Summary: With threat of China under the clutches of a tyrant rising in the world, the old idea, a historical relic, Maphilindo, was brought back to the table.

With good progress in the making, in January 11, 2016, many individuals were sent back to the past - Year 1823, the time of Andres Novales, and the liberal and reformist Filipino Count, and other figures.

Seeing this opportunity, having formed a secret group called New Society, things and history will change, starting with the secret projects - the "Project Maphilindo" and "Maphilindo Dream."

The story of a country that'll later be known as "The Merlion" begins in 1823.

Smiling at the weapons expo video presented to our top law enforcement agency brass, Philippine Constabulary top brass and officials, AFP top brass and officials, the Minister of Defense, and other key ministers of the Philippine government as new flag of our country, the Philippines, stood proudly and tall in the center taller flag pole built in the building, I felt myself proud of what we had done in our true revolution and work 51 years ago, December 30, 1965.

That's right, I was one of those from military coup. Fucking proud of achieving our goals. The reason for the coup was because of the president and his vice president, the very first female vice president, planned to turn the country into a communist state like the former Soviet Union because his role model was Joseph Stalin and 'Chairman' Mao Zedong which horrified us, hence, we planned a coup carefully days before the votes were counting.

Communism, the idea in general looks good in paper but in reality, and practice, it wasn't. It's all about law of supply and demand. Looked at what happened when you put it into government structure, it's a hypocrite garbage against what they were 'fighting' for as what that late racist arsehole, Adolf Hitler would do for his madness and extermination of the Jews and non-Aryans when the Nazis were active during World War 2 which again I had to steel myself and help the victims through one of the foundations I setup for helping the families and victims of the horrors committed during World War 2. From communism and 'Great Leap Forward', many died because the lack of capitalist measures wasn't there to do its magic, an important thing many social democrats pointed out for the good of people and country.

Karl Marx, he's an asshole, a bad kind of lazy arsehole I won't be friends or meet with no matter what circumstances.

Having read his biography, it was very funny to think this bastard pulled such worthless crap that caused millions of deaths through this unproven 'ideology' while he leeched on his connections and friends without doing jack shit and work in his life. I would love to kill that bastard and his idiot friends again to prevent that worthless shit cancer of theirs spread.

In these times, capitalism won in the end, we only made sure it won't go crony capitalism and manipulation through the measures we applied. The only good thing about the products of communism were AK and other handy things we reverse engineered and improved for our use. Our country bought recently rights of that Russian Terminator, an IFV that showed a good promise in urban warfare and close combat besides scaring the crap of those hostage takers and armed criminals alike with its appearance, armor, and armaments.

The US of fucking A? We don't give a damn except communist movements disguised as fighting against fascism and racists and racism over there after the death of druggie from illegal drug overdose which was the stupidest shit I ever heard. Burn, loot, murder, destroying monuments, "fuck the police and law" chants…. these groups, they're bunch of paid hypocrite shitheads our intelligence agency agents covertly arrested its leaders and financiers such as one fucking famous American trillionaire who donated shit ton of dollars for that, celebrities connected to Hollywood, etc. It was bad enough than we expected that we proved to the cheating American female presidential candidate, who was now in prison, cheated in the recent presidential elections there. We'll be wary of them and the American government though because they made Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, an anarchy shitstorm recently.

The new Chinese movie, "The Battle at Lake Changyin Lake"? I don't know what was with me but that movie was a fake, a CCP historical lie because we have records unless there's such thing as alternate parallel world. Our country does not trust the CCP- 'occupied' 'West' Taiwan. They caused troubles lately but we scared them and their naval 'militias' with our ships and assets. We don't trade them since we hate communists including that recent asshole president who made the position of the 'president', a dictatorship position for life, through amending the constitution, effectively making the greedy fuckhead a damn president in name but elected dictator in reality because of it. It had me thinking we should kick them out through regime change because everything what Deng Xiaoping, the only good commie I would respect and share a wine with, did to open up his country to foreign direct investments, got snapped from it because of his successors which in turn the country's potential was wasted and held back from CCP's clutches because of one-party rule where the children were automatically made a member of Community Youth League, a big mistake, compared to our good Philippine Parliamentary Youth League that helped every Filipino youth familiarize and embrace the procedure and spirit of parliamentarianism and youth Parliament.

Back to the glorious Philippine event, the day when we took over the current government during the Rizal Day, '65, all we did was to arrest all communist donkeys of that bad faction and politicians in cahoots, ban anything related to it including Karl Marx and the donkeys which was still in effect today, formed a transition government with a constitution that's FDI-friendly, meritocracy, and transparency like what the Singapore did who copied one of our textbooks, and reforms and upgrade anything which made our country a well-off and one of the transparent ones in the world today with the proud Philippine-brand of true responsible journalism here unlike the irresponsible shit we've seen elsewhere outside the country and Singapore.

In the Philippines, we also have Guam and the stolen bells back to us because we have a blackmail against the so-called American 'ally' who sent morons to kill and seduce me and others whom we killed after videotaping their confessions and mission. That's the last warning we have to them and as one of those who have such state-secret knowledge, we have nukes for good reason because of what happened that day and our findings including the rumored 'that' battalions in Ukraine which to me a rumor was a rumor until the day we get an actual real deal fucker 'sing' their 'song' to us.

