Feb 2010

Run to bed

I know your sitting there,
but can you really stand
to sit and stare.

Stuck between, stuck between.
Have you seen?
All the daemons wriggling,
the feathers fall and the
angeks fading. Been.
Gouge out the eyes that spy.
Zombify, the masses, moving:
thinking die. It's all a lie!
Design to pacify. Wake up.
free your mind. Hope.
For you to find. I'm lost.
There's no line. The walls melt away.
Shhh! You can stay, play, this way, that way,
all way, no way. Streachin', the seething, what happened
to the day? Silenced the seer, with their fear.
Watch Out!
No ones here. Look away, don't stay.
Keep your eye away. Don't stay.
Don't stare. The mirror Beware.
They're here! The solid wavers.
Ripple to there favor. Dark prince
sleep is no savor. Daemons rave and rape here.
Rockabye baby, i couldn't save thee.
Shadows reaching out clawing at me.
Let me go. Please. mind cease, let me sleep.
There doing it again. Big things bouncing down
the sides again. They're luaghing at me. Glaring
through the fading holes. Beckoning,
tearing at my newly reconstituted soul.
The hand on the wall is doing the Thing again.
Something big just bounced of the fire escape.
There's no escape from this room.
They push against the walls. I need to
keep thinking or I'll fall. Oww...pain head.
Keep appearing next to me. Peering at me.
Pained empty, lift shaft winds whisper,
echoing~ come to me...be with me...
stay with me. I sense the little ones,
they're crawling. Shadow on the windowsile.
Want to sleep next to the warm body.
Don't want to turn the lights out.
Needles sharp.
Stabbing at my head.
Run to bed.