Summary: With threat of China under the clutches of a tyrant rising in the world, the old idea, a historical relic, Maphilindo, was brought back to the table.

With good progress in the making, in January 11, 2016, many individuals were sent back to the past - Year 1823, the time of Andres Novales, and the liberal and reformist Filipino Count, and other figures.

Seeing this opportunity, having formed a secret group called New Society, things and history will change, starting with the secret projects - the "Project Maphilindo" and "Maphilindo Dream"

The story of a country that'll later be known as "The Merlion" begins in 1823.

Flashback - Nordica Expedition, Pt. 4

You know what they said about a different world that has almost same history with add-ons of 'original' resources and continents including within the 'Philippines'? This was happening here after I told them about the recent establishment of [The Indigenous Peoples' Council], a statutory board for the indigenous people here in the Philippines like what I had previously done in the previous timeline Philippines, the Federal Republic of the Philippine Islands.

"This [Alpinitic ore] together with [Carbolite]," said Don, showing us a piece of grayish-white crystalline mineral, and a dark gray 'rock' to us. "Will do the trick in handling the climate in Nordica."

[Alipinitic Ore] and [Carbolite] these two resources were one of the items ideal for various applications including firearms due to the properties and compositions it has. According to Fernal, Don's father, Elias, were one of the guys whom I learned recently recruited for our goals while I was busy setting things up for the independent 'Philippine Empire'. Our group through Elias learned the existence of these also were kept secret from the previous regimes until we kicked those Absolutists out from the 'Philippines' which I would say a good call for their part because if it was discovered by those Kastila, shit knows 'Mother Spain' would recover through benefitting it. Again, there's so many things to discover in this different 'Philippines' including the hints written by the 'divine benefactor'. That alone was a good find because it's in our hands including the means of how to extract it, the locations, and applications.

"We do our tests in Alpine, Mr. Hernandez." added Manuel. "It's way different from those from the South. In our workshop, we take account of factors such as cold and snow in Alpine."

"Good to know." I commented in understanding, knowing that there's such procedure used in this period like what the Kalashnikov Group from the previous original world I came from, did for their tests, as I smiled. "Our visit to this establishment is worth it. I've been checking around for a good service that is reliable and can help the plans for Nordica. I heard it through one of my men."

Pausing slightly, I pulled out a tightly sealed envelope containing the specifications of the commission. "Don, Manuel, what we'll be giving you here are the blueprints, the specifications and custom orders for us. Besides the guilds and orders received a directive including the Armed Forces, Don, you received the message from your father or one of the members of the [Imperial Guilds and Orders Council], right?"

Don nodded. "I did, Mr. Hernandez. It's the biggest honor in my lifetime. As the Vice President, I promise our workshop will deliver the commissioned firearms that'll help the expedition and things you and your men will and may encounter in Nordica."

"Then, here's the payment in the pouch. This includes the additional payment for the materials you might need, and bonuses. Treat it as my personal investment."

"Thank you. Mr. Hernandez, when will expedition start?"

I smiled. "It'll be soon once things are ready. A key lesson in logistics like what had the Duke of Wellington done back in his days before fighting that Corsican including today of his prime ministership in Britain, spoke the importance of logistics, technologies, and "moving with the times", one of the factors why Britain won against the USA in War of 1812. In other words, for this new chapter of our independent country, logistics would be one of the key points for everything including for non-military use and such technology and communications goes hand in hand. So take your time in coming up what the Silver Mountain Firearms can offer to our commission besides helping out our country."

"We sure will, Mr. Hernandez. As the Vice President, on behalf of the [Silver Mountain Firearms], thank you for choosing Silver Mountain Firearms."

"You're welcome. Excuse us, we have other things to do. Also, apply the kaizen, kanban, 3R, and new concepts we introduced."

Kaizen, that's a Japanese term that means "continuous improvement". For one of our secret agendas, this was one of the terminologies we'll be introducing in the independent 'Philippines' alongside the things in this era including 3Rs also known as [Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce]. It's also one of the 'radical ideas and concepts' we ever introduced as the so-called [Sons of Nation].

"Sure, Mr. Hernadez. I will let my father know you passed by."