Enter January 11, 2016, I'm a fucking old man who lived under the prosperous era of a well-off Philippines, a sight I believe would our ancestors and heroes including Jose Rizal be proud of - our country, Federal Republic of the Philippines, respected and independent from foreign sovereign powers and partners thanks to our work and neutral foreign policy.

I did however the horrifying shit called September 11 attack occurred in year 20-fucking-01. The blame, the indirect very cause, was the Americans themselves who gave the 'mujahideens' funding and weapons during the Cold War to fight against the Soviets because these were the unexpected products and big bad consequences of giving some random bunch of guys weapons where the 'partnership' got wrong in the end, a thing that stalled the Maphilindo Federation idea for many years because of the 'unwanted fuckers' entering our territories until we with our partners from the SEATO ended the dangerous extremist nutcases in Asia.

The 'unwanted fuckers' who committed dangerous acts in the name of 'it', our countries have plans to put a final nail in the coffin of these dangerous religious nutcases in the Middle East this year while we start the Phase 2 of "Maphilindo Federation" this year thanks to the current prime minister and the ruling majority government of the day raised and kept tracked this interesting idea and measures against the CCP-'occupied' China who became a troublemaker asshole recently because of their 'dictator', the asshole 'president' made 'president for life' recently.

NFT? This was a ponzi nonsense shit banned here in the Philippines. There were many art thieves and morons who sell that as their 'own'. The 'best' part? It's made by the American idiots themselves. Reports from my connections reported drug lords, cartels, and gangs do it, more to blame why this 'great' idea and the whole deserve the dismantling starting with that retarded pair of American couple who have a warrant of arrest here in the Philippines. Don't look at me like that, I hate everyone equally if they were an actual prick who offended me and the plenty of jobs we made for our country into one of the best ones with our gun laws and ownership inspired by the Czech's. One of my grandchildren shared a story of her friend getting her anime-style artwork posted stolen by a piece of shit asshole art thief who turned her art into an NFT without permission.

Once more in the Philippines, we also had a close call related to the prestigious Philippine Red Cross and its reputation and prestige with a trip of the former chairman and his younger brother, the former MP, sent to penal battalion. Let's just say one of the MPs, who was kicked out from the parliament and sent to penal battalion 3 years ago, had used his connection, his elder brother, the Chairman of the Board, at the time, to steal the donated funds for himself and make a self-promotion like gimmick personality-based politics which was frowned here.

'Now that's a true Pinoy Pride, developed country with strong armed forces and competent law enforcement agencies combined with a responsible gun culture. Revolutionaries, Jose Rizal, Katipunan, Reformists, we'll maintain our country's independence and dignity.' Through holding Ctrl and pressing Tab, I switched tab of the Google Chrome browser.

I sighed.

The recent articles showed wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, a sight why I do not trust the US government recently even if I served in the Marines and volunteer to go to the Britain back to fight against the Nazis back then during the American Era in the Philippines because I won't forget the racist remarks from those racist American assholes in my younger days. The US government were way too late to acknowledge the work and service, we, the Filipino soldiers and freedom fighters, had done in World War 2. Things just went batshit there in that 'Land of Free' lately with shootings started by the unqualified nutcases.

All the work for the American Founding Fathers, it's ruined because of that popularity-based politics with same promises not fulfilled by every single US president and the USA de-stabilized the Middle East countries and started causing troubles with the current American president himself going full-retard against the American gun community and gun owners, a thing I would say "no you should not do that to the gun community, let alone the civvies who are qualified and shooting enthusiasts."

Term limits, they're such a problem and hindrance to the long-term type of leaders. America should and must switch to parliamentary system including removals of unwanted agencies, and replace the 2nd Amendment similar into Czech or our's, for the win-win opportunity and lessening the chances of unqualified nutcases doing stupid things with firearms that'll give the misunderstood anti-gun idiots who does not know responsible firearms ownership, a reason to limit the amount types of guns and its parts. Call me retard, I've seen what happens when you don't have a barrier to the unqualified. USA must get its act together and change everything including the constitution for the better good so that they can reduce troubles they started within and outside the country.

'Maphilindo, that would have been a great idea to achieve earlier if not for the Cold War shit storm unexpectedly caused by the US and the CIA, and the Soviets. To go full-Maphilindo for our own good long term permanently is the best of the worlds for us with our intel. Surveys and support from our countries showed fa-'

"Lolo Kyle," called out one of my great grandchildren, a younger trained Philippine Marine Commando, one of our best legacies modelled after the UK's Royal Marine Commandos who fairly beaten the US Marines in the recent training exercise three days ago. "I'm back from work. Dad and Lolo Apolonario bid you greetings of health and thanks."

"Well then, I am proud for raising them." I said, smiling while pausing the video playing in my laptop and shutting it down. "How's everyone, Laurence?"

"Lolo, they're all doing well including the studies of my siblings." replied Laurence. "Davis and Robert told me they're planning to join the National Shooting Team."

"National Shooting Sports Team, eh? If they're that good and passes the requirements to complete their childhood dream and their love of shooting sports, that'll be great. Tell them that."

"I will, Lolo Kyle." said Lawrence. "Ready for your anti-aging treatment?"

"Likewise." I confidently answered. "The usual, Lawrence."

My great grandson, a Marine Commando, eye smiled.

Waking up, a man found himself in an unfamiliar room with a ceiling itself a bit modern just like the old time, proud and made in the Philippines.

He could see it from the glass of a medical capsule he laid on.

'Well, why am I her-'

"Lawrence! Come over here quick! Your lolo's awake!"