestured toward the man and the monster. "That is the result. If you kill the monster, it will disappear, and the man might return to normal. Oh, I will look for it… yes… oh excuse me… being sealed away made me a bit crazy." She opened her umbrella. "I'm Mistress M, pleased to make your acquaintance. This will be fun. Now… hmmm… go fight the boy, I want to see him squirm."

"That brat? Sure. Then we can go after the other moron."

"Sure, but only if you defeat the boy." she said unusually cheerfully.

The man laughed. "YES!" The man turned to the monster. "Beast, get ready to beat the brat."

The monster roared and beat its chest.

Pilot wasn't swayed by it. "Blaze, this will be your test. If you fail here, we will train. I will make sure you won't die." He raised his hand up, and a long sword materialized in his hand. He took it and slammed the blade into the ground in front of him. "I will stay and watch you and her."

"Okay." He nodded meekly

"But at least try to win, do you have prior experience with fighting?"

"Yeah, I took a martial arts class for two years."

"Good, it should be enough."

Blaze nodded and stepped forward. He stared at the monster as it stared back. He was nervous, scared, and excited. He took a big gulp and moved into a stance he was taught some time ago. His increased breathing showed nervousness. His power was radiating. He compared his energy level to the monster, they were nearly the same. Fresh, new, and inexperienced. He would only get better, but only after defeating the monster... hopefully. He still fe-

He barely dodged the monster's strike as it lunged at him. The monster pivoted and roared before jumping at him.

Blaze dodged the first few punches before blocking one and sending a strong knuckle into the face of the monster, causing it to stagger back. The boy was surprised at how strong he was, but that surprise made him lower his guard. The monster struck the teen with a kick to the face, sending him flying back.

Pilot scowled as he watched the body hit the floor. "DO NOT give your enemy a reason to get past your guard."

"Kay." He felt embarrassed and hurt by what happened. The monster was strong, if he were normal, he would not be able to get back up.

"My, how the new blood is so distracted." Mistress M giggled. "I think I know what happens here, bye." The woman then vanished, leaving the man alone.

Pilot raised a brow at her desertion, he kept his guard active to make sure she would not plan a sneak attack.

Blaze dodged another attack and blocked another kick, which sent him sliding back. He launched himself forward and delivered a kick on his own and then a punch to knock the beast back. "Don't I have an attack?"

His thoughts were interrupted when the beast grabbed him and threw him across the area. He rolled over a few times as he landed. Once he stopped rolling, he started picking himself up while grunting. He watched the monster roar, then glared at the warrior.

He needed to figure out how to use his power. It was there, but he needed time. The monster opened its mouth and charged energy before firing a beam at him. The boy yelped and jumped from the energy beam.

"It can do that?"

"Always expect surprises!"

"Fine!" The teenager clenched his fist as he started to concentrate on gathering his power. He poured more and more in his fist as the monster started charging up for another attack. "I can do it too." Fire manifested around his hand. "Come on… more and more." Then it got bigger and bigger. "I think… yeah." He glared at the beast. "Time to burn you up!" He ran forward with his fist reeled back. He noticed how fast he was getting as he raced forward.

The monster fired another beam of energy, only for the boy to dodge quickly. The monster beat its chest before running forward with its left fist reeled back.

When the two got close, the monster sent a punch. Fortunately, the fire warrior leaped into the air.


He slammed on the monster's head and caused an explosion of fire. With the monster's head destroyed, the body started to evaporate as it started falling to the floor. When the last trace was gone, the man screamed in pain before falling to the ground.

Pilot approached the man while expecting the woman to show. Meanwhile, Blaze started panting, feeling weak after putting all his power into that attack.

"Well done," He gazed down at the man. "You destroyed your first enemy, but that was a weak one."

Blaze nodded. "Yeah… I take it will get tougher from here?"

"Yes, with the right training, you won't tire as much, and your body will adapt to the power."

"How is he?"


Blaze nodded and gazed at the spot where the monster evaporated. He managed to kill something on his first try despite it being a weaker threat. He had a feeling his life would get more interesting from here on out.

Mistress M watched them from afar with a small smile. "Just a minor setback. I have work to do." She giggled as she vanished.


Jake: Height - 5'5

Amy: Height - 5'3

Christina: Height - 5'4'