'Yep, you guys can have that all day to work for our goals of better home. However, the country name will no longer be Philippines, Pilipinas, Luzvizmin, Malaya, or Maphilindo. It'll be something else including the official country name. The [New Society], on the other hand as the puppeteers, will make sure our home will have everything.' I thought, as I remembered one of the files presented that had me joined the coup the first place from the previous original world I came from, and the embarrassments of the dark timeline Philippines, that had me proposed the concept of "the answer to the scums like the NPA", the first place in this different world and why we had [Internal Security Act of 1823], one of the first laws in this independent 'Philippine Realm' created, before smiling back. "Thank you. Good luck in working on the commission."

With pleasantries and smiles, we left for one of the construction sites where everything for the planned Grand Nordica Expedition would begin – an infrastructure called [The Grand Expedition Base Camp], which at this moment was a work in progress.

While this world's Baguio we left earlier had an area of 25,894.04 square kilometers if we didn't count [Mount Sawayan Region] and Mountaintop, two parts of this different Baguio, Alpine Region itself would be 124,500 square kilometers that sounded a bit fine for our planning and another day of surprises in this different Philippines.

On our way, there's one of the trees locals called Silveriron tree, on the view and parts of the forest.

Havingour horses galloped for 15 minutes with Roland and Fernal leading the way because they knew where it was, this strange feeling, it's coming back.

This feeling within, it's been a while after the days of my service in World War 2 and what followed.

It never failed me.

I eliminated filthy fascist scums.

I saved lives.

One thing for sure, however, the dark timeline version of myself about Christopher told me when I joined the coup.

My self, the world of dark timeline Philippines, the shitty cesspool that was infested with red fuckfaces, rotten bastards who created the '1987 Constitution', and presence of the unqualified scoundrels being brainwashed losers, lived in Switzerland and died there as a Swiss citizen with ideas he helped in setting up which I used for making the Philippines, not that OFW diaspora meets brain drain and personality-based politics, but the Federal Republic of the Philippine Islands, my previous original world's country, great and standing proud from the results of the Philippine Junta Years.

Rosa was my other half. She was there to support for doing a job in shaping up the Federal Republic of the Philippine Islands during the Junta Years including the 'cleaning' up the names of assholes listed in the [Janitorial Handbook], and dealing with the unwanted pigs from the 'that agency not to be named' intruding in the name of 'democracy', one of the overused words I heard a lot from the previous world version of the USA.

Rosa, in my life, was a good shot. She learned things from myself while I learned things from her in return. I loved her that very much.

Her death, I missed her a lot after the results of the Junta Years and Post-Junta Years bore fruit with a transition at the Federal Republic of the Philippine Islands, a fucking proud and independent one, well-off prosperous country that'll make the likes of Dr. Jose Rizal be proud of at the work me and those from Philippine Junta created for the Federal Republic.

The days after the Operation Independence in this different alternate word, made myself to think about my recent role related to the Grand Nordica Expedition, and a secret recent nomination for ennoblement after freeing this world's 'Philippines' from this world's 'Mother Spain' - the way to secure the deal with those persons living there, for us to secure Nordica and its surrounding islands and maintain those knowledges and whatever things there except some that may harm the nature and families, and interests and security of the 'Philippine Empire'.

For that to be believable, and to support the ennoblement nomination in the eyes of history, historians, and 'Filipino' people, I was given a position called [Nordica Grand Expedition Commander] to do ta show in the stage for the upcoming event.

As one of the Founding Fathers, I already did the role I played for the Philippine Revolution and putting the ideas for the governance in the 'Philippine Realm'.

For the sake of the country and agenda, I had to do more.

This feeling what I am experiencing, it never was brought up unless it's very important and urgent that may give changing impact.

'It's been a while I got this other sense since the days. That alone also reminded me how I met Rosaline. I better prepare myself for those upcoming days for the steps in improving lives of every Luzvismin people once I get my hands on Nordica.'

"Hey, Kyle, how about we call our country as [The Imperial Federal Covenant] like what you had come with the former name of the Hounds?" suggested Fernal. "You know that is to match the military designations for the equipment used by the [Imperial Engineering Support Service], and the IHOC established by Willie, the name of the Order's constitution, was called the Covenant of IHOC? We can connect that terminology."

