I Decided

Be careful what you wish for.

Beware what mentality,

you take.

Now, I drive myself


I didn't care. Stunted.

My own ability.

Ignored my talents.

And let wither

my creation.

I was careless.

Hll bent on my own

self destruction.

Dwindled myself...until…

I couldn't function.

Gave everything away,

I decided.

To go full force, along

the spiralling descent.

I was off, I was gone.

I was off to my own,

Ebony oblivion.

I decided.

I stopped.

T didn't give…

a fuck!

I decided.

A different kind of fun.

To try my luck.

To go all out.

To not stop.

To never come back.

I decided.

And oblivion resided.