"Okay, Fernal." I said as I then added my thoughts and smiled. "But we need to add something for the official country name on the words on The Imperial Federal Covenant. We can use the word the Covenantian Realm for that in reference to our country."

"Yep." stated in agreement, Roland. "Also, we're so gonna need a word that also suited our purpose and objectives, a word that is part of the official country name. The improved steam technology terminology we came up and introduced, let's call that terminology for that as [Imperial Covenantian Steam Propulsion]."

"[German: Legit.] Roland, if you may."

"No problem. [Latin: I'll send the Council a message about what we talked.]"

"[Latin: Thank you, Roland.]

"[Latin: You're welcome, Kyle.]"

"Right, lead the way to the location of that construction site, Fernal."

"With pleasure, Kyle."

"Odin, reporting. All vitals of marked target and witnesses fully confirmed KIA."

"Thank you for the confirmation, Odin. Watch over us from the skies to get back for the EPO."

"Copy that, Ripper-01."

Ignoring the dead bodies of a burning house burnt to crisps, faraway, the disguised operative, Ripper-01, leading the group, putting back the binoculars, turned his back as the sounds of horses, footsteps, and hurried shouts in languages they understood, Old Prussian, appearing.

The disguised operatives, Team Ripper, under the cover, left the area of operations, City of Trier, undetected.

Within 2 minutes, the sight of the base for the grand expedition which New Society called it as [The Grand Expedition Base Camp], finally came to our view.

The on-going construction of the base, it's being constructed by teams from the [Imperial Engineering Support Service], the IEES, one of the branches of the 'Armed Forces of the Philippine Empire'.

Like others we passed by including the construction outpost of the IHOC a while ago that was made up of engineers and construction workers alike that included 'old timers', this also has the construction equipment, the 'goodies' we created for and gifted to this hardworking branch of Armed Forces were pretty much useful including the newly construction helmet, that had an official designation of ICH-1 which stand for Imperial Construction Helmet, with the "F" applied for the variant with a flashlight or light source.

Them, using the ICM-1, the acronym for the [Imperial Covenantian Machinery], which for this case, the Imperial Covenantian Forklift Mk.1 as an object, and the likes that were ICM, it's very unusual. We took it to ourselves and liberty to "teach the men how to fish" here and there with the 'official' establishment of the 'Philippine' DARPA.

These 'radical items' when it was first introduced alongside the sets of first reforms including the restructuring, we got ourselves a high morale and sign-ups for the newly established guilds and orders, and various schools including the vocational ones we created after the independence. These same machineries, they're also backed with [Imperial Covenantian Steam Propulsion Propulsion] technology. It improved the logistics and works of the projects and such but we won't allow shit called "car dependent economy" to be born here in the country we're building.

Dismounting first, I went over to check one of the structures constructed by one of the engineers - the docks part of the [The Grand Expedition Base Camp].

The appearance of those docks, it reminded myself back in those days before and after the wars from the previous world. Unlike others, this was reinforced with various materials including the 'original' ores and natural resources found in the Covenantian Realm. They were really constructed with the knowledge we gifted to these deserving IESS and those old timers who were happy to work with us and enjoying the benefits and reforms we introduced. The flooring that had the mixture of the Roman Concrete and [Silveriron tree] with supporting beneath and reinforced, it's way different but the presence of lumbers of Silveriron lumber used, it's a too good, way too good for my taste in a matter that I haven't forgotten one Covenantian order we recently established.

'If only aircrafts are allowed, we would have more tactics. Still with our presence, it'll be different as it is with new ideas and tactics towards the expected battle to score that so-called bigger region - a classic playbook of using naval bombardments and artilleries with combined arms warfare.' Smiling slightly at those devious thoughts, I noticed those things, the members of IESS making, were up to standards.

I knew someday this so-called "[Grand Expedition Base Camp]" would be a historical infrastructure in the future that'll share the tales of the upcoming grand expedition event.

As the Grand Expedition Commander, I look forward to it and the discover the untamed land the Spanish bastards failed to occupy – a region located north of Luzon, Nordica.

While at those thoughts, sounds of horses galloping came behind.

"Mr. Hernandez! Very urgent!"

Turning forward to the voice of origin, I recognized the riders who dismounted as they both saluted me first that had me to salute them back.

Receiving the item, I started unfolding the letter and started reading it.